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Chapter 43: The murderer was another person.

Zhang Shu’s panoramic picture is much more bloody than Huang Chi’s.

Other than the bloodstains on the ground, her clothes are messy, and there are some bruises on her exposed neck.

Shen Yuanye easily corresponded to the previous incident.

Unlike the dark background of Huang Chi’s photo, Zhang Shu’s ambient light is very bright compared.

Although not very bright, it is enough to see everything around her clearly.

There were bloody holes for her eyes, her face was pale, and the bloodstains oozing out of her eye sockets looked frightening.

Shen Yuanye couldn’t figure out why there are such cruel people in the world who can do things like gouge out someone’s eyes when they are alive.

One can imagine how terrifying that person was.

Turning from  the left to the end, Shen Yuanye confirmed that this place is indeed different from the place where Huang Chi died last.

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It’s a man.

Shen Yuanye’s heartbeat became faster.

She suddenly raised her head and touched the driver’s seat in front of her, “Officer Jiang, whoever Huang Chi knows, do you all have photos and information”

Jiang Pan answered almost instantly: “Yes.”

Shen Yuanye pursed her lips and smiled, “Then I think, I might be able to find the other party.”

Jiang Pan raised her eyes to look in the rearview mirror, her delicate face with a rumorous smile, which was very different from the usual slightly cold appearance.

He said: “That would be the best.”

According to Shen Yuanye’s clues, the suspect had a “wood”(TLN: 木)character in their name, and it was someone Huang Chi knew.

Liu Heyang and Li Chen soon went to re-investigate Huang Chi’s social relations, relatives, and friends.

At that time, Shen Yuanye and Jiang Pan had just arrived at the police station.

Li Chen had already brought a man named Li Yuan to the bureau.

“According to two pieces of information, we checked the people who had contact with Huang Chi.

Among them, there are eight people with the “wood” character in their name.

Three of them are women, and one is a relative who is more than 60 years old, too sick to get out of bed.

The other two are her ex-boyfriend and one of her classmates.”

“After we went to Li Yuan’s house, he wanted to escape and was caught by us, which shows that he is hiding something.”

Li Chen was reporting the situation while walking beside Jiang Pan.

Shen Yuanye was standing on the other side of Jiang Pan.

The shoes she was wearing today had a little heel, so she was not short compared to the two men.

Jiang Pan is okay, he is already very tall.

Li Chen and Liu Heyang are 1.8 meters  tall(TLN: About 5’10, 5’11 feet).

At this moment, they are standing with Shen Yuanye at about the same height, and they are shocked.

“I interrogated him half an hour ago.

He directly pleaded guilty.

It is obvious that he lied, but I feel that he is concealing something, but he didn’t talk about what he was concealing, and he won’t say the location of the remaining two victims.”

Li Chen stopped at the door of the interrogation room.

Shen Yuanye didn’t speak, but turned her head and stared at the interrogation room from the outside, quietly looking at the man sitting there with his head down.

Li Chen handed the document to Jiang Pan.

Shen Yuanye could turn her head to look at the document and Jiang Pan even tilted the paper towards her, “Look at it but don’t say anything.”

She curled her lips but glanced down.

Li Yuan’s message is very simple.

He is a classmate of Huang Chi.

Both of them are college students and come from the same place.

They can be regarded as fellow-townsmen working hard in the same city.

The information is all his experience and some simple things.

Including the fact that he used to like her in college, and spent nearly two years chasing Huang Chi.

Li Chen and the others broke the password of Huang Chi’s social account and saw some chat records.

This Li Yuan often sent some messages to Huang Chi after graduation, and it occasionally got ambiguous, but Huang Chi often didn’t reply to him, and she didn’t worry about him.

So because of love and hate, they think it is possible.

Half of the many cases in the world are because of love killings, or they have something to do with feelings.

However, this information is of little use to Shen Yuanye.

Thinking about Zhang Shu’s prediction on Weibo, all she has to do now is to verify whether Li Yuan is the owner of the face that appears in the panorama.

If it is, then the case can be solved directly.

If not, she has to keep looking.

Shen Yuanye raised her eyes slightly, and took the initiative to speak, “Can I go in and ask”

Jiang Pan glanced at her, was silent for a while, and finally said: “Of course, but your words, deeds, and every move will be monitored.”

Shen Yuanye nodded, “It won’t take long.”

Li Chen remained silent but was shocked.

When has the captain been so easy to talk to, it wasn’t like this before.

Guess it turned out that the saying “Even heroes fall for beauties” is true.

He had never seen such a situation before.

