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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

When we returned to the wolf cart, Ojii-san threw the bag to me.

「Here, the remuneration for this time.」

This was the bag with the money that we received for the assessment just now.

「Ehh! This is too much!!」

「Dont mind it.

Theres no problem with half each.

The kids that will become adventurers increased as well and its better than nothing.

If you dont use it, then save it up.」

「But, you clearly defeated more monsters than us though!」

The reception desks request remuneration, other than the money from the orphanage members goblin and Soldier Ant permanent subjugation requests, most of it was from the purchase of high-ranked monster materials brought by Ojii-san.

Most subjugation requests for low-ranked monsters were「subjugation of ◯ or more」where the minimum number was set, and the surplus amount could be treated as another request if it amounted to the minimum number. 

TN: ◯ represents any number, sort of like then inn number of things.

Because of that, in terms of the number of requests, we overwhelmingly had more, but the request fee was much too different with the difference of 9:1 or more, so Ojii-san should be the one who earned it.

Also, even if the materials were sold, the goblins that the orphanage members defeated didnt have any materials that could be sold, and the Soldier Ants carapace could be sold, but we planned to use it for ourselves, so we didnt bring that much.

For materials that could be sold, there was only a bit of snake skin and Orc material.

However, the materials of the monsters that Ojii-san hunted were skins, furs, horns, fangs, claws, bones, viscera, etc., which were materials that could be sold for a high price.

Adding up the request remuneration and the materials that were sold, as expected, our income usually shouldnt be even one tenth of whats in the bag.

In the end, I was overwhelmed by Ojii-san who did not listen no matter what I said, and I took the remuneration bag.

Later, lets think of a return gift. 

We left the Adventurer Guild, and headed straight to the liquor store.

Ojii-san and the wind dragons liked it, so it seems that he will buy a large amount.

Half of the wolf cart was loaded with alcohol, and Ojii-san requested to have twice the amount delivered to the orphanage tomorrow.

As one would expect, it would be impossible to have such a large quantity of alcohol transported to the hut all at once, so we decided to take it little by little when we go to the hut.

We never take anything with us when we go, so this was perfect.

, we headed to the general store.

We stocked up on wheat flour and spices.

I found some spices in Dragon Forest, so I bought less of those ones.

In addition, I had purchased string, bags, and miscellaneous goods as well.

I had received a lot of money from Ojii-san, so I thought of making sweets for Sakuya-chan and bought a flour sifter. 

Because the wheat flour in this world had a lot of impurities, it was not the same as the ones in modern times, so the baked bread was not very good.

If you sifted it and used the clean flour, you could more or less make soft bread.

Only, when you sifted it, the quantity would decrease, so you could not do it carelessly….

The sieve too was something that only had a rough texture, so I needed to restructure it a little.

If its like usual, we would go to the fabric store after this, but this time, it seems that Obaa-san and the others will go there themselves later.

Certainly, it would be fun to choose.

Now then, I decided to make sweets for Sakuya-chan, which was something that I dont really know how to do, to thank Ojii-san, but after deciding that, we went to the butchers shop next.

Usually, I only come here to sell the boar meat that could be sold for a high price, but today, I came to buy something.

And, what I bought was not meat.

It was eggs and milk.

As expected, it was because eggs, milk, and sugar were indispensable when making sweets.

Maa, the eggs were the eggs from birds that were similar to chickens.

Cows milk was nowhere to be found, and in this world, the milk from goats and sheep was the mainstream, so I planned on using that.

I was going to use honey instead of sugar, so I did not know if I could make what I wanted to make, or if it would taste like what I remembered though….

Therefore, I went to the butchers shop to purchase eggs and milk.

The reason why the butchers shop was selling eggs and milk was because they sold everything that could be obtained at a farm.

They even sold cheese, so Ill buy some.

Finishing up the shopping for the time being, we decided to return to the orphanage.

There was the delicious smell of soup wafting from the orphanage.

There were spices in the soup that Char-chan made, and it was becoming more and more like curry, so Im looking forward to it!


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