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Chapter 63: Living person sculpture.

Shen Yuanye was a little curious about who Lu Yuanfan was.


And just because of the name, she didn’t notice the date of death.

Now thinking about it, he had an accident this year in June.


It was already April, which meant that in two months, Lu Yuanfan would die.


She already felt that this matter was not easy.


Shen Yuanye raised her head and glanced at Lu Yue in front of her.

Seeing that she hadn’t noticed her, she was relieved to follow Lu Yuanfan again and looked down at the calendar.


The next week would be a white-date week.


This was the first time Shen Yuanye had seen such a situation.

The previous ones were either mixed with light red dates or dark red dates most of the time, like Pan Chenhe, the representative of the unfortunate.


She originally thought that Lu Yuanfan’s accident in June would cause him to be a bit unlucky on the calendar, but she didn’t expect it to be quite normal.


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The 360° panorama was not bloody at all, but very clean.


The previous panoramas and photos either contained a lot of blood, or they were all dark.

They were never so clean at all.


And Lu Yuanfan in the panorama still had his eyes open, just like a living person.


Shen Yuanye was puzzled for a while and carefully observed.


The front was half of Lu Yuanfan’s face, and the rest was his body, which looked like it was lying on a blanket.


Yes, there was a soft blanket on the ground.


Shen Yuanye turned to the side, and Lu Yuanfan’s entire face was exposed, clean, and exquisite, as if he had put on makeup before the endorsement.


It was really beautiful and good-looking.


But this was not the time to sigh.

Since this was a panorama of death, then Lu Yuanfan couldn’t be a living person.


Looking at Lu Yuanfan’s eyes, Shen Yuanye was still a little confused.


Fortunately, after seeing so many bloody photos, she was able to look down calmly.


Turning to the side, some clues appeared in the place where Lu Yuanfan was.

It could be seen that it was a tiled place, and the decoration was not luxurious and very ordinary.


And in this place, a big blanket was spread out, and the place where Lu Yuanfan lay was only in the center.


There was transparent light at the corners, just like in a large glass space.


Shen Yuanye kept turning her hand until she turned back to the starting position and faced Lu Yuanfan’s half of his face again.


Lu Yuanfan’s eyes were open, even with a slight smile on his face.

The corners of his mouth were slightly curved, and the peach eyes were very beautiful.


But Shen Yuanye found that there was no life in his eyes.


This feeling was like some painters who imitated perfectly, who could paint beautiful things, but they couldn’t paint charm, only empty shells.


And now Lu Yuanfan gave her this feeling.

Although his eyes were beautiful, they were not at all like hers, the glitter and brilliance.


And the strangest thing was that the curvature of the corners of the mouth was a bit stiff.


She had seen Lu Yuanfan smile before, and the smile in the panorama was very formulaic, not in line with his appearance today.


Shen Yuanye looked puzzled.


“Miss Shen, here it is.”


Shen Yuanye’s thoughts were interrupted by Lu Yue’s voice.

When she looked again, the time had passed, and the predictive panorama began to fade, and then disappeared.


She put away the phone and said, “I will find you if I go to the company tomorrow.”


Lu Yue nodded, “Okay.”


As for the previous driver, Shen Yuanye didn’t know where he went, so he had only driven once, and then the driver became Lu Yue.


This assistant was really versatile.


After getting off the car, Shen Yuanye turned and went into the community.

When she thought of someone staring at her all the time, she sped up on her way back to the apartment.


Unfortunately, the elevator had just gone up.


There were three families on each floor of the apartment building, so only one elevator was installed.

She could only wait for the other person to go up and then press down.


Shen Yuanye still didn’t know what her neighbors were like, and she hadn’t even seen them once.

She had never seen any of the celebrities that Lu Yue reported before, either.


This was the most common thing in big cities.




The murderer in the sculpture murder case was caught a few days later.


At that time, Shen Yuanye was applying makeup in the company’s bathroom.

Two trainees were chatting in the cubicle.

They were too involved and didn’t realize there was someone outside.


“I said it must be a sculptor, otherwise who would do it so well.

He must have hidden the body after killing someone, thinking that people were unconscious, but he didn’t expect to be discovered.


“It’s just that the head of this corpse hasn’t been found yet.”


“Anyway, the identity of the dead person has been confirmed.

Just interrogate the murderer to find out, and he will say it for sure.


“But it’s horrible to think about being dismembered.

The one who died seems to be a woman.

It’s too pitiful.

