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After leaving the office, Han Shi pulled Qin Xi to the river downstream to catch fish.

Qin Xi couldnt talk him out of it, so she went with him.

At the entrance of the village, she saw a car drive into the village and stop beside her.

The car window was lowered, revealing Xia Tangxins gentle and charming smile.

“Xi, Im here to find you!”

“Hi, Tangxin.

Why are you here” Qin Xi was a little surprised.

Xia Tangxin glared at her and got out of the car.

She was dressed in a simple white dress, making her look slender and beautiful like a lily in bloom.

“If I didnt come to look for you, you wouldve forgotten about me.

I waited for you for three days but you didnt come to find me so I had to come over to look for you.

It just so happens that I finished all the veggies.

I came to buy some more.”

She was originally an introverted girl who did not talk much in the past.

However, after meeting Qin Xi, she became more talkative.

Qin Xi touched her nose in embarrassment and smiled.

“Ive been a little busy these past few days, so…”

“So you forgot about me, right”

Xia Tangxin pouted and habitually wanted to hold her arm, but was pushed away by a pair of big hands.

She looked over in shock and noticed Han Shi, who was looking at her with hostility.

“Uh… who is this”

“Stone, dont be rude.

Shes my friend.”

Qin Xi warned gently, then looked at Xia Tangxin and introduced, “This is my husband, Han Shi.”

“This is my new friend, Xia Tangxin.

You have to get along well with her in the future.”

Xia Tangxin asked with a raised voice as if she was dumbfounded by the news, “Husband Youre married You are just my age.


Before she could finish, she met Han Shis cold and dark eyes.

Her neck seemed to be strangled, making her lose her voice abruptly.

Qin Xi raised her eyebrows and turned to look at the man beside her, only to see Han Shizheng looking displeased.

He didnt seem to like Xia Tangxin.

She chuckled and scratched Han Shis palm.

“Alright, stop being so gloomy.

I dont have any friends in this village.

Its not easy for me to make a friend.

Dont scare her away.”

Han Shis expression changed drastically from fierceness to gentleness, which dumbfounded Xia Tangxin.

“Alright, lets not block the village entrance.

Lets go play together.” Qin Xi smiled and held their hands as they walked towards the river.

As a matter of fact, Qin Xi had never really strolled around Shangwan Village.

Not to mention her, even the Host did not have the chance to walk around.

It was not that the Host did not want to come out, but the Qin family was afraid that she would embarrass the family.

Of course, the Host was also afraid of going out.

In modern terms, the host had social anxiety.

Although the Qin family always bullied her, she didnt think too much of it because she was used to that kind of life.

As long as they did not kick her out, she would do anything.

“Hey, Miss…” Seeing that Xia Tangxin was walking away, the driver, who was also the bodyguard, panicked and quickly shouted.

Xia Tangxin waved her hand.

“Uncle Yang, wait for me at Xis house.

Ill go back after hanging out for a while.”

The driver was a little worried.


“No buts.

Theres no danger here.

Dont worry!”

Looking at her bright smile, the driver stopped saying anything.

He drove into the village and asked around to find Qin Xis home.

Seeing that they were getting further and further away, Xia Tang asked, “Where are we going”

Qin Xi smiled and said mysteriously, “Youll know in a while.

Its a secret now.”

Han Shi, on the other hand, still looked displeased.


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