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Chapter 64: You figured it out again

The last picture of the nine-squared picture was the identity of the female deceased, which was also disclosed by the police before.


The deceased was named He Mei, an English teacher at an elementary school.

She had been missing for a few months.

The case was reported before, but there was no result.


Later, this matter gradually faded until recently.


He Mei would be 26 years old this year.

After graduation, she worked as an elementary school teacher.

She usually lived at home and school, at two points and one line.

She was very ordinary, and her relationships with colleagues were also ordinary.


After comparison, He Mei’s father confirmed that she was indeed the deceased.


The time of death announced by the police was three months ago.


Because it had taken quite some time to be made into a sculpture, the forensic doctor had only determined the time of death after an investigation of the autopsy.

The cause of death was too much medicine.


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She couldn’t find Lu Yuanfan directly.


Did she have to tell him that he would be made into a sculpture in two months


Not to mention Lu Yuanfan, even she herself thought that this statement was simply incredible.

Any normal person would not believe it.


Maybe he would even think that she was crazy.


She still remembered the lessons learned from Su Yun and Lin Huixin, and she couldn’t let herself fall into that situation anymore.

She hadn’t been fully taught yet, and she didn’t know her reputation outside.


When it came to the status of Mr.

Cheng, someone would believe everything she said.


Shen Yuanye was deeply moved and quit Weibo.



The next day, Lan Fu’s perfume endorsement filming began.


She was the only spokesperson for this blooming perfume, so there was no trouble shooting at all.

Unlike in Suanna, where two people were troublesome.


Perfume endorsement was similar to red wine; it followed the same route.


Shen Yuanye was good at this, and she finished shooting the two scheduled clips in one afternoon.


This time, the perfume endorsement was divided into four parts.


A five-minute short film would be made for each part, which would be broadcast in stages on TV to achieve the purpose of attracting people.


The script was given, and Shen Yuanye only needed to perform it well.


Hua Yi had said that the real ticket for fashion week would be given about half a month before it started, so she was now reserved for it.

All of this was because of Hua Yi.


As long as she had a ticket, she could exchange it for an invitation letter.


Liu Li said, “There is another person in the company who will be with you, so I’ll arrange for you to meet first, and then there will be related courses, you have to go.”


Shen Yuanye didn’t have any comments.


She asked, “Who is the other model”


“Zhou Lu.” Liu Li uttered two words.


Shen Yuanye felt a little stressed.


She had naturally heard Zhou Lu’s name, and she had seen a few of her shows.

Although she was not a supermodel, her reputation in China was not low.


In the second half of last year, she participated in the filming of a variety show, which directly increased her popularity by several degrees, no less than some small stars.


With her, it was really stressful.


“Zhou Lu’s personality is a bit arrogant.

You should have heard it.” Liu Li thought for a while, still exhorting a few words, “You should be careful when you speak.

Usually there is nothing wrong.


Shen Yuanye nodded, “Okay.”


“Okay then, I’ll take you to the meeting later.

You will both take the next course together, but she must have the foundation.”


Zhou Lu had also participated in foreign shows but had not participated in one of the four major fashion weeks, so she had to attend classes.


In fact, with her ability, it would be fine if she didn’t.


Shen Yuanye said, “I see.”


Next, she waited in the office for twenty minutes.

Liu Li glanced at the message she had received, stood up, and said, “Let’s go.”


Hua Yi was divided into several parts, and there were many rooms, all of which were allocated to the celebrity’s lounge, and during the period, it also included public rooms such as the dubbing room.


Liu Li pushed open a room.


Shen Yuanye went in behind her and saw a woman sitting there and a middle-aged woman standing beside her.


Zhou Lu leaned slantingly on the sofa in a lazy posture.


Seeing people coming in, she turned her face slightly to look over, and they didn’t see any expression on her cold and indifferent face.

It was really indifferent.


Her appearance was not so beautiful, but she had a unique temperament.


This was also the reason why so many people liked her on Weibo, and her character was very obvious on TV, like a haughty queen, especially at attracting people.


A pair of big, long legs is really attractive.


Zhou Lu’s height was a full 1.8 meters, which is almost the tallest model in China, and all models of the same type are around 1.78 meters.


Even Shen Yuanye herself was only 1.78 meters tall.


The gap between 1.78 and 1.8 was still quite large.


It was like 1.58 meters and 1.6 meters, or 1.55 meters and 1.58 meters.

Although this was only two or three centimeters, there was a gap that was difficult to bridge in people’s hearts.