It’s disgusting and terrifying to think of sealing people in the sculpture.


Why was the murderer caught so soon


It had only been two days.

What happened on Wednesday The murderer was caught on Friday.

The efficiency was too high.

Shen Yuanye felt that it was not impossible when she thought of Jiang Pan and the team.


She lowered her voice unconsciously and heard their conversation clearly.


Without discussing a few words, they moved the topic to other places and started talking about the new bag of GUCCI.


Immediately afterward, there was a rustling, pumping sound.


Two people pushed the door out and saw Shen Yuanye putting on lipstick in the mirror.

They were taken aback for a while, and they were relieved when they were sure that they hadn’t said anything nonsense.


There was a lot of intrigue in the company.


The two girls were both quite young, only 19 years old, and were new trainees.

They had never seen Shen Yuanye appear in the company.

They perceived a large gap when they saw this height.


But, when they thought about it, few directors would want such a tall person.


Shen Yuanye straightened her hair and went out of the bathroom.


She was curious about the sculpture murder, and while in the elevator, she logged onto Weibo and searched for related content.


The murderer was not released by the official Weibo page of the Jianghai District Police, but by a media outlet with a photo of the sculpture teacher.


Of course, his information would be published in front of everyone.


The sculpture teacher was Wei Minghe, who was a substitute teacher for a college.


He is thirty-eight this year.

He had been engaged in sculpture work for more than ten years.

He had also held a sculpture exhibition of his own before.

The number of visitors was not large, but it wasn’t small either.


He could also be seen in some sculpture competitions, large and small, and he had won many awards in small competitions, but fewer in larger competitions.


The most recent was the National Sculpture Competition a year ago, in which he won third place.


Since then, he had never participated in any sculpture competitions and had been concentrating on sculptures at home.

It was said that the police found a lot of semi-finished products.


They didn’t know until this accident came out that they went to investigate.

It turned out that he had signed up for this year’s World Sculpture Competition, and it was no longer bound to the whole country.


It seemed that there was indeed a possibility of killing.


The police did not disclose it, and the motive was still unclear, but the number of reposts and comments on this Weibo had exceeded 30,000.


“I think that he might have read some of those novels and wanted a top-notch sculpture So he chose to kill”


“So he wants to use these sculptures to participate in the competition The judges of the World Sculpture Competition should be able to see it.

Does he have a brain problem”


“It may be a delusion…”


“Doing sculptures made him stupid.

He dared to do criminal things.”


“It’s good that the police caught him, and this kind of person should be sentenced to death.

A good living person was killed, and they were also made into sculptures.

It’s horrible.”


The comments were almost always one-sided.


Occasionally, there are one or two netizens who make a grand stand and sing against the tune to attract everyone’s attention and achieve their goal of becoming popular.


Shen Yuanye quit and clicked on Wei Minghe’s Weibo.


Although he was old, he also used Weibo and often published his sculptures.

In the past six months, they had been semi-finished products, but they were also quite amazing.


His sculpting ability was indeed very strong.


The day before he was arrested, he also released his sculpture results for the last week.

This time it was finally finished, and it was different from the sculptures seized before.

The results were transparent, like amber.


Shen Yuanye went down one by one.


Wei Minghe used stone sculptures six months ago and later began to use the principle of amber.

He had come a long way from his initial failure to his recent success.


Shen Yuanye stopped on a picture in March this year.


In the picture, Wei Minghe made a small sparrow sculpture, lifelike and very delicate, but there is a special place—


Inside was a real sparrow.


Obviously, netizens who followed the Weibo account also saw this picture and began to scold him in the comments, and they almost wanted to scold his family.


Shen Yuanye frowned too.

It seemed too cruel to do this.


Although he was not a goddess, it was a bit inhumane to seal the living sparrow in the sculpture.

Wei Minghe actually did such a thing, so it was possible to kill people and seal them into the sculpture.


She sighed and prepared to quit Weibo.


Only a few seconds later, she re-entered Wei Minghe’s Weibo, turned to this picture of the sparrow sculpture, and zoomed in to see the original picture.


She finally knew where the sense of violation was.


The 360° panorama of Lu Yuanfan’s death two days ago that she saw.

Isn’t Lu Yuanfan’s condition a bit like this sparrow’s


The only difference was probably that Lu Yuanfan’s own was more refined.


Shen Yuanye suddenly thought of a question…Wei Minghe had been arrested.

Who was the person who made Lu Yuanfan into a sculpture


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