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Chapter 88: Lu Yue.

Shen Yuanye didn’t know Tan Hai, but she vaguely guessed the identities of the two people behind him.

In fact, there was no need to guess.

As soon as the middle-aged couple entered the room, their eyes were filled with tears.

Especially the well-dressed woman, whose lips trembled almost to the point of crying.

They were Lu Yuanfan’s biological parents.

Although she couldn’t distinguish between the resemblances between parent and child, she knew that only his biological parents could have this kind of emotion.

“Yuanfan…” The woman said.


Lu Yuanfan was a little stunned, and he didn’t react for a long time.

Tan Hai coughed.

He noticed Shen Yuanye on the side and thought that she was not a person who would talk nonsense.

Then he lowered his voice: “Mr.

Lu, these two are the people you are looking for.”

Lu Yuanfan came back to his senses and abruptly stood up from his chair.

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He originally wanted to tell Lu Yuanfan immediately, but the two elders refused.


They quickly came back to China without a break to meet Lu Yuanfan, just for this moment.

Tan Hai was very excited: “Mr.

Lu, the master you talked to is indeed a master; the clue about the church was actually accurate! The master’s calculation was perfect!

Hearing this, Lu Yuanfan reflexively glanced at Shen Yuanye, who was sitting opposite of him.

Tan Hai was too excited, so he didn’t see Lu Yuanfan’s eyes that had flickered over at Shen Yuanye.

He continued praising the master, again and again, thanking them for saving him a lot of effort.

Shen Yuanye felt hollow listening to him.

This kind of feeling, being praised right in front of herself, was like how it was written in Shuang Wen novels (TLN: This is a type of novel where the protagonist’s path is smooth from the beginning of the novel to the end, and the upgrade is rapid).

If she revealed her identity, Tan Hai’s eyes might have been blinded by the thunderbolt.

Fortunately, he stopped just in time.

Liao Jianfu’s mood was relatively stable: “Don’t blame Mr.


Lu Yuanfan shook his head, “I don’t blame him.

You all sit down first.

Don’t stay standing.

As soon as they sat down, the original tension seemed to disappear, leaving only a faint sadness that lingered in the heart.

Cheng Yuan was more emotional, and she still remembered the incident clearly to this day.

She and Liao Jianfu had frantically tried to find him after the incident, but they gave up because it was fruitless.

Later, because of Liao Jianfu’s work, the two moved to Russia where they never returned to that sad place.


Almost every night, Cheng Yuan dreamt of the small and young Yuanfan.

She had spent many times thinking that if she hadn’t gone out that time, Lu Yuanfan would not have been taken, and nothing would have happened.

But there was no medicine for regret in this world.

She went through those days filled with guilt and aches, and it wasn’t until she had a daughter with Liao Jianfu that she was able to let go of a bit of this emotion.

It was just that the things Lu Yuanfan had used, the clothes he wore as a child, and a few photos from that year were always kept in her box.

If… you have grown up so much, we missed your growth, Yuanfan.

You wouldn’t blame us, would you” Cheng Yuan asked, choked up.

Lu Yuanfan listened to her quietly, and even if he had no recollection of it at all, he did not interrupt her.

He shook his head, “How could I blame you”

Lu Yuanfan wondered why he hadn’t found out sooner.

Twenty years have passed.

He had developed emotions towards his adoptive parents, and there was an estrangement between him and his biological parents.

One that would be difficult to eliminate in a short time.

Twenty years of absence would certainly be difficult to make up for in a short period of time.

Cheng Yuan choked again.

Lu Yuanfan quickly comforted her.


Shen Yuanye didn’t say a word.

Seeing that Lu Yuanfan and the others were not paying attention to her, she left the box quietly.

In fact, she hadn’t thought that his biological parents would be found so quickly, but this situation was obviously very good.

Tan Hai also walked out along with her.

Now was obviously the time for them to reminisce.

It was naturally inconvenient for them, as outsiders, to listen too much, so it was better to leave.

He was quite interested in the master Lu Yuanfan spoke of.

Originally, when Lu Yuanfan mentioned that clue, he didn’t take it seriously at all and thought that Lu Yuanfan was a little superstitious.

But he didn’t expect it to be so useful.

When Tan Hai found out the identity of the Liao family, his eyes almost fell out of surprise.

He looked at the girl beside him, “Miss, are you also here for Mr.

Lu’s matter”

Shen Yuanye heard his voice and turned her head.

Only then did she realize that he regarded her as someone that did the same business as him, and she was a little helpless.

She said casually, “I’m his colleague.”

Tan Hai didn’t find it strange either.

His employer was from the entertainment industry, so his colleague must be too.

It was normal for her to be pretty.


The two parted ways outside the restaurant.


“Found them” Liu Li was surprised.

“So fast Didn’t the police say there were no clues in the news How were they found in less than a week”

Shen Yuanye briefly explained the process.