Liu Li said hello and went straight to the subject: “Zhou Lu, at New York Fashion Week in September, please take care of Yunaye.”


As the old agent of the company, she had this status.


“Did Miss Shen have any good results this year” Zhou Lu’s agent suddenly asked, “I think your conditions are good; she should have good results…”


After a long time, Zhou Lu said, “Okay.”


Her agent was interrupted.

The expression in her eyes was not very good, but she didn’t show it at all on her face.

“Then that’s okay.”


If it weren’t for Liu Li, who would like to meet a small model


Shen Yuanye graciously thanked her: “Thank you, Sister Zhou Lu.”


Hearing her talking, Zhou Lu raised her eyes and stared at her again.

Her eyebrows moved, and she said, “Ask me if you don’t understand something.”


She quoted a string of numbers.


Shen Yuanye wrote it down, “Okay, I remember it.”


Zhou Lu was very satisfied with her attitude.


A few minutes later, Liu Li took Shen Yuanye out of the room, and the agent changed her expression, “A young model who just came out, who wants to teach her.”


Zhou Lu’s face became colder.

She didn’t even look at her.

“You can control what I do”


The agent wanted to say something, but when she thought of Zhou Lu’s character and what she mentioned before, she stopped talking and said nothing more.


Zhou Lu still had a contract with the company for half a year and was already talking about renewing the contract, but one condition was that she wanted to change the agent.


Once she was replaced, she could not receive such a promising artist.


As for the little model who came today, the agent didn’t pay much attention to her.

What’s the use of a good-looking face It was much better than Zhou Lu’s face, and she was still not popular.


And in that variety show, another high-profile fan was not as good as Zhou Lu.




It was already evening when she returned to the apartment from the company.


Shen Yuanye made herself an exquisite salad, dipped it in jam she had bought from outside, and ate it while watching Zhou Lu’s variety show video.


Among other things, she was really good at variety shows.


This video app had a barrage function.

When she opened it, most of the things that floated by were basically things about liking Zhou Lu, and the rest were about admiring her figure and height.


Models don’t usually have that big of a size of breasts.


Shen Yuanye had a small flat chest that wasn’t too flat.

It was normal in models, but it was flat in ordinary people.


Such a figure could wear some deep V dresses, which naturally have a wider range.


Shen Yuanye shook off the mess of thoughts in her mind.

After eating the salad and turning off the video, a message popped up on WeChat.


It is a reminder of the success of her delivery to the orphanage.


Shen Yuanye glanced, and suddenly remembered that she hadn’t added Lu Yuanfan’s WeChat yet, but when she thought of Lu Yuanfan’s result, she didn’t want to add him.


She didn’t know what to say after adding him anyway.


She wanted to exit, but she saw Jiang Pan’s name.


Shen Yuanye became interested, clicked into his moments, but withdrew angrily.


There was nothing in Jiang Pan’s moments.

He set moments to show for three days, and then there was nothing but blank.


She also doesn’t like posting on Moments.


Shen Yuanye thought for a while and sent a message: “Officer Jiang, is that Wei Minghe the murderer in the sculpture murder case”


In order to avoid making herself look too serious, she prepared to send out an emoticon.


But her emoticons were all collected by chatting with Sun Ai.

They were all weird, and there were some that were very dirty, not at all suitable.


Shen Yuanye went to Weibo to find a few, sent one, and then waited for a reply.


The police weren’t her, who could see Lu Yuanfan’s matters, and they didn’t know if they had found out whether Wei Minghe was the real murderer.


After about half an hour, the phone vibrated.


Jiang Pan: “I’m sorry, but I can’t disclose the details of the case to outsiders.”


Then, it was followed by an emoticon.


Shen Yuanye poked, watching the person in the emoticon move, her expression even more weird.


This answer seemed to indicate that she wouldn’t be able to find out any details.


Shen Yuanye thought of her fortune-telling status in front of him, Hu Chuhai, and sent a message: “Did you guys catch the real murderer It doesn’t seem to be that simple.


This time, Jiang Pan responded quickly: “You figured it out again”


Shen Yuanye was not guilty.

She was ready to reply, “Yeah, yes,” but when she thought about it, it didn’t seem rigorous, so she chose a word and sent it over: “Mhm.”


Studies have shown that this word very precisely expresses a person’s high coldness.


Jiang Pan: “Master Shen”


Shen Yuanye felt a little guilty, but soon she threw out the guiltiness.


She had Cheng Feiqiong as a master now, learned a little bit of fortune-telling ability, and was respectfully called Master Shen by several people.


One more Jiang Pan was not much.


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