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Chapter 2: A Different Picture

No matter how one looked at it, this picture still looked like a film still.

Even though Shen Yuanye was considered as half a member of the entertainment industry, she had found neither fame nor connections.

Hence, the amount of news that she knew was naturally very few.

Yet, the day she died was coincidentally the 8th as well.

Even so, until the evening, she had not seen any news of Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran encountering any accidents on the internet. 

Out of nowhere, a conjecture just popped into her mind.

——Perhaps this was a new gimmick to promote a new film.

In this day and age, all sorts of methods were utilized to promote a film, which was pretty much leaving the audience aesthetically fatigued.

For all you know, the investors might have come up with this idea.

Not to mention, this was pretty intriguing.

Initially, Shen Yuanye was somewhat intimidated by this gimmick.

But, after giving it much thought, she thought there was not much to it.

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Despite coming up with a conjecture earlier, hesitation surged forth and filled Shen Yuanye’s heart to the brim in an instant. 

Perhaps she was too blown away by the picture, as she was no longer in the mood to have hotpot.

Placing her chopsticks down, she yet again clicked into Zhang Wentao’s Weibo page but came to realize that everything had returned to normalcy.

The first post on his Weibo page was indeed the same one Sun Ai had mentioned earlier.

Then, whatever she had seen just now……was it a prank or something that Weibo was doing now 

Or was it indeed a publicity stunt

Unable to figure it out, Shen Yuanye resorted to searching online for the reason as to why she was experiencing this sort of phenomenon, but she still came out empty-handed. 

It was as though that Portrait of the Deceased and death news she had seen before were like a dream.

However, the shock that the picture gave her went far beyond that.

Both Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran were at loggerheads, but if she was not mistaken, the supportive relationship between both of them in the picture was very strange. 

Even if she wished to find out more about it, something like a collapsed area would remain unknown.

Looking solely at the picture, it was inevitable that Zhang Wentao wanted to save Li Mengran, but the two of them ultimately appeared to have lost their lives.

In all disaster films, it would not be unusual for a scene like this to appear. 

“Zhang Wentao is such a fool!” The hotpot restaurant owner howled in outrage.

Even after such a long time, the television was still reporting on the feud between Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran, listing the numerous reasons for their disputes in recent years.

The more Shen Yuanye watched, the more she felt something was amiss.

She was not sure whether she had been influenced by the picture or something, but she always had the feeling that the relationship between Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran was not that simple.

Seeing Shen Yuanye was deep in thought, Sun Ai could not help but wave her hands.

“What’s on your mind The food will become too soft if you don’t eat them.”

It was only then that Shen Yuanye was shaken back to reality.

With a smile on her face, she reassured, “I was just mulling over some stuff earlier, so I was in a bit of a trance.”

“Zhang Wentao is so narrow-minded, so stop dwelling on him already! Look at how many times he had caused Li Mengran to choke with rage, and even go as far as to not allow her to drink some mineral water.” As she ate some beef, she continued to criticize, “Yet, he himself was drinking water happily.”

Upon hearing that, Shen Yuanye turned her head towards the television.

In the video excerpt, it was currently showing Li Mengran’s face that was contorted in a scowl.

Meanwhile, her assistant quickly brought over a glass of hot water, which appeared to be still steaming, from the back.

As a Film Emperor, no matter how low his EQ was, was it really necessary to quarrel with others over a bottle of water It was something even a small-time model like her knew, so it was impossible for Zhang Wentao to not know about it.

Was he really that petty

Shen Yuanye’s brows drew together as she voiced her suspicions.

“I was just wondering how is it that all those, whom he had worked with before over these two years, stated that he had a good temper.

Yet, when it comes to Li Mengran, he seems to have turned into a different person.” 

Upon hearing that, Sun Ai froze for a moment.

“Hey! What you said seems to be true.” 

As she recalled the past, she was able to make an instant connection to all the scenarios.

Not only that, but all the gossip also came flooding back into her mind. 

“Could it be that Zhang Wentao is secretly in love with Li Mengran and wants to get her attention” Out of a sudden, Sun Ai explained excitedly, “Just like how it was during our Junior High days when boys like to use awkward methods to capture the girl’s attention.”

With that, Shen Yuanye was rendered speechless.

On second thought, everything seemed to make perfect sense all at once.

After organizing her words carefully, she questioned Sun Ai hesitantly.

