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Chapter 112: Work together?

Liu Heyang carefully observed Feng Jun’s face and found that he was indeed truly angry.

This matter may have been concealed by both Jin Yuxuan and Lu Wanjie, so he didn’t know.

Inadvertently he became the home wrecker between the two.

This made them really speechless.

Liu Heyang coughed and changed the question: “What did Jin Yuxuan tell you before How did you two get together”

Feng Jun believed what the police said.


It was just that he has had a relationship with Jin Yuxuan for a while now, and it was impossible to completely erase all of that so quickly.

It was difficult for him to react when he suddenly had the information revealed to him.

Feng Jun answered: “I met Yuxuan at an outdoor event, and many people participated in that event.

She was beautiful, and she was very comfortable and easy to talk to.

Since then, our conversations became more frequent, and then a month later, the boyfriend and girlfriend relationship was confirmed.”

He was considered a small affluent second generation rich person, and his family background in Beijing could be regarded as a little rich.

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“The relationship between the two of us has been very good for the past six months.

Last month, we were discussing preparing to meet parents.” When Feng Jun said this, his face became very ugly, “She has really been dating that person for more than a year”


Liu Heyang wiped away tears of sympathy for him mentally.

He still told the truth: “According to our investigation, the two were indeed dating for more than a year, and there were chat records on the deceased’s WeChat and other contact information.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Feng Jun kicked the table.

Liu Heyang didn’t blame him, “Did you receive a call yesterday”

“I was partying a lot last night.

I don’t know about the call.” Feng Jun said, “But I saw it in the missed call records today.

It’s a phone number I don’t recognize.”

Liu Heyang asked, “Do you really not know the owner of this phone number”

Feng Jun shook his head, “How could I possibly know.”

Liu Heyang asked some more questions about Lu Wanjie and Jin Yuxuan, but he didn’t get any useful information.

It seemed that Feng Jun wasn’t the murderer, so he let him go.

A group of police officers watching the interrogation were waiting outside the interrogation room.

Liu Heyang left the interrogation room with an expression of gossip on his face: “I didn’t expect that.”

Li Chen asked, “Jin Yuxuan still hasn’t been brought in”

Ren Lulu shook her head, “I couldn’t contact her.

Her company said she was on leave, and then a colleague said she was out shopping.

They should have already gone to go find her and she should be here soon.”


“How did the colleagues in the company comment about her”

Ren Lulu replied, “They have asked colleagues from Jin Yuxuan’s company.

Office romance is not allowed in their company, so no one knew that they were already to the point of their relationship of living together.”

“As for comments of Jin Yuxuan, they all said that she was a very polite girl, and she has a good relationship with everyone in the company.

She usually dresses up beautifully.

They also heard that the boss was planning to promote her in the near future.”

Ren Lulu looked at the information they had found before and reported them one by one.

Liu Heyang immediately became gossipy and said, “What about Feng Jun, do the people in their company know”

Speaking of this, Ren Lulu showed a magical expression.

She coughed and said, “You guys definitely can’t guess this development… A colleague from Jin Yuxuan’s company said that there was a rich second generation pursuing Jin Yuxuan.

But every time he came, Jin Yuxuan would go out and talk to him, and then the rich second generation would leave.

When Jin Yuxuan came back, she told them that she had rejected him, but he refused, and her colleagues believed her…”

Ren Lulu paused, “Then according to the surveillance, that second-generation rich man is Feng Jun, who was brought in today.”

Liu Heyang was stunned.

“There is such a manipulation… I feel sorry for Feng Jun.

Is he being used as an ATM” He tutted in wonder, “He said that he bought most of Jin Yuxuan’s clothes and cosmetics.”

In the end, who would have thought that Jin Yuxuan would give him such a pitiful title.

The pursuit of the rich second generation failed.

It was estimated that Jin Yuxuan also had a lot of pride in the company.


So if Lu Wanjie became suspicious later on, got Feng Jun’s phone number from Jin Yuxuan, and then called him…It seemed like a reasonable guess.

But of course a case couldn’t be solved merely on speculation and guesses.

Ren Lulu is also deeply sympathetic, and she reasonably inferred: “But if what he said is false, then Feng Jun’s motives exist.”

There have been many cases where something like that has happened before.

What’s more, being cuckolded was basically unacceptable to every man.

Cases like Feng Jun’s were fine, but he was also considered a lover.

He was a rich second-generation, and it would be strange if he could remain calm.


Shen Yuanye did a day of psychological construction, and then went to the police station.

At any rate, Jiang Pan treated her well, and she couldn’t be so prejudiced.

