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Chapter 47: A pair of dolls, one female, one male.

Shen Yuanye once again set her sights on the doll.

The doll is very ordinary, like the little dolls she saw in the doll shop.

Wearing a beautiful red dress, there is nothing suspicious about it.

But someone suddenly came out and said something strange.

Shen Yuanye still cautiously did not touch the doll but walked to the flower bed.

She asked softly: “Grandpa, do you know what’s going on”

The old man squinted at her, holding a scale in his hand, “I’ll tell you if you buy a yam for me.

If you don’t buy it, I won’t tell.”

Shen Yuanye: “…”

The smell of roasted yam is very attractive, so she simply took some medium-sized ones.

However, she touched her pocket when paying, and realized that she had no cash.

Without lifting his eyelids, the old man pointed to a QR code posted next to the stove, and said slowly: “WeChat scan code payment is also supported.”

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Tl pyke pzsozu: “Rv’p fwpv y eszz vbyv kp alrzynkdt usw.”

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Tsolhla vbkp kp vbl qkapv vkxl pbl byp plld y “rknjkdt wr y eszz-alzyvle vbkdt.”

In the past, when watching the news on the Internet, it was more often that there were large red envelopes on the road.

And when people picked up the envelopes, they would get picked up and smuggled.

In fact, these red envelopes cannot be picked up.

They contain bad luck from others, or anger is passed on.

People who throw red envelopes often become healthier, while those who pick up red envelopes are either unlucky or sick.

Shen Yuanye didn’t expect that she would encounter this.

The grandfather handed her a plastic bag, just said: “Use this to pick it up, go and check it for yourself.

Don’t break it.”

Shen Yuanye didn’t understand, so is it okay to use a plastic bag to pick it up But she picked it up obediently, it didn’t hurt her anyway.

When the doll was in her hand, she felt it was a little smaller compared to when she saw it with her eyes, and she could see that the workmanship was rough, and the threads on it were still there.

It’s obvious that it was done quickly.

“Turn it around,” the old man said again.

Shen Yuanye turned the doll over, and the back was exposed in front of her.

A part of the upper part of the red dress became a rectangular blank space.

The old man grinned: “When you encounter this, you would have to marry.”

Once the finger touches this, it is recognized by the doll.

And regardless of a person’s own wishes, they will have to have a death marriage with the doll’s owner.

Then, the living person’s vitality would be sucked away, and they will slowly start to become frail and sickly.

After a while, they will become bedridden, and in the end, they will soon die.

And then become a real underground couple.

Shen Yuanye’s complexion became cold, and she looked up.

She didn’t know when the people inside came out again, staring at her below.

After seeing her holding a doll in her hand, the expression on their faces was very thrilled.

That family lives on the third floor, not too high.

This is why the doll only hurt a little when it came down, instead of causing death.

There has been someone who was smashed to death with an egg before on the news.

Shen Yuanye’s eyesight is not bad, and she can see that person clearly.

Seeing that he was discovered, the man drew back again and shut the window.

Later, he didn’t stick his head out again.

He came out three times, probably just to see if she picked up the doll.

Shen Yuanye was angry for the first time.

She would never let go of this kind of bullying.

However if she threw it away later, wouldn’t there be another female getting hurt

“Grandpa, would you like to go up and meet them with me” she invited out aloud.

This old man who sells roasted yam is not ordinary at first sight.

Shen Yuanye feels that she needs to have a good relationship with him, and she may learn something amazing.

He figured out the strangeness at a glance, it’s really amazing.

The old man thought for a while, “Okay.”

He left the booth there and walked around the back of the building with Shen Yuanye.

This house is an old house, so the security door can be opened.

Shen Yuanye went directly inside, then looked back at the old grandfather, seeing him walking slowly, couldn’t help but go back to help him.

“What are you doing, it’s not like I can’t walk” the old man yelled dissatisfied.

Shen Yuanye was speechless by him.

Being rude to her, she can let that go, then he can walk.

But he was happy that she helped him.

Is this the saying of saying no with words, but the body actually does want it

Of course, she wouldn’t say these things out loud.

When he saw that he was going to have to walk up the stairs by himself, the old man stopped moving, “Can’t walk, can’t walk.”

He didn’t go up, and Shen Yuanye didn’t force him.

After all, he had already rescued her once, and helping her was just a sentiment, not an obligation.

She smiled slightly, “Then you wait here, I’ll come out and treat you to a big meal later.”

The old man hummed.

It was the first time that Shen Yuanye came into contact with such a cute grandfather, and was amused by his uncertain thought.

She turned around and walked upstairs.

