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Seeing that Deng Xinhe was scratching his head, Qin Xi couldnt help but laugh.

“You want to buy it”

Deng Xinhe perked up and nodded like a chicken pecking grains.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Look, were already so familiar with each other.

Can you sell the calligraphy to me Give me a price.

Ill buy it!”

Actually, Qin Xi had no intention of selling the calligraphy to anyone else.

She only wanted to develop her career now, but she knew that once her career improved, trouble would follow.

The reason why she saved Deng Xinhe was firstly because of his family background.

No matter what, having a powerful backer, it would save her a lot of trouble.

Secondly, Deng Xinhe was worth befriending.

It was obvious that Deng Xinhe was important to the Deng family.

Otherwise, they wouldnt suffer such a loss just to keep him safe.

Therefore, she would do the Deng family a favor.

“Then let me guess why youre not leaving!”

Qin Xi revealed her signature harmless smile.

She tapped her chin with her fingertips and said teasingly, “Old Master Deng must have instructed you to buy this calligraphy.

Thats why you followed me like a retriever.”

Deng Xinhe said playfully, “Im a handsome young master.

How can you compare me to a retriever”

Qin Xi rolled her eyes.

“Dont flatter yourself.

Alright, lets go shopping.

Ill buy some things for my family.

When we go back, you can take the calligraphy and go back to complete your task.”

Deng Xinhe made a military salute.

“Yes, maam!”


The next morning, Xia Zhenguo, Xia Tangxin, and two burly bodyguards were waiting at the entrance of the hotel.

Qin Xi asked the hotel staff to take out all the things she had bought yesterday.

Because there were too many things, Xia Zhenguo called for another car.

Even so, the three cars were filled to the brim.

Xia Tangxin pursed her lips and teased, “Xi, youre incredible.

Are you planning to buy up the entire Luoping city”

Qin Xi was a little embarrassed.

She scratched her short hair and said, “I didnt expect it to amount to so much.

However, its all useful stuff.

Besides, its very difficult to buy them in Qinglin Town, so I bought a lot at once.”

Xia Tangxin held Qin Xis arm and said, “Its nothing.

Tell me if you need anything in the future.

Ill get someone to deliver it for you.”

Qin Xi nodded.


After bidding farewell to Xia Zhenguo, the car drove away slowly.

Qin Xi instructed the driver to take a detour to pick up Liu Dequan.

When Liu Dequan saw this scene, he was dumbfounded.

Even though he was in the car, he still felt it was unreal.

Hence, Qin Xi could only briefly explain to him what happened.

Liu Dequan was impressed beyond words.

Four hours later, in Qinglin Town.

The car slowly drove into an extremely quiet and beautiful courtyard.

The outer walls of the courtyard were covered in roses, and the fragrance of the flowers was intoxicating.

In the courtyard, an independent and unique three-story western-style building came into view.

In front of the western-style building, there were a few pear trees with lush leaves and green fruits covering the branches.

It was a pleasing sight.

Under the pear tree sat an old lady with a noble look.

The old lady looked like she was embroidering with her eyes lowered.

Only when the bodyguard reminded her did she look up at the three cars that were slowly parked in the courtyard.

Qin Xi got out of the car and met the old ladys calm gaze.

“Its you”

“Its you”


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