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Chapter 55: A relative has been in contact with children.

Pan Chenhe’s face was gloomy.

The feeling under his feet was very clear, and he could feel nausea rising as he felt that “thing” through his leather shoes.

He couldn’t help wanting to vomit.

A security guard saw him standing at the door of the company and asked, “Sir, do you have anything to do Is there an appointment “

Pan Chenhe was very angry at the moment.

Someone came up to him, so he vented his anger on them: “Keep your eyes open and take a good look.

I am a model for the company! “

The security immediately bowed his head to apologize, but what he thought was a different idea in his heart.

Wasn’t he just a model He thought he was so famous, but he didn’t even have a better status than the fresh meat in the company.

Who knew why he was so emboldened

He was about to look up when his eyes suddenly fixed on the ground.

The security guard’s eyesight was very good; otherwise, he would not have seen Pan Chenhe stop here.

When he saw what was under the man’s feet in front of him, he tried his best to hold in his laughter.

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The paparazzi not far away got a set of photos contentedly.

“I researched; this is a model, tepid, but there is someone behind him.

However, that person is not very powerful, ” said another paparazzi beside him.

The paparazzi who took the picture immediately nodded, “That’s good.”

For those in their career, even if they got big news, they had to weigh the background behind the other party.

If they couldn’t provoke them, then they could only give up.

It was just a small model, so it was not like he would have a big problem.

It was just some small news.

“I thought about the captions for the group of photos just now.” He flipped through the photos in his hands, “And then we can use that song, “Rub Rub”, it’s just right.”

The two of them laughed out loud as they talked.

“He can only blame his bad luck today.”

“We can’t say that the other party has bad luck.

After setting him up for some fire, we also helped him become popular.

How was it unlucky He would thank us.”

“Hahaha, you are right.”


At the same time, news of Liu Yue’s hospitalization was also revealed on Weibo.

The media has always liked to catch this kind of news, not to mention the wealthy Liu family.

The husband and wife had their daughter at such an old age, which was big news in itself.

In the hospital room, Lin Siyu’s eyes were already swollen from crying.

She didn’t expect that, under all precautions, Yueyue would still have an accident.

She was always paying attention, and she had fired the nurse at home.

It turned out that something went wrong yesterday.

After waking up from a nap, she went to the room to see foam overflowing from Liu Yue’s mouth, and her heart almost stopped in fright.

It took a long time for her to come back to her senses.

Fortunately, the family doctor came quickly and temporarily stopped the situation.

She drove Liu Yue to the hospital hurriedly.

After many checkups, the doctor said that she had eaten something that shouldn’t have been eaten, and it was nothing ordinary.

Children’s immunity was not strong, so naturally there was a problem.

“Let’s observe for a few days first.

If her condition improves later, you can transfer her out.

” The doctor turned over the medical record in his hand and said.

Lin Siyu nodded.

The little baby was lying in the crib, abnormally quiet.

She had already called Liu Xuyang, and he had left the company’s affairs and was on his way to the hospital.

While just thinking about him, the room door was pushed open.

Liu Xuyang strode to her side, “How is Yueyue”

“She’s not out of danger yet; she needs to be observed for a period of time.” Lin Siyu told him the doctor’s order, “Xuyang, the surveillance at home has been destroyed.”

Originally, there was surveillance at home, but for privacy, only a few cameras were installed in public areas, and there were none in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Since Cheng Feiqiong’s advice last time, she had installed cameras in all the rooms in the villa, especially Yueyue’s room.

But after the accident yesterday, she went back and found out that the surveillance had been breached.

The other party obviously knew about their preparations and had no fear at all, and they wanted to harm their daughter.

Liu Xuyang’s face became ugly, “I’ll call the police first, and you look at Yueyue for a while, and then I’ll find some bodyguards to follow.”

They don’t believe that person will come again.

“But I’m afraid.” Lin Siyu said.

She was originally a strong woman, but the only weakness in her heart was Liu Yue.

After experiencing such a thing, she was not at ease at all.

Liu Xuyang took her hand and said, “Cheng Lao has reminded us once, and he won’t come again.

We can only solve this by ourselves.

“The apprentice who was with Mr.

Cheng at the time may be able to look at her,” Lin Siyu thought of the woman behind Cheng Feiqiong at the time.

If the master didn’t come out, the apprentice should be able to do it.

Liu Xuyang also brightened his eyes and said, “I’ll try it.”

Lin Siyu said, “I have already reported to the police to see if they can find any clues in the past two days.

You can go contact Cheng Lao’s apprentice, and we have two matters done.”

