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Chapter 100: Captain, you are acting too arrogant.

Ren Lulu opened the bag, which contained lean meat porridge and some desserts.

“The captain didn’t say what you liked to eat, so I chose the most common lean meat porridge.” She took it out and explained.

Shen Yuanye really couldn’t eat it.

She had just seen such a terrible and disgusting corpse, so it would be strange if she still had an appetite.

But it was still necessary to thank other people’s kindness. 

She smiled and said, “Thank you.

I’m actually not hungry now.”


Seeing her like this, Ren Lulu blinked and asked, “Is it because you saw that thing and then you can’t eat People like us are used to it, and we can eat even if we go in.”

When she saw a corpse for the first time, she vomited and ran straight to the bathroom.

It had taken her a long time to get out too.

She was not like Shen Yuanye, who still looked pretty normal.

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“Gzvbswtb vbl nyrvykd yrrlyap vs cl hlau pvaknv, bl kp sdzu zkjl vbyv qsa osaj.”

Fbld Zwydul eked’v pllx vs byhl lhla plld Kkydt Vyd pxkzl clqsal.

She asked curiously, “Did Jiang Pan ever smile in front of you guys”


Ren Lulu thought for a while, “Yes.

But it’s really just a few times.

The one I remember most is last year, when a huge serial murder case was solved, and the captain smiled.”

She was stunned at that time; he was really handsome.

She winked at Shen Yuanye and said with a smile, “But if you work with us, you should be able to see it.”

Mentioning this, Shen Yuanye said to Ren Lulu, “I have already told him about this.

I will not be a consultant.

My job is a model.”

Ren Lulu was surprised, so she hadn’t agreed yet Then why did her captain apply for her Was it trying to act first and then report afterward

This was too straightforward-minded, wasn’t it

No wonder the captain didn’t even have a girlfriend; just this way of thinking… Ren Lulu felt that she knew the truth now.

Ren Lulu said, “I’ll report your words to him.

But don’t you want to think about it again”

Shen Yuanye shook her head.

For the time being, she had no such idea at all.

Maybe it would change in the future, but that was the future.

The victim’s identity had not been found yet, but there were new clues from the surveillance.

Li Chen pointed to the place where the screen paused and said, “This man is the one who removed the manhole cover.

His movements are very sneaky; we should ask questions.”


After replaying the surveillance, this picture was revealed.

Because it was nighttime, the surveillance was not particularly high-definition, but it was enough to see clearly that a man sneakily appeared on the surveillance screen.

He ran over quickly and removed the manhole cover, but in the picture, he seemed to have been frightened and ran away after he only moved half of the cover.

That was all there was to the surveillance footage.

However, the man’s face was pictured, so it would be easy to find him.

Jiang Pan paused the screen: “He should be the first witness.

Bring him here to ask questions.”

When such a case happened, it was natural to work overnight, but everyone had to rest.

After dawn, Li Chen took the man that was shown in the surveillance to the police station.

The man was very panicked, afraid that he would be regarded as the murderer.

He said quickly, “It’s none of my business.

I didn’t kill anyone! Don’t arrest me; you must investigate carefully!”

Jiang Pan rubbed his forehead and said, “I didn’t say you were the murderer.

Just tell me what you saw.”

This man had a habit of stealing.

He had always liked to steal manhole covers, and then sell them for a little pocket money so that he could play games online.

In order to clear the relationship, he did not hide anything.

“…I wanted to go there that day to get the manhole cover, but when the manhole cover was only halfway removed, I saw a leg inside.

I knew it was a human leg at a glance, and I was so scared that I ran away!” the man said.

“I haven’t been there since.”


“What did it look like when you saw it”

“I don’t know, because it was dark.

I can only see a part of the leg.

It was white, and it was quite fat.

I didn’t see the rest.”

According to his description, no one moved the body from when he found it and after they received the report.

“Did you see anyone around at that time”

The man hurriedly shook his head, “No, how could there be someone How could I steal the manhole cover if there was someone “

If there was someone, wouldn’t he be exposed But when he saw that person’s leg, he was stunned and ran away.

He doesn’t have any useful clues here either.

Jiang Pan listened to Liu Heyang’s questioning for a long time and rubbed the corners of his eyes.

He had stayed up all night; his spirit was still tense, and his eyes were sore.

Seeing this, Liu Heyang accelerated the questioning.


At eight o’clock in the morning the next day, Shen Yuanye got up.

She didn’t think about what she saw last night and put the consultant affair behind her.

After washing up, she started browsing on Weibo to see if there was any news.


She remembers that there was a rectification on Weibo before, and there was no hot search for a week.

It felt like she was out of the world and old.

