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Chapter 75: She had unfollowed them before.

There are a lot of comments on the Internet about whether recordings can be used as evidence in court.

Some say yes and some say no.

The answer is very messy.

The reason why Shen Yuanye chose to record was also for extra protection.

Listening to the complete content of the dialogue, even if it cannot be used as evidence, it can be posted on Weibo so that it can be proved.

Infringement of the right of reputation is basically a lawsuit.

Zhao Qiulu’s Weibo has been reposted more than a thousand times.

She has taken screenshots before, and so many people have seen it, it is impossible to fake.


Just in case, Shen Yuanye decided to consult relevant people.

She found out only Jiang Pan in her contacts was related and knew about these kinds of things.

The dialogue between the two people was still stopped at their last conversation.

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This case was a family killing of three people.

The youngest child was only three years old and had just started kindergarten.

He was brutally murdered, and the death scene was full of blood, hard to see.


When they caught him, the man was still drinking beer and eating barbecue.(TLN:Wow, this person has no conscience.)

They brought him back to the interrogation room for three full days, but this person just refused to admit it.

Although they can hand him over to the procuratorial organization if he won’t admit it.

After all, the evidence is solid and his refutation is useless, but they still want him to plead guilty.

On the fourth day, he admitted to it.

Jiang Pan said: “Collate all the information and send it to the procuratorial organization.”

Liu Heyang nodded, and suddenly saw the phone buzzing out from underneath a file, “Captain, your cell phone just shook.”


Liu Heyang left the office.

Jiang Pan pulled out his phone.

Before the screen was unlocked, he saw the WeChat prompt on it.

Shen Yuanye’s name was very clear.

She will actually take the initiative to look for him

Jiang Pan paused, and unlocked the phone to enter.

Seeing that there was only one emoji, he frowned slightly, “Has the account been hacked”


Although he has not been closely related to Shen Yuanye’s temperament, she is not such a character, although she seems to have sent emoticons before.

He sent a message.

There was obviously someone nearby on the other side, and she quickly replied: “Officer Jiang, I have something to ask, can a voice recording be used as evidence in court”

Jiang Pan did not expect this to be the question.

He moved his fingertips slightly and said, “It depends on the situation.”

Shen Yuanye: “What situation”

Jiang Pan paused for a while before responding to her: “Under normal circumstances, the recording is obtained legally.

Without external factors such as editing, it can be submitted to the court, but it is not certain whether it will be used as effective evidence.”

The opposite party did not reply for a long time.

Jiang Pan sent it again: “As long as the other party has no evidence to the contrary and cannot prove that the recording is false, then it can be used as evidence.”

The other party gave a reply of thanks.

Recordings and sneak shots have requirements for personal privacy, so they have different judgments when they go to court.

Some can only be taken as circumstantial evidence.


Jiang Pan put down his phone, and he heard Liu Heyang talking to someone just after leaving the office: “Miss Shen has been very popular on the Internet recently.”

“I also looked at the news and felt that the video should only be half shot.


Shen’s expression was not particularly right, she looked a little angry.”

“Maybe that male model did something.”

Most of the people in the bureau are young people.

Of course, there are also some who are focused, and they don’t pay attention to Weibo and hot searches.

Liu Heyang visits hot searches almost every day, and he is naturally very clear about this matter.

Although this matter has now disappeared from hot searches, it can still be found if searched.

Although he hadn’t said more than a few words with Shen Yuanye, he still felt that she should not be that kind of person.

Ren Lulu gave him a look.

Liu Heyang watched her blinking and asked with concern: “What’s wrong with your eyes Do you have sand in your eyes Do you want me to blow it for you” 

Ren Lulu: “…”

She pretended to sort out the files, and whispered helplessly: “The captain is behind you.”

Liu Heyang immediately turned around, looked at Jiang Pan there, and smiled.

He thought that he must have heard what he had just said.

It’s not forbidden to chat in the team, but if the discussion is irrelevant to the case, it will not give others a good impression at the very least.


He asked: “Captain, do you browse Weibo”

Jiang Pan glanced at him, “What do you think”

Liu Heyang naturally said: “I don’t think so…”

His captain is incredibly cold, and he spends his mind on the case every day, or he just studies the previous files.

He doesn’t do such miscellaneous things like browsing Weibo.

Jiang Pan looked at him again, “Are you not going to do something”

Liu Heyang curled his lips, shook his head, and said, “Oh, every time the captain asks me for something, he is very gentle.

But he abandons me once he doesn’t need anything.”

The tone of him acting like a resentful woman amused a group of people outside.

It’s not that Jiang Pan doesn’t have Weibo, it’s just that it’s more often placed in the corners to accumulate dust, and he rarely looks at it.

He only looks at things related to the police.

Now the police are easy to be targeted, and frequent hot searches are common.

There are more than two hot search cases in Jianghai District.

In 2018, there have been two cases, and they have been all relatively high.

He went back to the office and read the hot searches first, but didn’t see the relevant ones.

He turned to search for Shen Yuanye’s name, and a Weibo jumped out, so he slid down, and he saw the Weibo that had been reposted more than a thousand times.

