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Mandy Rose give the phone back to Raphael, she inhaled after the conversation with her brother and then stare at Raphael.

" thank you " she told him .

" you don have to thank me " Raphael replied, after a little pause .

" so your brothers name is Felix?"

" Yes" she replied.

Raphael nod his head in understand, well they

e so many Felix in the world, it might not be the one hes thinking it is .

" so what are you going to do now ?" Raphael asked her,

" he gave me an address of where to go " she answered , Raphael left out a breath of relive, at lease now he doesn have to worry about her safety anymore , but still he couldn just help it, it has become as if her safety was now one of his priorities and responsibilities.

" Ariana and I are leaving this place, you can come with us if you choose "

" no need, I will wait for my brother here "

just then Ariana came out with two luggage , she dropped it and face Mandy Rose.

" are you sure you will be okay all by yourself ?" she asked.

" of course I will be fine "

Ariana stare at Raphael before she look back at Mandy Rose.

" if you insist "

she walked over to Mandy Rose and gave her a gently hug.

" see you in future Mandy Rose "

" see you in future Ariana " Mandy Rose said retaliating the hug.

Raphael smiled at them, when the girls pulled away from each other, Raphael waved at Mandy Rose.

" goodbye Mandy and take care of yourself" .


" Boss, we have gotten the location of where Raphael and Ariana are hiding" Miles said to Gary who was smoking a cigarette beside the window.

" then go get them " Gary commanded in his usual cold voice.

" they

e in Lagos Boss " Miles said, Gary gazed down to the busy city of Abuja Nigeria.

" prepare the Jet, we leave for Lagos in thirty minutes "

miles bowed to Gary before he left to begin the preparation of going to Lagos.

The centre of excellent thieves


Mandy Rose picked up her last cloth and placed it inside her luggage, she was fully dressed and ready to go to the place her brother directed to her.

she gently came out from her to the sitting room where she placed her luggage before going into the kitchen, she still couldn quite understand how Raphael was able to afford a place like this.

it was almost evening, she had promised herself to arrive at the place before six am n the evening since the current time is still four forty five pm , then by tomorrow she will begin her Job hunt.

A knock came on the door, preventing her from pouring in her hot water into the cup.

" whos that ?" she asked all the way from the kitchen.

" names Issac, am a neighbour from the next building " the Male voice outside said.

" just a sec " Mandy Rose, left what ever thing she was doing to open up the door.

" what do you want Issac ?" she asked recognising him immediately.

" is Raphael around ?" he asked.

" why do you ask ?" Mandy Rose has always been someone who is always curious about other people.

" hes a friend " miles who has been hiding behind Issac said coming out of hiding.

" he left " Mandy Rose said casual, she wanted to close the door but miles held it with his right hand.

" hey let go " she yelled at him.

" what about Ariana ?"

" she went with him now could you please let go "

" do you have any idea where they went ?"

" no I don " Mandy Rose answered in frustration, she tried to shut the door but miles held it frame.

" hey you better let go before I will that you guys tired to ra*e me " Mandy Rose threatened, yet miles ignored her.

he pulled out his phone and and a phone call,

" we only saw a girl who claimed that they left.....uhmm...yes.... okay no problem.....I will do just that " he cut the call and shove the phone back into his pocket.

" get her into the car " Miles said turning around and walking away, two men came out of nowhere and held Mandy Rose.

" Wait!what ? " Mandy Rose became furious, she tried to struggle with them, before one of the men covered her face with a white handkerchief, causing her to pass out in his arms, he lifted her up and tossed her over his shoulder,

Issac shut the door, as they made their way to the car, parked right in front of them.


" what do you mean by shes not picking up, try calling it again " Michaelson told his friend .

Felix press the call button again and placed it on his right ear, it rang countless times without the owner picking up.

" shes still not answering " he commented dropping the phone on the couch beside him.

" maybe she far from the phone, remember that it wasn her phone " Michaelson said, Felix finally calmed down a little, he relaxed,

" you

e right shes perfectly fine " he said, more as in an assurance to himself, suddenly something click on him.

he picked up his phone again, went through his contact list, he selected the name Davis and called it.

* hello Davis, has my sister arrive at your place.....oh... okay..no problem...thank you..." then he dropped the phone.

" so ?" Michaelson asked.

Felix shook his head in disappointment.

" calm down man, your sister is fine, who does she know in Lagos to harm her ?"

" exactly my point, what if she enters into the hands of a serial killer ?"

Felix stood up from his seat.

" contact the gang in Lagos, I will be going to Lagos right now "

" okay " Michaelson said, he went out leaving Felix to pace back and forth in the sitting room.

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