On the third floor, she walked along the corridor until she reached the door of the house.

She stopped and saw a white flower tied to the door, and a wreath was placed next to the door.

It seems that someone in the family has passed away.

The anti-theft door is in the form of a fence.

The door was not closed tightly, and there was a gap.

The sound of faint voices inside floats gently and is heard by Shen Yuanye.

“… Did she really hold it Did you see wrong”

“How could I see wrong I just saw it with my own eyes.

She just held it in her hand and looked up.

This time, my son finally found a beautiful wife.”

“Oh, is this method really useful”

“Of course, I asked a master, you don’t want your son to have any personal companions below, right He was only twenty-three years old and such a thing happened…”

“That girl won’t find us to get even, will she”

“It’s okay, the master said that she won’t know, so you can rest assured, I have always been reliable in my matters.

it’s about our son, how can I make a mistake.”

The voices of a man and a woman are exceptionally clear.

The phone rang suddenly again, and soon the man answered the phone, “…Master, we did it your way, a young lady picked it up… right, is it done”

Not knowing what the other person said, the man’s voice was suddenly mixed with excitement, “Good good! I know, master, I will definitely be ready!”

That girl is now his daughter-in-law.

For the first time Shen Yuanye heard someone else decide her own future so briskly, she felt a very strange feeling in her heart.

She suddenly calmed down.

The two people talked a lot, and she basically understood the matter.

The son of this family had just graduated from university this year, but he died in a car accident when he was out to play with friends.

Their son originally had a marriage arraged, but after this happened, the other girl quickly found a new boyfriend, and she didn’t recognize the matter at all.

Apart from their anger, they still wanted to find a company for their son.

Fortunately, there was a woman with him underground, so he wouldn’t be alone.

Death marriages are also divided into two types, the living and the dead, and the dead and the dead.

The two of them felt that a dead person was not good, so they decided to find a living person.

But the women outside were sold for tens of thousands(TLN: I think this refers to human trafficking, so shady ah ٩ (╬ʘ益ʘ╬) ۶) so they had no choice but to settle for another solution.

They were introduced to a master.

The master thought of two ways for them.

One is to wrap a big red envelope with some money in it, put the birth date of their son in it, and throw it on the road.

The person who picked it up would be their son’s wife.

The second is to make two identical male and female dolls.

One is sewn with the birthdate of the son, and the other is not sewn with a birth date.

The girl who picks up the doll without the birth date will have a dead marriage.

However, the second option is not as good as the first option.

As long as the male dolls in the family are buried together, everything will be solved at that time.

Balancing the two options, they chose the second one because it doesn’t cost money.

They have been trying for a week.

Basically, the young ladies would kick the doll away when they were hit, it was completely useless.

But finally today, someone picked up the doll.

The two people talked about the matter again and laughed a lot, and anyone could hear that they were in a very good mood.

Shen Yuanye knocked on the security door.

The voices inside suddenly stopped, and then the sound of footsteps approached the door, and a man probed out, “Who is it Is something wrong”

Shen Yuanye squinted slightly, “Excuse me, did anything fall off your house”

The man behind the security door said vigilantly, “Nothing has fallen.

What are you talking about I don’t know you.

I don’t know what you are talking about.

If you don’t leave, I will call the police.”

Shen Yuanye snorted coldly, and stuffed the doll directly into the gap, “Your doll, put it away by yourself.”

Seeing the plastic bag in her hand, the man’s face suddenly became ugly.

“Have I said that I have touched this doll The future you decided for me is too good for me to bear.” Shen Yuanye said unceremoniously.

Behind him, the woman stared at her nervously.

The beautiful doll fell on the ground, and neither of them dared to pick it up.

Their faces were pale, and the embarrassed expressions were almost unobstructed.

The man patted the door, “Hurry up and pick up your things.

This is not ours.

Don’t throw it at my house.

Why do you have such bad manners”

His eyes have been fixed on the doll on the ground, and his breathing has begun to tighten.

Shen Yuanye took off the plastic bag slowly and stuffed it inside the door.

Then she smiled, “Of course, I don’t have the good manners you two have.

Your son is dead and you two want to find a living person to get married to him.

The manners of the two of you are also very high.”

When the truth was revealed, the man’s expression suddenly changed.

The woman behind him yanked his clothes with a pale face, and then slammed the door shut.

Shen Yuanye shrugged and left without looking back.

When she reached the end of the corridor, she saw the grandfather who had not gone up the stairs and stayed on the first floor just now, sitting on the steps, eating yam happily.

Seeing her back, the old man hurriedly hid the half of the yam he didn’t eat yet in his pocket.


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