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“Uncle Cheng, youve tried my vegetables and know how they taste.

I believe the fruits I plant will taste equally good or even better.

After all, fruits are sweeter than vegetables by nature.”

“You happen to be in the canned food business.

I was thinking, do you want to cooperate Ill provide you with fresh fruits and you can make canned fruits with them.”

“Also, Uncle Zheng, I have a very good sales plan.

If it can be implemented, I want you to join me.”

Zheng Zhou was a little excited.

“What plan”

Qin Xi then told him about the supermarket chain that would replace the traditional market in the future.

Hearing her talk, Cheng Haizhong and Zheng Zhou became more and more confident in the plan succeeding.

At this moment, Xia Tangxin couldnt help but interrupt.

“Xi, why didnt you ask me to join you My family owns many shops scattered across the entire Zhehai Province, and the location is very good.

Do you want to consider cooperating with my family”

“Uh… who is this”

All along, Cheng Haizhong and Zheng Zhou did not pay much attention to Xia Tangxin.

It was not because she wasnt pretty enough but it was precisely because she was too pretty so they were too shy to ask.

Now was the time to ask.

Qin Xi introduced calmly, “This is Xia Tangxin, the daughter of Xia Zhenguo.”

“Xia Zhenguo”

The two of them were shocked again.

“Is he the philanthropist who donated a lot of money every year”

“Yes, thats my father.” Xia Tang nodded with a smile.

She held Qin Xis arm and said coquettishly, “I want to join too.

Xi, dont be biased.”

Before Qin Xi could say anything, Han Shi pulled Xia Tangxins hand away from Qin Xi and warned, “If you want to talk, talk.

Dont keep touching my wife.”

Everyone was speechless.

He was too jealous!

The corners of Han Dazhus mouth twitched.

He felt that he would not understand a word even if he stayed here.

He stood up and dragged Han Shi out of the room.

After Han Shi was gone, Xia Tangxin was about to hold Qin Xis arm again when she saw Han Shis handsome face appear on the window.

He stared at her intently, as if to say, “Im everywhere!”


Before she could react, Han Shi was pulled away by Han Dazhu.

She snorted and stopped holding Qin Xis arm.

Qin Xi quite enjoyed it when Han Shi was being protective of her.

She turned to look at Xia Tangxin and teased, “Dont keep snuggling me.

Im a married woman.

If my Stone sees you, hell kill you with his fierce gaze!”

Xia Tangli looked away to protest.


The three of them discussed for a while and were filled with excitement.

They wanted to implement the plan right away.

When it was time for lunch, the three of them initially wanted to stay for lunch, but after the discussion, they were in no mood to stay anymore.

They wished they could fly back immediately to prepare the plan.

Qin Xi did not ask them to stay.

After all, she urgently needed to see the owner of the plantation and see how the mature fruit trees looked.

If possible, when the hill contract was in place, she would ask the villagers to help move the trees.

She would try to begin selling when the fruits were ripe in October!

Just as the family was eating, Liu Shuan came, shouting anxiously.

“Xi, someone from town is here!”


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