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The two of them soon arrived at the house that was burned down long ago.

It was already in ruins with weeds growing everywhere.

The house had collapsed, and a small willow tree grew out in the middle of the ruins.

The willow tree was not too big, only as thick as an adults arm.

The willow branch swayed slightly in the wind, and on it sat Tao Po who was emitting a strong resentment.

She seemed to be waiting for someone.

Her eyes were filled with hatred and resentment as she looked straight ahead.

Qin Xi stopped Liu Dequan and whispered, “Grandpa Liu, somethings wrong!”

“What Whats wrong” Liu Dequan immediately thought of something and continued angrily, “Are you saying that those bastards from the Qin family set up a trap here”

“No…” Qin Xi shook her head and pointed at the small willow tree that had emerged from ruins.

“Theres an old lady sitting on it!”

Liu Dequan was puzzled.

He subconsciously looked over and saw that the willow tree was swaying in the wind, but there was nothing on it.

When he remembered that Qin Xi had some mysterious ability, he said with a trembling voice, “Why dont… we leave”

Qin Xi smiled playfully.

“Grandpa Liu, dont you want to watch a good show”

“What good show” Liu Dequans heart started racing.

He just wanted to leave this haunted place.

How could he still be in the mood to watch a show

Qin Xi didnt say anything.

Instead, she looked up at the old woman and said with a smile, “You must be Tao Po.

Do you have any unfulfilled wishes Tell me.

Perhaps I can help you fulfill it.”

The old woman floated down from the willow tree and came to Qin Xis side.

“Girl, can you see me”

Liu Dequan suddenly felt a cold wind sweeping past him.

It was a hot day, but he felt a chill running down his spine.

“X… Xi, is she… around us”

Qin Xi said with an reassuring smile, “Grandpa Liu, dont worry.

Tao Po wont hurt us.”

She then looked at Tao Po again.

“Im the only one here who can see you.

If you have any wishes, you can tell me.

Perhaps I can help you.”

“Can you really help me”

Tao Po wanted to grab Qin Xis arm, but she realized that there was a barrier around Qin Xi, preventing her from getting close.

“I, I was burned to death by my son.

That beast, I want that beast to go to hell with me.”

When Tao Po said this, her face was extremely distorted with anger, and the Yin energy around her instantly increased multifold.

She looked like a ghost that had crawled out of hell.

The sun was scorching, but Liu Dequan shivered and felt the air around him getting colder and colder.

Qin Xi nodded.

She had no sympathy for a beast who would burn his own mother to death.

She asked, “Who is your son How old is he Where does he work Tell me more about him.”

Tao Po calmed down.

Her eyes were filled with hatred as she gritted her teeth and said, “His name is Ma Peng.

I dont know what hes doing exactly.

I cant leave this place, so I dont know where he is.

However, back then, he got a large sum of money from helping someone.

I think he must be enjoying a comfortable life with that money now.”

When Qin Xi heard that, she immediately frowned and asked, “I heard that he asked you for money to buy wine, but you didnt give it to him, so he killed you.”

Tao Po snorted.

“Not exactly.

He wanted to do something evil.

He killed me because I tried to stop him.”

Qin Xi thought for a moment and said, “How about this When I go back, Ill find him and bring him to you.

At that time, I dont care what you do to him, but you have to do me a favor!”

“What kind of favor”


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