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Han Shi kicked the door open.

The already shaky door could not withstand this kick and instantly shattered.

Everyone craned their necks, trying to take a peep inside.

Be it the women or the men, their eyes were as bright as searchlights.

However, when they saw the scene, they gasped!

Damn, this was too much.

They never knew that a rolling pin could be used like this.


“Huh Grandpa, Mom, Stone, why are you here”

Behind them, Qin Xi asked in surprise, “Whats that sound It sounds strange.

Whos singing”

When Han Shi saw Qin Xi, his eyes lit up.

He ran to her side and held her hand, pushing Liu Dequan away.


Liu Dequans face darkened and he snorted.

Everyone subconsciously turned around to look at Qin Xi and Liu Dequan.

Then they looked at the two naked bodies inside, feeling puzzled and falling into a strange silence.

Everyone was wondering who the people inside were if not Qin Xi and Liu Dequan.

“B*tch Why are you here” Zhang Cuiyun was shocked.

She suddenly had a bad feeling.

Qin Xi seemed to be annoyed by her voice.

She dug her ears and looked at Zhang Cuiyun.

“Auntie, dont tell me its my cousin singing again.

I remember that once, she and Lin Yu sang like this in the forest.

Their singing was so bad that my hair stood on end.

Dont let her sing again!”

Qin Xis words contained too much information.

Before anyone could react, an ear-piercing howl suddenly sounded!

“Ahhh… Zhen, my daughter…”

“Lan… Thats Lan.

Ahhh, my daughter…”

Shi Zhens mother and Zhang Cuiyun felt their vision turn black and almost fainted.

Actually, the two of them had already found the voices familiar, but they refused to believe it.

“Oh my god, isnt that Shi Zhen and Qin Lan”

“Its really them…”

“Theyre all women.

Why are they doing this Its too disgusting!”

“Ahhh… Dont look, dont look… Get lost, get lost…”

Zhang Cuiyun and Shi Zhens mother quickly ran in.

They wanted to close the door, but it had already been kicked to pieces by Han Shi.

They could only shout and wave their hands at the crowd.

“Get lost.

If you dont get lost, Ill kill you…” At this moment, Zhang Cuiyun and Shi Zhens mother were like old hens protecting their chicks.

“I man, Cuiyun and Shuping, didnt you just say that the people inside are Qin Xi and Doctor Liu Why did it turn out to be your daughter”

“Thats right.

Didnt you say that Qin Xi was a slut But it seems that your daughter is the actual slut.

Shes even rumored to have an affair with that old bachelor, Feng Laosan.

Now, she even sleeps with the Shi familys daughter.

Oh, what a sin.

I wonder if Lin Guosheng knows about the sexual orientation of his wife!”

Zhang Cuiyuns heart skipped a beat.

She looked at everyone fiercely and threatened, “Shut up.

If any of you dare to let a word out, youll become enemies with the Qin family.

I wont let you off.”

“You shut up.

Stop embarrassing yourself!”


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