“Let’s say that if a house collapsed one day, do you think Zhang Wentao will save Li Mengran”

Without any hesitation, Sun Ai answered, “Of course, he will since it involves a person’s life! However, how is it possible for this to happen Your assumption is too fake.”

Opening her phone again, Shen Yuanye stared at Zhang Wentao’s Weibo page, lost in thought.

In that case, she must have suddenly been hacked earlier.

At the moment, no news was released, and even the name of this film had yet to be announced.

Hence, the investors must be so darn rich to have spent so much effort. 

Without further ado, the two of them polished off all the food in the entire hotpot.

When it was time to settle the bills, Sun Ai naturally rushed to get the check first, as Shen Yuanye trotted along beside her.

Sweeping her eyes over the reception counter, she spotted a magazine with Li Mengran on the front page. 

Seized by a sudden impulse, she asked casually, “Boss, did Li Mengran star in any film recently”

The hotpot restaurant owner confirmed, “How is that possible Mengran will be releasing her new album next month, so she’ll be extremely busy for an entire year.

How is she supposed to find time to shoot a film”

As a massive fan, he would be most familiar with Li Mengran’s schedule.

So, if Li Mengran had indeed starred in a film, forget him knowing about it, the paparazzi would never let an Empress of Pop slip by.

Remaining silent, doubts continued to brew in Shen Yuanye’s heart.


After parting with Sun Ai, Shen Yuanye made her way back to her small apartment.

Even though it was no more than 40 square meters, she had maintained it in a minimalist design style.

Not only that, but Shen Yuanye had also placed several potted plants on her only little balcony.

However, this small apartment of hers was no longer safe.

That scene, where she was stabbed by a knife, seemed to be replaying before her eyes.

After Sun Ai left that night, Shen Yuanye decided to stay in her room.

In the beginning, she heard footsteps in the apartment, so she assumed that Sun Ai had returned.

However, as soon as she opened the door, she was suddenly brought down to the ground.

Now that she thought about it, there were numerous questionable points.

At that time, the lights in the apartment were still on.

So, no matter how brave the ruffian was, he could not have entered through the front door directly.

Nevertheless, she could not live in this apartment anymore.

Currently, she was already in her fourth year of university.

However, she believed that no matter how prestigious her university was, the degree was still useless to her, as her major was entirely unrelated to her job.

The meager savings she had earned from her modeling jobs throughout the last six months should be sufficient to support her until she found a new house.

At this thought, Shen Yuanye packed her belongings into a suitcase and went out the door.

Given the situation as it is now, it was definitely better for her to be living in a hotel.

As she mulled over her plan, the lift came to a stop on the 7th storey, and the doors opened slowly.

With her phone in hand, Shen Yuanye sent Sun Ai a message and continued to search for rentals online.

It was only when no one entered the lift that she lifted her head to take a look.

A tall and strong man stood in the lift lobby, as his black down jacket was left unbuttoned, revealing a thin black T-shirt and bulging muscles at his collar.

The doors to the lift had yet again closed before it continued making its way down at a slow pace.

It suddenly dawned on Shen Yuanye.

Why did this man press for the lift yet doesn’t take it Also, why did he keep staring at me

Moreover, his appearance…… 

At that thought, her heart began pounding with fear.

Under a surge of furor and distress, the lift soon reached the ground floor.

The moment she exited, Shen Yuanye pretty much ran outside without stopping.

Making numerous detours, she finally hid behind another building.

Immediately right after, a male silhouette appeared on the ground floor of the apartment building that she was currently at.

Sure enough.

If Shen Yuanye guessed right, this man should be the person who had killed her, and she feared that he must have scouted the area for many days.

Realizing that he had lost her, the man looked around a couple of times and took his phone out swiftly to make a call.

Since the spot she was standing at was too far away, Shen Yuanye could not hear what he was saying.

However, the only thing she was certain of was that he definitely had an accomplice.

Sometime later, the man finally ended the call and left the neighborhood.

After flagging down a taxi, he disappeared forthwith.

It was only then that Shen Yuanye walked out from the back of the apartment building next to hers.

Making her way to the roadside, she quickly hailed a taxi and went to a hotel far away from here.

Initially, she had planned to look for Sun Ai, but now that she thought of it, she had rather not.

Earlier, she managed to use her phone to take a picture of the man’s side profile.

Since the sky had already grown dark, the picture turned out to be somewhat blurry.

As such, only the man’s faint outline could be captured.

Even so, Shen Yuanye decided to lodge a report at the police station tomorrow.

After she arrived at the hotel, Shen Yuanye went on to check into a room.