Browsing through hot searches every day has become a routine for her.

When she saw the news, Shen Yuanye almost spit out a mouthful of milk that she had just drunk.

Maybe God wanted her to see this.

On the west side of the road last night, a plumber went down to repair the pipeline, and then found a strange thing.

He took it out, and saw that it was a human leg!

“F*ck, fortunately, I didn’t eat in the morning, otherwise I would spit out my overnight meal now.

Why wasn’t there a warning tag!”

“This impact is so powerful, why hasn’t it been deleted yet”

“Damn, my eyes are uncomfortable, it’s disgusting…”

“How long has this been in the sewers And it looks so disgusting to be soaked to this extent!”

Shen Yuanye had already endured what happened last night.

Now, after the first shock, she could calmly read the comments and content above.

If she guessed correctly, this human leg should belong to the corpse from last night.

She put down the milk.

There was half a glass left, but now she couldn’t drink it at all.

The man who stole the manhole cover was naturally handed over to the police station.

With the new information, the bureau naturally matched this with the case of dumping a corpse in the sewer, and the forensic doctor also identified this as the missing part of the corpse.

The plumber didn’t have any strong clues either.

Like the man who stole the manhole cover, he was just someone who discovered the body.

Li Chen said, “This must be murder.

Who cuts their leg off when they commit suicide ”

“The corpse is now like this, and the traces of the murderer are basically gone, and the difficulty of solving the case has increased a lot.

I think the murderer was prepared.”

Li Chen looked at Jiang Pan, who was looking at the report, and said, “I have checked the surrounding surveillance, and I haven’t seen any suspicious people who are suspected of dumping the body.

I suspect that the murderer did not throw the body here.”

The first crime scene had yet to be determined.

Liu Heyang also left the computer and rubbed his eyes: “I have been investigating since yesterday.

So far, no one has been found missing, and no one has reported a case.”

So the identity of the corpse remained a mystery.

Jiang Pan said: “Continue to investigate first, then make an account with the media to see if anyone claims.”

If it was from other places, the investigation efforts will be intensified.

“The autopsy report will be out today.” Liu Heyang said quickly, “I have asked them to send it here as soon as possible.”

The office was busy again.

Liu Heyang couldn’t help but say, “Captain, you’ve been busy all night.

You should go and rest for a while.

There are no clues now either.”

Jiang Pan didn’t say anything.

He simply went back to his office.

Of course he knew.

After resting at his desk for an hour, he woke up and threw himself back into the case.

The search for missing persons was still ongoing.

Jiang Pan pushed open the door: “The autopsy report hasn’t come out yet”

Liu Heyang shook his head, “No.”

“Can the missing persons in the surrounding area meet up with what is reported” Jiang Pan frowned and said, “If no one is missing, then let’s switch directions.”

Beijing was divided into so many districts.

If they couldn’t find it in Jianghai District, then they could investigate elsewhere.

The victim’s body is in the Jianghai District and the murderer would not come to whole different province to dump the body, so the scope should still be within Beijing.

Seeing Jiang Pan’s concentration on the case, Ren Lulu thought of what Shen Yuanye said to her, and she coughed: “Captain, Miss Shen told me last night that she did not agree to be a consultant.”

Last night, she got to know more about Shen Yuanye and got a rough understanding of her character.

She could tell that Shen Yuanye was a person that had her own opinion.

Like herself, if someone does this without their consent, she would blow the other person’s head.

Although she did not dare to attack the captain.

Jiang Pan didn’t lift his head, “I know.”

Ren Lulu saw that he was indifferent, and he didn’t understand it a bit.

Now that he knew, then why did he apply for it Isn’t this asking for trouble

She hesitated: “Captain, why didn’t you ask for Miss Shen’s consent before She doesn’t seem to like it when people make decisions for her.”

Jiang Pan stood up straight and turned his face to the side.

Ren Lulu felt that as a female, she still knew a lot more, and she said more, “Captain, if you want to pursue someone, this action is really too showy… Ordinary people can’t accept it.”

Really straightforward man of the universe.

She raised her eyebrows and continued: “For example, last night, concerning whether she had dinner or not.

That’s good.

It’s very heart-warming.”

Jiang Pan frowned: “When did I… pursue her”

Ren Lulu said “Ah”.

She smiled awkwardly a few times and said, “Captain, just pretend I didn’t say anything.

There is still a report I haven’t read.

I’m off to work.

I wish you success in solving the case!”

Jiang Pan stopped her: “Ren Lulu.”

Ren Lulu paused, turned around, and heard him ask earnestly, “Since you understand so well, how do you think it’s better to invite someone”

Jiang Pan continued: “Miss Shen is very helpful in solving cases.”


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