Li Chen stepped forward and introduced: “Miss Shen, inside is the interrogation room.

We will see everything inside there.

I believe you understand all of these.”

Shen Yuanye nodded, “Thank you.”

Anyway, monitoring or not monitoring has no effect on her, and they can’t see the content of Weibo’s black technology on her phone from the monitoring.

Jiang Pan raised his chin, “You take her in.”

Li Chen responded, opened the door, let Shen Yuanye walk in, and whispered: “If you notice something is wrong, you can call for help.

We will be outside.”

Shen Yuanye nodded silently while looking at Li Yuan who was handcuffed.

The interrogation room is very different from the outside.

Shen Yuanye can easily feel the depression inside, and only simple tables and chairs are placed inside.

Li Yuan is on the opposite side.

Seeing that it was a pretty girl coming in, his eyes flashed with surprise, then he lowered his head and stopped looking at her.

Taking advantage of Jiang Pan standing a few steps away from him, Liu Heyang hurriedly asked Li Chen in a low voice: “Miss Shen is not really a fortune teller, right”

It doesn’t look like it, so young and beautiful, just like a celebrity.

It’s a bit different from the fortune-telling scammers he imagined.

Li Chen turned his head and solemnly said: “How does she not look like one, it means that she has the ability.

Wasn’t Li Yuan(TLN: 李元 is his name in Chinese.

As you can see, the first character “李” has mu “木” on top of ”子)”caught based on the result of her calculation Otherwise, you will know the name of the perpetrator has a “wood”(TLN: 木) character”

The more he thought about it, the more magical he felt.

Just simply going to Huang Chi’s house and taking a walk around, and the identity of the perpetrator and part of the other party’s name is revealed.

Shen Yuanye asked a few irrelevant questions, and the other party answered them one by one.

“Have you ever been in a relationship with Huang Chi”


“Do you often contact Huang Chi on the Internet”

“Often, I talk to her, but she doesn’t respond.”

“What’s your Weibo name”

Under the bedding of the previous two questions, Shen Yuanye unintentionally raised the last question, but her hands in her pockets were clenched together.

Li Yuan reflexively answered.

This conditioned reflex is normal.

If you keep answering a person’s questions, you won’t refuse to answer after you get used to it.

Shen Yuanye saw half of a man’s face in Zhang Shu’s panorama.

At the time, she didn’t think it was clear, but now when she compares, it’s a bit like Li Yuan, but also a bit different.

The main reason is that the other half of the face in the panorama didn’t really show up in the dark.

But she faintly felt that something was wrong, and she couldn’t tell what.

She was not sure what was going on.

The few people outside saw her take out her phone, not looking like she was interrogating anymore.

Liu Heyang gave an “huh” and said, “Did she finish asking”

Just those few unimportant boring questions Why did she sound worse than he asked, are they really useful

“I think she must be thinking about something.” Li Chen said, “Otherwise, she will definitely come out if she finishes asking her questions.

She hasn’t moved, either she is fortune-telling or thinking.”

The action of playing with the phone can also be regarded as thinking.

Liu Heyang admires Li Chen’s blind worship of Miss Shen.

He walked inside, seeing Jiang Pan sitting there, staring inside with interest, and stopped thinking about asking him something.

Shen Yuanye followed Li Yuan’s Weibo.

She doesn’t know if he is behind the scenes, but she can definitely see the content on Weibo.

It will be clear whether he did it or someone else did it by then.

Li Yuan’s Weibo is simpler than Huang Chi’s.

After following, the posthumous photo shows the appearance of wearing a prison uniform.

It seems that in the future, he was also caught, so he died in prison.

The date of death was one year later, and Shen Yuanye skipped it directly and came to the calendar table.

Today is the 19th.

In the foreseeable future of Weibo, Huang Chi will twist her ankle today, avoiding those catastrophes, and Zhang Shu will not be in danger at this moment.

There are white dates on the calendar, only the 25th and 26th are red dates.

Shen Yuanye was cautious, didn’t skip and watch, but went in one by one.

The previous white dates were all small things, and it soon reached the 25th.

She paused and clicked in.

[March 25, 2018] Mental collapse.

Shen Yuanye breathed a sigh of relief, she thought it was a big deal, but she didn’t expect it to be such a simple prediction that would be of no use to her.

She clicked into the next day, staring scorchingly at the line of words that appeared.

[March 26, 2018] Bear the blame for the crime.

Shen Yuanye finally knew what she felt was wrong about the person in the panorama and Li Yuan.

It turned out that he was not the real perpetrator.

The murderer is another person.


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