“What such people are doing in the entertainment industry is a waste of resources.”

“Distressed that the male model was pushed directly to the ground.

It looks like she used so much power.

The other party forgave her on Weibo, but she didn’t apologize.”

“I haven’t seen such a shameless model.

So much sh*t when shooting an advertisement.”

“What’s the use of looking good, her mind is so vicious, it turns out that she is a cheeky person…”

Seeing the mixed comments below, Jiang Pan couldn’t help frowning.

He went into Shen Yuanye’s Weibo and saw the latest one from a week ago.

The dishes are colorful and look delicious.

It looks good, but it’s too little.

It is said that what the models eat is strictly controlled, and Shen Yuanye is probably the same.

But this matter has nothing to do with him, and he has no right to intervene.

However, after quitting Weibo, Jiang Pan sent a WeChat message.

Jiang Pan: “You can be sentenced for spreading rumors if the reposts are over 500.”


Shen Yuanye was very happy to receive Jiang Pan’s answer.

Since the recording can be used as evidence, then she is not afraid.

When the time comes to call up the coffee shop’s monitoring, Zhao Qiulu and Li Xinyi can’t run away either.

Liu Li has already been involved in public relations a few days ago.

But the video is real, it can’t be faked.

Whatever you do these days depends on the evidence.

Netizens don’t think it’s a big deal to watch the excitement, and naturally, it won’t be of much use.

On the contrary, it will be counterproductive to press it back.

So she can only start from other aspects.

Shen Yuanye saw another message and was stunned when she saw the sentence from Jiang Pan.

She replied thank you.

She called Liu Li: “Sister Li, can you help me contact a lawyer”

“We are already in contact.

The official blog’s statement was sent out a few days ago, and there will be actions later.

Don’t worry, it’s okay.” Liu Li said.

Shen Yuanye was not worried, “That’s good.”

Liu Li added: “The lawyer will contact you this afternoon at the latest.

You can tell him what you have.

None of the reputation cases he has handled before have lost.”

“Thank you Sister Li.”

A while after five o’clock in the afternoon, the lawyer really contacted her, and Shen Yuanye asked about related matters to see how sure he was to win.

The lawyer’s name list is a whole page.

The first name is Zhao Qiulu and her Weibo name, and the rest are marketing accounts.

Although those marketing accounts have not received much attention, the lowest reposting amount has passed 500, which still easily meets the sentencing standard.

Shen Yuanye is not a goddess.

Since she has the ability to retaliate, then she will see them in court.

This lawyer has a lot of experience in reputation rights.

Only five months earlier this year, he had accepted three cases, and each case had clearly won.

He did not guarantee victory, but he analyzed the current situation for her, and then said that he thought she had a 90% chance of winning.

This answer is exactly what Shen Yuanye wanted.

She thought that the rumors on Weibo would not end until the Jianghai District court accepted the matter, but unexpectedly, someone reposted her latest Weibo.

Li Mengran appeared on Weibo again after a few months, and reposted her last Weibo “Models are also meat-eaters”: “It looks delicious, Yuanye, you have a good craftsmanship.”

Ever since Zhang Wentao and her were publicly married, the number of appearances of the two in the public has decreased.

Fans were dissatisfied at first, but then couldn’t stand it and said things under Weibo every day.

Now since they posted, they are extremely happy.

Li Mengran has been pregnant for seven months.

It was revealed by the paparazzi two days ago when she met with Zhang Wentao, who was filming, in private.

It was a hot concern.

This post was posted on Weibo, and it was immediately discovered by major marketing accounts.

Who is Shen Yuanye

Netizens followed Weibo and media reporters began to search for her related information.

Naturally, they saw the previous disengagement in her career and the repeated following and unfollowing.

Reposting the other party’s Weibo right here, it’s not that simple, right

Netizens are most interested in this kind of thing.

People who are idle have found those people who had been unfollowed by Shen Yuanye before.

And they discovered that she had reposted Shen Yuanye’s Weibo a few days ago, indicating that she believed her.

This is really a good show.

Is it self-promotion

It probably is, thinking about it this way.

An unpopular person who suddenly gets a post reposted by the empress of pop will naturally receive a lot of attention.

At first, no one paid attention to the incident of Shen Yuanye, so no one went to the Weibo of the male model who was pushed by her.

Now they click in and take a look.

The first Weibo is for forgiving Shen Yuanye’s behavior at that time.

It is a long paragraph with only one central idea, that is: Although Shen Yuanye did wrong at the time, I forgive her.

Although the words are all like that, it is awkward to look at them.

Just as everyone was guessing, some netizens discovered that Zhang Wentao reposted this Weibo reposted by Li Mengran: “Her character is better.”

This is more obvious, and the meaning is self-evident.

It must have refuted the rumors of those things before.

The relationship between Zhang Wentao, Li Mengran, and Shen Yuanye, a small model, suddenly attracted the attention of the media, and they were all looking for clues.

It was also at this time that everyone discovered that Li Mengran and Zhang Wentao had already followed Shen Yuanye.

On the contrary, Shen Yuanye unfollowed them before.

…This is embarrassing and awkward.


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