Although she didn’t like him, there was no need to hate him.

Maybe his personality was like that.

Anyhow, it was related to her future.

Ren Lulu was so angry that she was about to die, “Who knew that Jin Yuxuan was gone, who knows where she went.

We looked for an entire day yesterday.

At first, the colleague said that she was shopping, but she couldn’t be contacted later.

She probably ran away when she knew that her deeds were exposed.”

After all, an ordinary person would not be calm after a murder, this was reasonable.

Liu Heyang was about to answer her words when he saw a person entering, and his eyes brightened immediately, “Someone is coming.”


Ren Lulu thought it was the rude girl from yesterday again, but when she turned around, she saw Shen Yuanye walking in wearing a mask.

She said smilingly, “Yuanye, why are you here”

Shen Yuanye was asked by her, and she had a calm expression on her face, and she replied, “…I promised to help with the consultant matter.”

“Wow really” Ren Lulu immediately stepped forward and smiled, “We will work together in the future”

She was the only young woman in the entire team.

She usually couldn’t talk about some topics together.

If Shen Yuanye joined the team, she would have a friend to talk to.

Although Shen Yuanye’s identity as a model was quite different from hers, at least she could talk about clothes and cosmetics.

Shen Yuanye nodded: “I think so.”

However, she had made several requests, and Jiang Pan agreed to them.

She wouldn’t come here to see the details of a case she wasn’t interested in, and he couldn’t force her to investigate any dangerous mess.

Her life was the most important.

Just in case Jiang Pan went back on his promise, Shen Yuanye also signed a written agreement with him.

Another one was that if a case was related to her, she had the right to know about the latest news and developments, such as the matter of the man that was following her.

In this way, she had nothing to lose.

For her, the so-called consultant role was just following those people’s Weibo.

Now there was the option of anonymously following, so no one would know.

During this time, she followed many people when she had nothing to do.

Moreover, compared to the previous times where she had to figure out how to get those people’s Weibo, she could now use the title of consultant to get social information easily.

After all, their first step was to investigate the victim’s own social connections.

Ren Lulu and her were chatting for the past two days, and it was not bad.

She had no opinion on her being a consultant, and her captain was not someone that would lose his head over beauty.

“These are some clues about this case.

The captain has been following another case for the past two days, so we are in charge of it.”

Shen Yuanye took it.

Feng Jun’s transcript and Lu Wanjie’s forensic report are very clear, the rest was that Jin Yuxuan has not been contacted yet.

Shen Yuanye’s eyes naturally stayed on the phone.

She looked up: “There is a phone at the scene, can I take a look”

Ren Lulu nodded, “Of course.”

The only valid information on this phone was Lu Wanjie’s social relations, and then the chat records between him and Jin Yuxuan.

In this dating relationship process, his status was still relatively low.

Maybe it was because Jin Yuxuan was pretty and had a good personality, so Lu Wanjie was always inquisitive about her well being during the chat.

Shen Yuanye put on gloves and found that the lock of the phone had already been unlocked.

Ren Lulu smiled and said, “We have professional technicians here.”

Shen Yuanye naturally knew, her first time before was because she would not be found out, but then she was kept watch by Jiang Pan.

She looked back on the phone.

The main interface of the phone were all very common apps.

WeChat was the only social media on that interface, and then some were video watching apps.

Shen Yuanye discovered Weibo on the second page.

Out of the corner of her eye, Ren Lulu had already sorted out the documents and wasn’t looking at her, so she clicked in directly.

Under normal circumstances, Weibo will not log out of the account.

Sure enough, clicking on it was Lu Wanjie’s account.

His Weibo name was ‘Can you be normal’, and it was actually a verified account.

Shen Yuanye was surprised.

She clicked into his homepage, and then she knew why it was a verified account.

It was because Lu Wanjie was an anti-fan with thousands of followers…

The Weibo he posted was all photos of a female star, either distorted or a edited black picture and there were also one or two hundred comments under one Weibo.

Of course, it was mainly fans of the female star that came to scold him.

Lu Wanjie would also fight with them, and the entire comment area would be full of swearing.

The latest post was posted the day before yesterday.

It was a screenshot of the female star’s drama scene.

It happened to capture an unspeakable action, so there was another wave of ruining her reputation.

Many people scolded him below in the comments, but he couldn’t reply now.

It was the first time that Shen Yuanye had real contact with an existence like an anti-fan.

If she hadn’t seen Weibo, she would not have been able to see Lu Wanjie’s online personality from his background reports.

She put Lu Wanjie’s phone back on the table, ready to follow him.


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