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Serious (2)

"You say, shouldn't you pay the price for doing something bad, eh"


Xie Yu didn't know who he was referring to, so she could only answer, "I will go and apologize to Ning Zhen."


Lu Zhi's tone was light, " No, don't disgust her."


This was a clear humiliation.


The boys present in the room were very clear in their hearts.

Xie Yu was clearly not a good thing.

She saw that Yu Shanshan framed Ning Zhen for cheating, but she didn't say a word.

It was evident that she longed for Ning Zhen to experience bad luck.


"I'll give you a chance to be a brave person." Lu Zhi smiled, "Go help Ning Zhen clear her name."


Xie Yu was silent.

Helping Ning Zhen clear up her grievances meant confronting Yu Shanshan.


The fight between Yu Shanshan and Dong Xuewei still made her afraid.


That's not someone to be messed with.

It was going to be very troublesome to get involved.


"Don't want to" Lu Zhi's tone dropped a few degrees, and everyone could see his impatience.


Xie Yu quickly shook her head.

"Ok, I will tell what I saw.

Can I go"


Chen Dongshu put out the cigarette in his hand.

Xie Yu had already gone back.

It turned out to be Yu Shanshan, which was really surprising.


But no matter who it was, this was Brother Zhi's pot.


Poor Brother Zhi's little treasure.

Under fire from all sides.


Tsk tsk, no wonder people don't like him.

Brother Zhi was big trouble.


It was obvious that Lu Zhi was also aware of this problem.

His face was not very good.


"Chen Dongshu, you say..." He paused, "If I change for the better, will she like me"


Chen Dongshu was silent for a moment.

"Brother Zhi, are you serious"


Chen Dongshu had been friends with Lu Zhi for more than a year, and this was the first time he had seen Lu Zhi care so much about a person.

Chen Dongshu originally thought that Ning Zhen was just a momentary novelty to Lu Zhi.

Lu Zhi was like a traveler who has experienced the vicissitudes of life, indifferent to everything, and sometimes he was like a child, heartless.


The smoke in the private room dissipated.

Smoking addiction sometimes felt like something engraved into the bloodstream.

It was very difficult to endure.

But her voice was fragile.

Compared to this, his addiction was not even worth a fart.


Lu Zhi didn't answer.

He knew it himself that he couldn't be more serious.


Ning Zhen was worried about writing a review.


It was really embarrassing for a good student to write a review.

She didn't cheat, so if she had to admit her mistakes in the review and say that she would never cheat again, she would feel awkward.


Writing a review was not like writing an essay.

First, you have to explain your mistakes clearly, and then promise you won't do them again.


Having done nothing wrong, she was a bit at a loss...


After school on Tuesday, she decided to...

ask Lu Zhi for advice.


"Lu Zhi, have you written your review yet"


The pen in Lu Zhi's hand was spinning.

When he heard this, he turned his head to look at her.



He didn't take this seriously and didn't plan to write any damn review.


"But Teacher Song said that it should be handed over to her this week."


Lu Zhi lowered his eyebrows and smiled.

"Hey, Ning Zhen, don't you know how to write it"


Ning Zhen nodded, blushing a little.

"This is the first time I'll write one." She had been obedient since she was a child.

Not to mention being punished, even the teachers had never said any harsh words to her.


"Ning Zhen, I'm very good at writing reviews." He said with a smile, "I started writing in the third grade, and I'm considered a high-level scholar now."




"How about this You let me send you home and I'll help you with the review."


Ning Zhen shook her head.

"No, Teacher Song said we should write it by ourselves."


She wasn't that rigid.

The point is that she doesn't want Lu Zhi to send her home.


Lu Zhi narrowed his eyes thoughtfully.


"You reminded me that I have to write a review.

If you don't agree with the last proposal, I have another proposal.

I'll visit your house and you can help me with the review.

Hmm Choose the first option or the second"


Ning Zhen wanted to cry but had no tears.

If she had known her, she would not have asked Lu Zhi.


"Is there a third option"


He wanted to pinch her cheek.

He held back his laughter.



"The third is, you give me a kiss and write the review yourself."


"Choose the first." Ning Zhen kicked herself for being hopeful for a better option.


While Ning Zhen was packing up, Lu Zhi took a piece of notebook paper from the desk.


He wrote a sentence with a black water-based pen and sandwiched it between her pile of books.


The setting sun warmed half of the sky.

The boy's eyebrows and eyes were gentle, and his smile was light.


Translator's Note

This is the shortest chapter I've translated.

I almost felt guilty for cutting it....



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