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Qin Xi looked past the pile of items and at the few people under the shade of the tree.

There was Cheng Haizhong, who had come once, and a man in his thirties who looked decent.

There was also a man in a suit and leather shoes.

The last person was Xia Tangxins driver slash bodyguard.

“You must be Miss Qin.

Hello, Im Old Master Dengs trusted aide.

My name is Liang Jiaming!”

Liang Jiaming recognized her at a glance.

This was because his young master had used two words to describe Qin Xi: Baby-faced and devilish!

“Hello, Mr.


She shook hands with Liang Jiaming and said with a smile, “I have to congratulate Old Master Deng on his victories!”

Liang Jiaming was taken aback, and his tone became even more respectful.

“Miss Qin, youre indeed a master.

Im exactly here to tell you the good news.

Not only did Young Master Deng get his revenge, but he also took over most of the Qi family.

The Deng familys status in the capital has risen to another level, so Old Master and Young Master Deng sent me to inform you.”

“At first, Young Master wanted to come along, but recently, he has been busy annexing the Qi family, so he couldnt come.

Master Qin, please dont blame him.”

Qin Xi forced a smile and thought to herself, “Fortunately, he didnt come.

If he did, I would skin him alive.”

Her gaze landed on Cheng Haizhong and she greeted with a smile, “Uncle Cheng!”

Cheng Haizhong laughed heartily and said, “Miss Qin, Im here to buy vegetables again.

You wont kick me out, will you”

Qin Xi said seriously, “Of course not! I have as many veggies as you want!”

Cheng Haizhong pointed at the young man in his thirties and said, “Let me introduce you.

This is Zhao Dans husband, Zheng Zhou.

Hes here especially to thank you.”

Qin Xi immediately understood what was going on.

She smiled and shook his hand.

“Hello, Mr.


Zheng Zhou shook her hand gratefully.

His eyes were red and his voice was trembling.

“Thank you, Miss Qin.

If not for your reminder, Dan might not have been able to escape the tragedy.”

“Youre welcome.

Aunt Zhao and I were fated to meet, so naturally I should remind her,” Qin Xi said humbly.

Zheng Zhou said solemnly.

“If not for your reminder, Dan might have been involved in a series of car accidents on the highway.

I heard that no one survived the car accident.”

If not for Qin Xis reminder, Zhao Dan might be one of them.

Just thinking about it made Zhengzhou shudder.

At this moment, Han Shi suddenly interrupted.

He stared at two shaking hands and said sourly, “Let go of my wifes hand if youre done!”

Zheng Zhou reflexively let go of Qin Xis hand.

He looked a little embarrassed and apologized, “Im sorry, I-I didnt mean to.”

Han Shi snorted childishly.

Then, in front of everyone, he held Qin Xis hand and rubbed it hard.

It was as if there was something dirty on it.

The corners of everyones mouths twitched.

They wanted to laugh but didnt dare to.

At this moment, Han Dazhu interrupted, “Alright, lets talk inside.

Dont stand under the scorching sun!”

Qin Xi nodded and said to Han Shi, “Stone, go and pick a few cucumbers and carrots to entertain the guests!”

Liang Jiahui, Cheng Haizhong, Zhengzhou, the driver thought to themselves, This is the first time Ive heard of people serving guests with cucumbers and carrots!

However, seeing how serious Qin Xi was, they could only shut their mouths.


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