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“Master Qin, those things outside are a gift for you from Old Master Deng for giving him the calligraphy.

Also, this is for saving Young Master Deng and the Deng family.

Old Master Deng asked me to give it to you in person.”

Liang Jiaming took out a check from his pocket.

On it was a million yuan.

He placed it in front of her respectfully.

Cheng Haizhong, Zheng Zhou, and the others gasped.

They were considered rich people, but they had never seen a million yuan.

Not to mention Han Dazhu and Luo Xiujuan.

If not for their good health, they would have fainted from shock and excitement.

Qin Xi frowned and did not look at the check.

Instead, she said, “The calligraphy is a birthday gift from me.

Theres no need to return the favor.

As for Deng Xinhe, he has already given me the reward.

Take the things back!”

Liang Jiaming explained with a smile, “Old Master Deng knows that Master Qin is a righteous person.

He said that its a gift for you.

In the future, he might still need your help.”

Qin Xi understood that Old Master Deng was taking out a million yuan to befriend her.

At the thought of this, she did not refuse.

“If thats the case, Ill accept it.”

The smile on Liang Mingxins face became brighter.

This was because he knew that Qin Xi had agreed to become friends with the Deng family.

In the future, the Deng family would have the help of a mysterious master.

Seeing that Liang Mingxin had offered a sky-high check of 1 million yuan, Zhang Zhou immediately felt the hand that was holding the 5,000 was shaking.

Before he came, he thought that 5,000 yuan was already a lot.

However, he was caught off guard and felt like digging a hole to hide.

He thought that it was best for him to take out the 5,000 Yuan right before he left.

This way, it would be less embarrassing.

Liang Jiaming did not stay for long.

Qin Xi asked Han Shi to get some vegetables for him.

Liang Jiamings mouth twitched and he left with a pile of vegetables in his arms.

As soon as he left, the big truck also left.

The villagers wanted to go into the courtyard to ask around, but Cheng Haizhong, Zheng Zhou, Xia Tangxin, and the others had not left yet.

It was time for lunch, so they could only go home to cook.

Seeing that the time was right, Zheng Zhou took out the 5,000 yuan in embarrassment.

“Well, although its not much, this is a token of my appreciation.

Miss Qin, please take it.”

Qin Xi shook her head and said, “Since I call her Auntie Zhao, I dont treat her as an outsider.

Uncle Zheng, take the money back!”

Zheng Zhou said seriously, “That wont do.

If it werent for your reminder, Dan would definitely die in the car crash.

This is a small token of appreciation from me and Dan.

Please take it unless you think its too little.”

5,000 yuan was too little

Qin Xi shook her head.

“Its not that I think its too little, but I have a plan to tell you.”

Cheng Haizhong and Zhengzhou said in unison, “What plan”

“Its like this.

I plan to plant fruit trees on the hill.

I want Uncle Cheng to help me find out if there are any mature trees for sale.

Its best if the trees can bear fruit this year.”

Cheng Haizhong slapped his thigh.

“Oh, Miss Qin, youve asked the right person.

Two days ago, a big farmer said that he wanted to sell his plantation.

Hes also my supplier, so he mentioned it to me.

If you need it, Ill ask him.”

Qin Xi was overjoyed.

“That would be great!”


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