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3021 Wrong Prayer

“Please support Goddess Ye Xinxia.

She will do better than Izisha.” The tattooed young Athenian man kept offering olive branches to the people around him while giving them a soft smile.

Even if others were unwilling to accept it, he would still thank them.

Soon, several friends of the young man with tattoos also offered olive branches along with him.

They passed on these fragrant and elegant keepsakes and passed on a common idea.

Every country needed tranquility and peace, and no one wanted to suffer endlessly.

That was their message.

“Give me some.” Mo Jiaxin resolutely joined the olive branch delivery team with the young people.

“Haha Uncle, let me draw on your face!” One of the men had a paintbrush.

Without hesitation, he painted a small olive leaf on Mo Jiaxins face.

“You look energetic, unlike those lifeless old fogies.” The tattooed young man grinned.

“We cant lose to those supporters of Izisha!” the street painter waved the paintbrush excitedly.

“Hey, are you all the supporters of the olive flower” A small group approached them and saw their distinctive “tattoos”.

“Yeah, lets do it together! We need to let others see how big the olive flower supporting team is.”

“Do you want some face painting”

“I brought stickers.”

“Thats lame.

Come and draw on my chest.

Draw it next to my heart.”

Mo Jiaxin followed this group of young people and felt the enthusiasm of the Greeks.

They easily got drawn into the surrounding atmosphere, but they could still maintain their rationality and calm while expressing themselves to their hearts content.

They danced impromptu, sang together, and chanted supportive slogans.

When the wind blew, it stirred the large curtain of flowers, which was as beautiful as a brides veil.

The Hall Mother, Pamise, stood quietly in the citys election square with a smile.

It had been a long time since she saw such a lively Athens.

It was probably the charm of empowering people.

Athens was the foundation of the Parthenon Temple, so it could not be more perfect that the people of Athens were the ultimate decision makers in this election.

The two saintesses stood next to the Hall Mother.

At this point, it was useless to say anything.

All they had to do was to watch these people quietly.

“After completing your prayer, please let go of your hands and let your faith fly to God, that is, the sky of Greece!” said the Hall Mother.

People held flowers and completed their prayers one after another.

Hundreds and thousands of flowers, as holy as snow on the Alps, danced slowly in the Acropolis filled with festivities.

The petals and catkins were lingering and fragrant.

The eyes of people looking at the flowers were like an upside-down starry sky.

The rain of flowers flew toward the wishing cloud, and the brilliance of the wishing cloud shone on everyone.

At that moment, the prayers were completed, and the rain of flowers, which looked like a turning back of the clock, provided everyone with a stunning view.

Theism had always been an ethereal idea in the hearts of the world.

Everyones prayers were empty and could not be seen, but this time was different.

The people could watch their prayers take effect They could watch their beliefs being recognized and cared for as the tidbits flew toward the gods.

The future of the Parthenon Temple was up to them to decide.

It was better than an election that depended solely on wealth.

No matter who would become a goddess today, the Parthenon Temple had gotten rid of the old thinking and was already making progress.

“Lets look at the results so far.

Citizens who have not completed your prayers, please complete them as soon as possible.

The prayer will end in three minutes.

Those who have not made a prayer by that time will be deemed to have abstained,” the Hall Mother said to everyone.

The Hall Mother turned around slowly to see the results manifesting on the two statues.

On one side were the olive branches.

There would be one branch for every 10,000 prayers.

The Hall Mother looked at Ye Xinxias statue first.

She would count the number of olive branches before the peoples eyes.

But the Hall Mother, Pamise, frowned.

She looked at the wrist of Ye Xinxias statue.

There was not a single olive branch there!How could that be

Could it be that Athens was full of supporters of Izisha, and Ye Xinxia did not even have 10,000 supporters

But when the flowers flew in the sky just moments ago, the Hall Mother, Pamise, had seen a lot of olive flowers.

There were more than ten thousand of them!

The Hall Mother, Pamise ,looked at Izishas statue.

At the neck of the statue was a garland.

However, she was stunned by what she saw.

There was not a single jasmine in the garland!Are there no people who support Izisha What is going on

Hundreds and thousands of jasmine and olive flowers intertwined into the most beautiful flower rain just a moment ago, over the ancient and quiet Acropolis of Athens.

They had flown toward the wishing cloud.

Why did the two saintesses not have any flowers Was there something wrong with the magic But how could there be problems with magic Everything followed the eternal rules of magic!

“Hall Mother, is the result not out yet Why didnt the saintesses receive the support of our prayers” asked the Old Priest, Falmer.

People slowly looked away from the rain of flowers that filled the city.

They stared at the statues of the two saintesses as they, too, wanted to know the result of the election.

“Do we have more time”

“It seems that there are no branches or flowers.”

Everyone was still watching devoutly.

They thought that the Praying Magic had not worked yet, and they waited patiently.

But people familiar with the Praying Magic knew that every successful prayer would be reflected in the result immediately.

As long as there were 10,000 prayers, the holy branch and thousand-year jasmine should have been manifested on the statues.

However, nothing happened.

It did not make sense.

Ye Xinxia and Izisha looked at the Hall Mother.

The Hall Mother was also confused.

She could not figure it out at all.

‘Did I make a mistake in the prayer The Hall Mother thought back and realized that she had done everything right.

“It seems like something was wrong with the process,” said the Hall Mother, Pamise.

She smiled reassuringly at everyone, so they would not be worried.

At this time, the breeze blew up, and several olive flowers and jasmines flew to the altar.

The Hall Mother instinctively caught these flowers, lifted them to her nose and smelled them.

The action of the Hall Mother, Pamise, confused the people even more.

They did the same and smelled the flowers in their hands.

“These are not jasmines and olive flowers!” A man in the crowd shouted suddenly.

When she heard the shout, the Hall Mother realized that something was wrong with the flowers!

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