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On the high platform, Gu Xis face was extremely gloomy.

Not far in front of him, Liu Qingqing had fallen into a pool of blood and was no longer breathing.

What a pure and kind woman.

Just because of small friction in the inn at that time, she suffered a lot of humiliation and finally chose to commit suicide.

She should have a bright future…

Howver, it was too late to say anything now.

“All of you… must pay the price for this.”

Gu Xi took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled.

His voice was low and hoarse.

At first glance, he sounded like a frail old man.

Boundless anger burned in his heart, and a monstrous killing intent filled his pitch-black eyes.

These people must die here!

Sensing the killing intent from Gu Xi, the Quasi-saint stage cultivators on the opposite side subconsciously took a few steps back, but they quickly adjusted their state.

“I want to see what a mere disciple of the Medicine King Valley can do!”

“Do you think were afraid of one of you with so many people!”

Someone spoke in a stern voice, but it was as if he was trying to boost his courage.

Waves of extraordinary fluctuations surged out from these peoples bodies, and a heavy pressure instantly enveloped Gu Xis position.

On the other hand, Gu Xi did not have the slightest reaction at this moment.

Seeing this, a cold smile involuntarily surfaced on these peoples faces.

In their opinion, the pressure that they released together was enough to completely control Gu Xi on the spot, and they did not even need to make a move.

The so-called price to pay was just Gu Xis big words out of grief and indignation.

“Is that all youve got” just as they were feeling smug, Gu Xi suddenly said with a sneer.


“Hes actually able to speak under the pressure of our combined forces!”

Everyones expression changed slightly, and their faces were filled with disbelief.

“If thats all youve got, then you can all go to Hell.” Gu Xis voice rang out once again.

At this moment, he raised his head slightly, and a trace of heart-palpitating killing intent flashed across his eyes.

As soon as he finished speaking, his body trembled, and he disappeared from his original spot.

Everyone hurriedly looked around, but they still couldnt find any traces of him.

Losing an enemys trace in a battle was very fatal.

Moreover, it was a life-and-death battle.

Everyone could not help but start to panic.

“What are you afraid of! We have so many people, dont tell me we cant beat him!”

At this moment, Wang Zhan said sternly, “Besides, do you really think that he would kill you all for a mere woman”

Hearing this, everyone felt slightly at ease.

Indeed, if Gu Xi really killed all of them in front of everyone, it would undoubtedly infuriate the sects and factions behind them.

Even the Medicine King Valley could only choose to swallow their anger in the face of the combined forces of so many factions.


However, just as they let down their guard, a scream suddenly sounded.

Everyone hurriedly looked toward the source of the scream and their faces turned pale.

Not far from them, a person was kneeling on the ground with a huge hole in his chest.

That persons eyes were wide open and his face was filled with terror.

He did not even have the time to counterattack.

He only made a sound and died.

As for who did it, everyone could guess it with their toes.

“This guy actually killed someone.”

Su Lians beautiful eyes reflected everything that happened on the high platform.

She covered her mouth and cried out in surprise, “Doesnt he know how much trouble this will bring to the Medicine King Valley”

Even the Liuli Sect had to retreat when facing so many sects at the same time, not to mention that it was just a Medicine King Valley that was researching medicine refinement.

“Why are you worrying so much Its none of our Liuli Sects business anyway.” Qing Xue, who was at the side, spoke indifferently.

Although she said so, there was a hint of worry hidden deep in her eyes as she looked at the high platform.

Just as the two of them were talking, shrill screams rang out one after another on the high platform.

Every once in a while, one person would fall to the ground and die, and the way they died was all the same.

For a moment, the few people left on the high platform leaned back against each other.

Their faces were pale as they looked around, afraid that they would end up like those people who had fallen to the ground in the next second.

“Are you afraid”

An ice-cold voice suddenly sounded.

The few of them hurriedly looked over and saw that Gu Xi had appeared not far away from them at some point.

“What method did you use!” One of them forcefully suppressed his fear and roared.

“Method” Gu Xi chuckled.

Immediately, a majestic pressure slowly surged out from within his body.

“It is just absolute suppression.”

“You have actually… stepped into the Saint stage!” Wang Zhan muttered.

The last trace of blood on his face had completely disappeared at this moment.

Only now did he understand why Gu Xi had chosen to come here despite knowing that there were so many of them here.

Absolute strength was Gu Xis trump card!

Thinking of the way he had been shouting, his face became hot.

Wang Zhan began to regret, but he knew that it was too late to say anything now.

Apart from Gu Xi, all the disciples of the Medicine King Valley had died an unnatural death.

Moreover, he had wanted Gu Xis life more than once before…

Thinking of this, Wang Zhans legs went weak and he actually collapsed on the ground.

“Die.” Gu Xis voice sounded again, like a fierce ghost from the underworld.

In just a moment, the others did not even see how he attacked.

Except for Wang Zhan, the rest of them were all killed on the spot.

Before they died, the shock on their faces did not disappear.

Gu Xi slowly walked in front of Wang Zhan and stared at him coldly.

A moment later, he slowly said, “You shouldnt have captured them.”

Wang Zhan took a deep breath as if he had made some important decision.

In the next moment, he suddenly hugged Gu Xis thigh and begged, “Please dont kill me.

As long as you dont kill me, Ill give you whatever you want!”

At this moment, he had completely lost his arrogant and domineering appearance from before, but no one at the scene laughed at him.

In the face of death, most people might be like this.

In order to survive, what did dignity and face count for

“As long as you let me live, I swear in the name of the Hehuan Sect that as long as its something you want, be it Cultivation Methods, spirit skills, spirit tools, spirit stones, or women, I can give it to you.

As long as you dont kill me…”

Wang Zhan begged bitterly, his voice dripping with tears.

His conditions were indeed very tempting.

If it were anyone else, they might still have a chance to agree.

Gu Xi did not answer him.

Instead, he raised his right hand and placed it between his brows.

“If youre done, go to Hell.”


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