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After settling the matter of the fruit tree, the next thing to do was to wait for news from the town mayor.

However, for three days in a row, there was no news from the city.

Not to mention Qin Xi, even the town mayor was a little anxious.

He asked Xue Ya a few times if she had submitted the document.

After receiving her guarantee, he was slightly relieved.

Qin Xi thought that the city mayor was probably too busy to deal with the paperwork, so she didnt urge.

In any case, she still had one more important thing to do, which was to complete Han Shis acupuncture treatment.

Han Shis brain was severely injured, and he was also frightened so much that his soul scattered.

So she needed to use mystic technique to gather and stabilize his soul.

That night, in the dead of the night, Qin Xi asked Han Shi to stand in the middle of the courtyard.

She took out a few talismans and summoned her ancient artifact, the Chain of Darkness.

The talisman circled around Han Shis head and ignited in the wind, forming small flames that lit up the sky like a beacon.

The black chain that emitted a powerful aura spun around Han Shi at an extremely fast speed, forming a small vortex.

However, this vortex did not bring about any wind.

Instead, it had a very powerful suction force, as if it was trying to suck something over.

Han Dazhu and Luo Xiujuan stood at the side, dumbfounded.

Although they did not know what a fantasy movie was, when they saw this scene, they felt that Qin Xi was not a human but a fairy descending to the mortal world.

Qin Xi made a hand seal and chanted an obscure incantation.

This was known as the Soul Revival Technique in mysticism.

At this moment, her face was filled with seriousness because she realized that Han Shis volatile soul had become abnormally powerful.

Moreover, there was a phantom in his soul, as if it had devoured something.


She suddenly remembered that the soul that wanted to possess Han Shis body did not seem to be that difficult to deal with.

If she was not wrong, that soul was at least a few hundred years old.

How could it be easily subdued by her Even with the combination of the Chain of Darkness and the Dark Fire, it was still impossible for her to subdue it with her first level cultivation.

Could it be…

The soul was accidentally eaten by Han Shi

If that was the case, Han Shi would not be able to digest the ability of the soul at all.

That was why Han Shi did not get better.

Qin Xi was furious when she came to this conclusion!

She retracted the Chain of Darkness.

Without the support of the True Qi, the small flames were all extinguished, turning into white smoke that dissipated.

At the same time, she released the soul sealed in the bracelet with a dark expression.

However, when she saw the soul, she was dumbfounded.

“Who are you”

Qin Xi thought to herself, the soul that she subdued was filled with Yin energy.

Why did he look like he had been purified after coming out There was no Yin energy spreading out from him at all.

Instead, there was a peaceful and holy aura.

He emitted holy light, making him look like a little lamp man!

The corners of Qin Xis mouth twitched.

Could this guy have been transformed

Qin Xi was right.

The soul had indeed been transformed.

Ever since he entered the bracelet, he had been baptized by a mysterious power every day and tortured by it.

When he saw Qin Xi, he flew to Qin Xi and hugged her leg, begging.

“Mom, Grandma, Ancestor, please dont seal me in that damn place.

In the future, Ill do whatever you want me to do.

I really cant take it anymore…”


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