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“Of course its real.

I can also make you fully recover just like a normal person.”

Qin Xi gave Wei Zhi another mind-blowing surprise, making him feel dizzy.

He was so excited that he did not know what to say.

On impulse, he said, “If… if you can cure me, I… Ill give you all the fruit trees in this plantation.

How about that”

“Thats not necessary.

If Mr.

Wei really recovers, are you not going to run this plantation anymore” Qin Xi asked.

Wei Zhi shook his head and said sadly, “No, I planned to bring my wife and children back to my hometown.

Ive been working hard all these years and havent had the chance to go home.

If not for the sudden illness, I wouldnt have realized the importance of my family.

“Actually, whats the point of earning so much money You cant bring it with you when you are dead.”

He smiled in relief.

“Of course, even if I really die one day, I wont have any regrets.”

Qin Xi nodded.


Wei is a filial person! Usually, filial people are blessed by the heavens.”

Wei Zhi said, “Thank you for your kind words!”

After walking around the plantation, Qin Xi suddenly saw a small tree that was neither blooming nor bearing fruit.

She asked, “What tree is this”

Wei Zhi shook his head.

“I dont know.

Ive searched a lot of books, but I cant find this palm-shaped leaf.”

“Besides, it never blooms or withers.

After taking root here for ten years, it still looks the same.

It doesnt grow taller or thicker, so I cant be bothered to care.

Anyway, it doesnt get in the way.”

Qin Xi had a feeling that this tree was not ordinary, because she realized that the closer she got to it, the more the True Qi in her body fluctuated.

She did not know what kind of tree this was, but she could clearly feel that this tree was closely connected with the True Qi in her body.

However, she still did not understand what was going on.

After returning to the resting area in the plantation, Wei Zhi asked impatiently, “Doctor Qin, did you just say that my illness can be cured”

“Yes, Im 80% sure that I can cure it!” Actually, she was 100% sure, but she didnt want to sound too cocky.

Wei Zhi seemed to have made up his mind and said solemnly, “As long as Doctor Qin can cure me, not only will I give you these fruit trees, but I will also sell this plantation to you at half the price.

What do you think”

This was what Qin Xi had been waiting for.

She took out the acupuncture bag and said with a smile, “Mr.

Wei, lets begin!”

Twenty minutes later.

Wei Zhi felt unprecedentedly relaxed, especially his stomach.

He felt a warm air circulating in it, and he did not feel any pain.

He was instantly so hungry that he felt like he could devour a cow.

He looked at the fruits on the table and salivated.

“Can I eat Im a little hungry!”

Qin Xi nodded and took out a piece of paper and a pen to write down a prescription.

“Of course, you can eat whatever you want, but dont eat anything spicy.

Dont drink for the time being.

Ill give you a prescription.

After taking the herbs for half a month, youll be no different from a normal person.”

Wei Zhi nodded gratefully as he munched away an apple.

“Thank you, Doctor Qin.

No, Divine Doctor Qin, I feel much better and full of energy.

Then lets sign the contract!”

Qin Xi shook her head.

“Go to the hospital for a checkup first.

There is no hurry to sign the contract!”

Wei Zhi understood what she meant.

“Alright, Ill listen to you, Divine Doctor Qin.”


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