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“Grandma, do you know Xi”

Seeing this, Xia Tangxin asked in confusion.

“I guess so.”

The old lady looked at Qin Xi and smiled elegantly.

“Girl, we met again.

I applied the ointment you gave me last time.

Its very useful.

I wanted to buy some more from you, but I was told that you were away.”

“Besides, after eating your veggies, I feel surprisingly vigorous.

You really didnt lie to me.”

Upon hearing that from her grandmother, Xia Tang was overjoyed.

She quickly added, “Grandma, you dont know yet, right Xi saved my fathers life.

Not only did she save his life, but she also treated his illness.”

The old lady trembled with excitement and looked at Qin Xi in surprise.

“Really You cured my son”

Yesterday, Xia Zhenguo called her, telling her everything.

At that time, she was very glad that her son had the luck to accidentally meet such a skillful doctor, but she did not expect that this doctor was actually Qin Xi.

Qin Xi smiled humbly.

“If you want, I can treat your back pain another day.”

Before the old lady could say anything, Xia Tangxin jumped up in delight.

“Thats great.

My grandmas back hurts every time it rains.

No matter how much medicine she takes or how many doctors she sees, its useless.

Now that shes met Xi, shell definitely recover.”

The old lady thanked Qin Xi with a smile.

She wanted to ask her to stay for lunch, but Qin Xi and Liu Dequan insisted on leaving.

The old lady had no choice but to get someone to find a small cart to send the two of them back.

It was 10:30 in the morning.

On the way back, Qin Xi was wondering if she could meet Han Dazhu and Han Shi, who had finished selling their vegetables and were on their way back.

However, she accidentally saw a person lying quietly on a steep slope a hundred meters away.

Looking at the tall figure, Qin Xis heart skipped a beat.

She shouted in panic, “Stop the cart, stop the cart!”

Squeak ~

The brakes were slammed on.

Before the cart stopped, Qin Xi had already jumped out.

Liu Dequan and the driver were shocked.

“What exactly happened”

Liu Dequan frowned and got out of the cart to catch up with Qin Xi.

Qin Xi saw that the person lying on the ground was really Han Shi.

Moreover, his face was pale.

Her heart sank.

She grabbed the dense Yin energy emitted from his body and breathed it in.

After she finished reading the Yin energy, her eyes suddenly turned bloodshot.

She shouted at Liu Dequan, “Stop there.

Dont come over!”

Liu Dequan subconsciously stopped in his tracks, feeling a little puzzled.

At the same time, Qin Xi summoned the Chain of Darkness on her wrist.

As if it had its own consciousness, the dark chain flew out of her wrist and spun twice in the air like a naughty child.

The entire dark chain extended at a visible speed, growing larger and longer until it became a black chain the size of a whip.

Under the sunlight, the dark chain flickered with a cold light and betrayed a terrifying presence.

It was like a black dragon that had been set free, dancing and hovering in the air.

Qin Xi formed a seal with both hands and chanted an incantation.

The dark chain flew above Han Shi and enveloped him.

It hovered at a fast speed and gradually formed a vortex.

The surrounding stone was smashed by its power, turning into powder and being blown away.

Seeing that the time was right, Qin Xi made the order, “Bind!”


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