After the red wine advertisement was over, Shen Yuanye was waiting for Pan Chenhe’s bad luck.

She didn’t know if the other party listened to her reminder, but Weibo predicted the accurate future, and she didn’t change it.

That is to say, Pan Chenhe has to step on the poop today.

Two days later, there was still the drunk driving arrest, which would be even worse.

Nowadays, no one has a high tolerance for celebrities who have any form of bad conduct.

Drug abuse was the conduct most attacked by netizens.

Although drunk driving has not yet reached that height, there would still be mocking.

Pan Chenhe’s modeling career was bound to be affected.

This was the result that Shen Yuanye wanted to see.

But when she browsed through Pan Chenhe’s news on the Internet, she also saw Liu’s family news.

Liu Yue still had an accident, and she couldn’t help frowning.

Her master said that it was the villain who caused the trouble, but now she was still hospitalized.

It was conceivable that Liu Yue had an accident the day before.

How could a child who was just over a month old resist outsiders’ harm

While just thinking about it, the phone rang, but there was an unfamiliar number on the screen.

“Master Shen!”

Shen Yuanye could easily hear Liu Xuyang’s voice.

As for how the other party obtained her mobile phone number, it was not that important anymore.

She asked: “Mr.

Liu, what’s the matter”

Liu Xuyang had some confidence when she heard her voice, “You are Lao Cheng’s apprentice, and you must have a lot of skills.

Master, can you help me “

The tone of the other party’s speech was very sincere and was not forceful at all.

Shen Yuanye didn’t expect that he would find her.

But after another thought, she was afraid that this attitude was also because of Cheng Feiqiong.

Without her master, there would not be such a high degree of trust.

Liu Xuyang did not hear a voice for a long time, thinking that the other party would not agree, and quickly said: “Master Shen, there is greater merit in saving one life than in building a seven-tier pagoda.

If you have anything you want, I will definitely give it to you!”

Shen Yuanye returned to her senses, “I will think about it.

Don’t worry for now.”

Liu Xuyang was overjoyed and said, “Okay, then I’m waiting for Master Shen’s news.”

Shen Yuanye accepted the title of master very easily after hearing it so many times.

She had to admit it sounded pretty cool.

She checked the date displayed on her phone.

Today was May 1st.

In other words, the Weibo calendar has been pushed back a little bit for the next week.

The last time she checked, she saw that the date was May 3, which was the date of Liu Yue’s death.

This time she could see until the 8th, and maybe she could get more information.

Shen Yuanye was ready and followed Lin Siyu first.

As a mother, she was sure that her mind was solely on Liu Yue, and the clues she got might be more precise.

The calendar table was updated through the 8th.

Except for the red dates on the 2nd and 3rd at the beginning, the 5th and the 6th were also red dates, and the remaining two days were white dates, which seem to be good days or ordinary days for Lin Siyu.

She already knew what happened the previous two days, so Shen Yuanye directly clicked in on the 5th and 6th.

【May 5, 2018·Level 1 Danger】Coma

【May 6, 2018·Level 2 Danger】Hospitalization

She didn’t expect Lin Siyu to be so distressed, but it was excusable to think about it.

Naturally, she could not accept her daughter’s death.

Shen Yuanye sighed without missing any information and clicked on the white date of the last two days.

The day on the 7th showed that the police had found the traces left by the person who had put the poison in, and there were already targets of suspicion.

On the 8th, the day was more important, and the opponent was directly caught, and the identity of the opponent was shown on it.

Shen Yuanye was surprised.

Her eyes were a bit complicated, and her eyes on the screen became strange.

Shen Yuanye thought it would take a lot of effort to find the culprit, but she didn’t expect Weibo to directly show the murderer.

In the hospital ward, Liu Xuyang was comforting Lin Siyu.

“She said she wants to think about it, and she probably won’t refuse.”

Lin Siyu nodded, “You go back first.

There is a policeman at home.”

Liu Xuyang was about to say something when the phone suddenly rang, an especially obvious sound in a quiet room.

The words “Master Shen” flashed on the screen.

He quickly connected, “Master Shen, do you agree”

When Liu Xuyang became excited, the tone of his speech became more respectful than before, which shows that he attaches great importance to this matter.

Shen Yuanye let out an “mhm” and said something about metaphysics.

Liu Xuyang was ignorant of these things and was about to ask her for a more general answer.

Who knew she changed the subject “Mr.

Liu, your relatives have been in contact with Liu Yue recently.”


Liu Xuyang’s mind was confused.

He only lives with Lin Siyu now, and almost no one is there except…

Liu Yue’s grandma.


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