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Chapter 254: Challenge



In the room, Allan explained to Kalluto: “Gyo is an advance application of Nen, it works by concentrating Nen on a certain part of the body, for example the eyes, which allows you to see Nen even if it was hidden by [In}.”

Hearing this Kalluto asked curiously: “[In], What does it do”

“[In] is Zetsu’s advanced Nen Application, which can hide Nen even when it leaves the body.”

“Hide it outside the body”

“To put it simply, it hides your Nen from others.

And to see an opponents Nen, you need Gyo.”

“I didn’t expect that there is still so much I don’t know about Nen.” Kalluto said.

“I will demonstrate it now.” Allan said.

“Ok.” Kalluto nodded.

Allan activated [In] and said: “Keep you eyes open, can you see my Nen” Allan asked.

Kalluto looked closely but didn’t see anything and shook her head: “I don’t see anything.”

“Then, try attacking me with your Nen.” Allan said.

“Attacking teacher Is it really ok to do that” Kalluto felt that it was rude to attack her teacher and couldn’t agree.

Allan smiled faintly: “It’s okay, do you think that you can hurt me”

“Okay, here I come.”

Kalluto didn’t hesitate again and sent a palm strike toward Allan.

The next second, Kalluto felt that she hit a piece of armor and her strike didn’t reach Allan.

“This is…”

Although she couldn’t see Allan’s Nen, Kalluto could feel it around Allan’s body with her palm.

Allan smiled faintly: “Yes, this is [In].

I hid my Nen so you can’t see it, but it is still wrapping around my body.”

“Awesome!” Kalluto exclaimed.

“Remember, in a Nen battle, all masters would use [In], therefore, it’s necessary to learn Gyo.”

“I see.” Kalluto nodded.

“Listen well, I will give you week.

If you can’t learn Gyo by that time, then I will send you back to your family.”

“I will definitively learn it in a week.” Kalluto quickly promised as she didn’t want to go back just like that.

At this time, Gon and Killua won ten consecutive matches and were ready to fight a floor master.

Each floor from the 221st to the 250th is owned by a floor master, which means there are 30 floor master and Allan is one of them.

If Gon and Killua wanted to become Floor masters themselves, they must challenge two floor masters.

Only by defeating a floor master can they take his place.

Under Allan’s suggestion, Gon and Killua decided to challenge 29 of the floor masters, only leaving Allan.

Of course, it’s impossible for all of the Floor masters to be present in the Heaven’s Arena.

Quite a few of them were busy and had no time to accept the challenge.

Currently, there are 12 floor masters, including Allan, which leaves 11 floor masters, but only five were willing to accept the challenge.

However, Gon and Killua needed only one floor master, so each will fight one and the other three won’t take part in the matches.

However, these Floor Masters refused to just leave Gon and Killua go just like that.

They believed that since Gon and Killua dared to challenge them, they should be prepared to fight.

No matter what other said, the floor masters didn’t want to back down, which troubled Gon and Killua.

At this time, Allan just happened to be fre and said that he will take them on himself.

The floor masters heard of Allan’s name and new that he is a floor master like them and he was strong.

But they thought that no matter how good he is, he won’t be able to fight three of them at the same time.

On the day of the matches, the building was bustling as people come from everywhere to see the fights.

On the ring, Allan was already in place.

Opposite to him stood four differently dressed men, they were the 221st, 230th, 236th, and 241st floors masters.

Allan was calmed even when facing them without feeling any pressure.

At this moment, the system’s sound echoed in Allan’s head.

[Ding! Make A Choice]

[1: Defeat the three Floor Master.

Reward: Enhancement type Nen ability: Big Bang Impact.]

[2: Kill the three floor masters.

Reward: Specialist Type Nen ability: Decomposition.]

‘Big Bang Impact Isn’t that Uvogin’s ability’ Allan was slightly surprised.

Although Uvogin’s ability was strong, with Allan’s current power, it’s not helpful.

Therefore, he chose the second option as he preferred that reward.

He is very interested in the specialist’s ability.


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