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The weather at the beginning of August was still hot.

The sunlight that shone on the water was sparkling and colorful.

Under the shade of the tree, the sunlight became mottled as it shone through leaves and spread out on the ground.

Smoke rose from the grill, filling the air with a fragrance.

Soon, the fish was ready.

It was obvious that Han Shi was an expert at grilling fish as it looked juicy and salivating.

Qin Xi found some sour wild vegetables on the grass beside her to remove the fishy smell.

Just as the three of them were eating with relish, Luo Xiujuan came over, panting.

Recently, Luo Xiujuan had been using the facial mask Qin Xi had made for her.

Every night, before she went to bed, she would apply a little bit of it.

The next morning, her skin would become tender and fair.

Even her wrinkles would decrease a lot.

Now, if Luo Xiujuan said that she was 27 years old, people would believe her.

“Mom Why are you here Did something happen” Qin Xi asked in surprise when she saw Luo Xiujuan running over.

Han Shi was deboning the fish for Qin Xi with all the attention he could gather.

He only took a glance at his mother and did not plan to greet her.

Xia Tangxin quickly stood up and wiped the oil off her mouth.

She greeted her politely, “Hello, Auntie!”

Although Luo Xiujuan did not know Xia Tangxin, the bodyguard who went to buy vegetables had already explained her identity.

Seeing that Xia Tangxin was gentle and decent, her eyes lit up and she praised generously, “Hello, hello.

This must be Miss Xia.

You are really beautiful!”

However, she thought to herself, “But not as beautiful as my daughter-in-law.”

Xia Tang smiled shyly.

“Thank you for your praise, Auntie.”

Qin Xi knew that Luo Xiujuan must have something important to say.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have come all the way here.

She asked again, “Mom, whats the matter”

After being reminded by Qin Xi, Luo Xiujuan immediately remembered something.

She said anxiously, “Quick, go back.

Someone from the capital wants to see you.

Hes at home now!”

“The capital”

Qin Xi was stunned.

The only person she knew from the capital was Deng Xinhe.

She thought that he must have succeeded and sent someone to inform her!


When they returned to the village, they saw a big truck parked at the entrance of the Han familys house from afar.

Many villagers were gathered around, watching.

Qin Xi walked closer and saw that the truck was filled with brand new furniture and expensive appliances.

A few people dressed like removal men were moving them into the courtyard.

The furniture was made of pure first-grade wood, yellow rosewood.

In the future, this would easily cost millions.

Although it was not worth that much now, it was not cheap either.

However, the thing was that there was no place to put so much furniture.

Qin Xi felt like it was about time to rebuild the house.

“Shes back, shes back!” Someone among the villagers shouted.

Everyone looked over and made way for Qin Xi.

At this moment, the villagers looked at Qin Xi differently.

They never expected that a little girl who had lived in a cow shed since she was born would one day become so capable.

Not only did she become Doctor Lius disciple, but she also saved a rich man in the capital.

Looking at the furniture and appliances, it was obvious that it would cost a few thousand yuan!

As soon as Qin Xi entered the house, she was stunned by the scene in front of her.

A car was parked in the most eye-catching place in the Han familys courtyard.

It was the latest Santana, costing about 100,000 yuan.

Beside it were all kinds of mens and womens clothes, shoes, branded bags, and cosmetics.

Qin Xi was suddenly lost for words.


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