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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

The next day was the harvesting with the last pair.

It was a leisure harvest similar to last week.

The number of people increased, the fruit harvest went splendidly, and the amount of fruits collected decreased, so we walked around searching for new fruit trees, or new foodstuff like spices.

Perhaps it was because we were wandering around, as we were able to find spices and new ingredients.

However, we didnt find a large amount of it, so if we picked them this time, it would not be possible to harvest them for a while.

The harvest this time, we may have reached the limit to the amount that we could harvest.

Originally, it was four people familiars harvesting, so we found a few fruit tree harvesting points.

Also, there were also seasonal fruits, so the locations we could go around in a day was even less.

And now, the number of people increased as well, and with the cooperation of the familiars, the harvesting speed had gone up too, so the fruit trees that we could harvest from had all been exhausted.

There were new members as well, and it seems that it would be better to consider new harvests.

Even though I said that, we probably have no other choice than to look for new harvesting locations though….

It wouldnt be long until the boy pair take up work as adventurers, so lets stop harvesting and focus on hunting.

For the boy-girl pair, it might be good to periodically go around the fruit trees, and search for harvest on a regular basis.

However, there was also the problem with the range of activity, so there was a limit to searching for harvest.

I have to think of something….

As I was thinking such things, we safely returned to the orphanage that day as well.

However, it was nevertheless regrettable that we did not have a large harvest.

The next day, when we arrived at Ojii-san and the others place, I immediately started on the huts construction.

The mistakes were more or less taken care of with magic, so the work proceeded smoothly.

I planned on using space magic to enlarge the rooms, so the rooms were all small, but the kitchens stove and the smithys kiln wouldnt be expanded, so I discussed it with Ojii-san and Obaa-san as I used earth magic to make it.

In addition, I wanted to try making a bathtub, but well, were there bathtubs in this world

TN: お風呂 (ofuro) can mean the bath, bathroom, or the bathtub.

Since Im sure they would have a place for them to do their business that they use as a bathroom, I opted forbathtub in this scenario

Even if there was, its troublesome boiling hot water, so perhaps its a high-class amenity 

I could make it with magic, so lets try it next time.

It seems that it would be a problem to make it in the orphanage, so lets ask Ojii-san if I could make it here or at his house.

Maa, perhaps the idea for the home would be for after constructing this hut.

Ojii-san, Cruz-kun, the familiars, and I diligently built the hut.

My younger sister and the others were working hard on the production activities together with Obaa-san.

They were spinning the Rainbow Caterpillars thread and doing various things so that they could use the Soldier Ants carapace that we obtained recently to make shoulder pads, chest plates, and shields. 

As for the materials, there was the Wyvern that Ojii-san hunted for us previously, but the weapons and armor that were of a higher level than we were would be targeted by the adventurers in town, and one could get fairly high-grade materials from Wyverns, so it would be troublesome being hounded by merchants.

Maa, the number one reason was that even if we had the skill, with our current levels, we wouldnt be able to handle Wyvern materials.

It would be good to honestly raise the skills experience points with beginner-level materials.

The morning tasks were completed as well, and after lunch, we headed into the forest to hunt snakes.

There was still some snake meat in my Item Box, but the karaage was delicious, so we decided to go hunting.

We waited for Ojii-san to bring a Big Snake back as we hunted small prey.

Incidentally, Sakuya-chan was not with us today.

Instead, we brought along the familiars that we usually dont take with us.

They were the Poison Snake, Silver Squirrel, Blue Tiger, and the Shadow Owl.

On the other hand, Pii-chan and the wolf cubs were house-sitting with Obaa-san and the others.

This time, we brought them with us because we rarely take them hunting, and their levels and combat experience were lacking.

Ojii-san brought back a Big Snake and we defeated it, but Ojii-san did not go looking for another snake.

It seems that we had hunted too many of them the last time and theyre all gone, or they ran away and it seems that they could not be found in the vicinity.

I still had some in my Item Box, so we gave it up this time and we persuaded Ojii-san to go for different prey.

However, the meat was delicious, so if we found it, then I wanted to hunt it.


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