Liu Li said with emotion, “It turned out that they went abroad.

If I experienced such a thing, I would probably not stay in Beijing anymore either.

It would stir up my feelings too much.”

This kind of thing couldn’t be concealed.

It went on the hot search as soon as it was dark outside.

Since Lu Yuanfan first appeared on the hotlist, paparazzi have been following him around at all times.

Although they won’t take pictures under normal circumstances, such as being with her, it would be strange if they didn’t take pictures when Lu Yuanfan got reunited with his parents.

“Congratulations on finding your biological parents!”

“All sufferings have their reward.

The biological parents have been absent for 20 years.

They must be very sad now, but really happy to be reunited with their son.”

“I finally saw a piece of good news on Weibo.

From now on, report more of this kind of news.

Not some news about one person cheating on another person.

“I just want to know, what’s the sentence for the traffickers How many years in jail “

Human trafficking could already be regarded as a profession, but it was a profession that everyone hated.

If the traffickers were arrested, they would be sentenced.

But the sentence was not serious.

Thousands of children and women were abducted and sold every year, but the traffickers only spent about ten years in prison after being caught.

Therefore, every time such news appeared on Weibo, the remark “supporting the death penalty for human traffickers” would be mentioned in the comments.

Lu Yuanfan’s incident was the first in recent years.

The traffickers stole the child from someone else’s home and raised him well for twenty years, but it wasn’t enough to offset their criminal behavior.

Shen Yuanye just remembered that she had followed the official Weibo page of Jianghai Police Station last time.

She hurriedly clicked in and was about to unfollow when, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the latest Weibo post.

It was a new case.

There wasn’t much information about it, just a brief description.

A female body was found in a clothing store on Renmin Road, Jianghai District.

The scene was tragic, and the murderer was currently on the run.

A photo was posted below.

Shen Yuanye glanced randomly and then unfollowed.

If the people who were watching her before found out that she was following the Weibo page of the police, who knows what they would say They might even claim that she was a killer and set fire to homes.

Thinking of Lu Yuanfan, Shen Yuanye went to the Cheng house again.

After returning from there, it was already dark.

As usual, Lu Yue picked her up.

Shen Yuanye had also secretly given her a pay raise before.

The main reason was that Lu Yue didn’t talk much, and she did whatever Shen Yuanye told her to do.

She was really convenient, although she knew that Lu Yue’s identity might be unusual.

But she didn’t have any bad influence on Shen Yuanye, so she didn’t care.

The shops on the street were all lit, and the night scene looked very beautiful.

When passing by a cake shop, Shen Yuanye suddenly called out, “I want to buy a cake.”

Lu Yue stopped the car.

It seemed that only she knew that it was her birthday.

Shen Yuanye’s public birthday was the date the orphanage found her, which was six months later than her real birthday.

No one except the orphanage director knew about it.

There were many kinds of cakes in the cake shop.

She chose a small cake with many pieces of fruit.

She didn’t dare choose a larger one, because it had too many calories.

Just when Shen Yuanye was about to open the car door, a person suddenly leaped over.

“Open the door!”

There was a silvery light reflection in his hand.

Shen Yuan’s eyes were sharp, and she dodged to the side, evading his blow, with a lingering feeling in her heart.

The man pulled on the car door fiercely and was kicked aside by Lu Yue before he even got in.

Although Lu Yue looked petite, her strength was not small.

The man gasped several times on the ground and even dropped the knife aside.

She twisted his arm behind him, raised her head, and asked, “Miss Shen, did you get hurt”

Shen Yuanye shook her head, “I’m fine.”

The man struggled under Lu Yue’s hands, “Let go of me! You stinky b*tch!”

Lu Yue slapped him coldly and stunned him.

Only then did Shen Yuanye see his face.

A photo flashed in her mind, and she reacted at once.

She dialed Jiang Pan’s phone.

“Miss Shen”

“Officer Jiang, the murderer of the Renmin Road murder case, is here, at No.

196 Huining Road.” She briefly explained the situation.

Jiang Pan gave a rare “Huh,” “What”

This sound was quite pleasant.

Shen Yuanye pursed her lips, repeated, and hung up the phone.

In less than 20 minutes, they came over there quickly.

This person was indeed the person in the photo she saw on Weibo, the murderer in the Renmin Road murder case.

He didn’t expect to meet her.

When Jiang Pan touched the man’s arm when he was handcuffing him, his eyes darkened a little.

Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at Lu Yue behind Shen Yuanye.

He saw her expressionless face but didn’t say anything.

The murderer struggled, but couldn’t get free.

Liu Heyang and Li Chen took the person into the car, and the knife the murderer was carrying was naturally taken as well.

Seeing that they were entangled with the murderer, Shen Yuanye took a few steps back and leveled with Lu Yue.

She hesitated for a moment, and then asked, “Lu Yue, did you just… you know martial arts”


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