Entering her room, she immediately locked the door from the inside and laid on the bed with some apprehension. 

Throughout her life, she had neither seen that man nor offended anyone before.

Even in school, she had never liked to socialize with people, so she had few friends.

Once they reached their fourth year in university, everyone went their separate ways.

Hence, she rarely communicated with any of them, only leaving Sun Ai.

So, why on earth would anyone want to kill her

No matter how she pondered over this, Shen Yuanye simply could not figure it out.

As such, she might as well not mull over it any longer since she would be lodging a police report tomorrow.

That way, she would leave it to the police officers to figure it out.

Shen Yuanye, just like before, logged onto her Weibo account.

For anyone working in the entertainment industry, they were required to be kept up to date with the latest news.

What’s more, some production teams would directly post recruitment news on Weibo.

Even though she was only a print model, she was able to receive job offers on Weibo as well.

It never occurred to her that she would receive a private message when she logged onto her Weibo account today.  

Hello, Miss Shen Yuanye.

I am Su Yun, the editor of Fei Shang magazine.

I wish to invite you to shoot for the cover of our new issue.

Would it be convenient for you to leave your contact details

In seeing this, Shen Yuanye’s hand froze.

In general, she received print modeling job offers most frequently.

As compared to regular offers, the more upscale ones were photoshoots for various magazines’ front covers or spreads.

Whereas, the slightly less upscale ones would be job offers for things like posters.

As for Feng Shang magazine, she naturally knew of this magazine.

Although this magazine was not considered a high-end magazine, it aimed largely at females of all ages.

As for its content, the magazine mainly covered various aspects, such as fashion coordination, trendy makeup looks, and hairstyles.

As compared to other magazines, hers had a distinct feature——its love to hire new faces.

Countless new models, who had just entered the entertainment industry, would be directly signed as a cover model, and the main images would always be well done.

Thanks to this experience, they would fare much better than others at the beginning.

That was why newcomers were largely fond of working with her magazine.

As for Shen Yuanye, it was by accident that she became a print model.

If she were to think about it, she had started this job no more than half a year ago.

Without receiving any guidance from seniors and models specialized in this area, she could only rely on herself to hone her abilities.

Even so, the job offers she received were still photoshoots for the spreads of small ordinary magazines. 

That Onychomycosis commercial she was at today was indeed an exception.

How was it that she did not receive this private message before she was reborn

Sinking into a reverie, she recalled how the video clip of her unprofessional actions would be circulating on Weibo by now, while her inbox would most likely be flooded with nothing but mocking messages.

Since she had only ever looked at a handful of them, it might have been possible for her to miss the editor’s message entirely.

Clicking into Su Yun’s Weibo page, Shen Yuanye noticed that it was indeed a verified account.

At least for now, let’s just say Shen Yuanye decided to give Su Yun the benefit of the doubt.

Hence, she replied to Su Yun with her contact details. 

In the meantime, there was not any response from the other party, but she was not too bothered about it.

Subsequently, she yet again clicked into Zhang Wentao’s Weibo page.

Regardless of whatever had occurred today, she still cared more about that Date of Death and Portrait of the Deceased.

No matter how she searched online, there was simply no news about Li Mengran and Zhang Wentao coming together to work on a film or television series, let alone a new film.

After staring unblinkingly at Zhang Wentao’s latest Weibo post for quite a while, Shen Yuanye finally decided to unfollow his Weibo page.

Even so, no strange occurrences appeared whatsoever.

Approximately a few minutes later, she once again tapped on the follow button.

Pretty much at the same time, her phone screen went black, and it soon became evident that the Date of Death and Portrait of the Deceased she saw during the day today remained unchanged.

Seeing how things had panned out, Shen Yuanye could not help but think that something seemed off with this. 

She then went to search for Li Mengran’s Weibo page and clicked into it.

Once the page loaded, she saw Li Mengran’s pinned post on her new album release next month, with an exquisite album cover attached.

As compared to Zhang Wentao’s Weibo page, her Weibo page seemed very normal to Shen Yuanye.

Swiping her finger across her phone screen, Shen Yuanye faintly came up with a conjecture.

Her gaze shifted to the bottom left-hand corner of her phone, and finally, she tapped on the follow button.

Once again, that familiar black screen appeared, but immediately right after, something new appeared.

As she looked through the death news, it seemed that a different picture appeared on Li Mengran’s Weibo page, causing Shen Yuanye to inevitably hold her breath.


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