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Qin Xi was puzzled.

“Whats going on Whats inside”

“Theres… theres a ghost.

Its a strange place…” At the thought of that place, the souls eyes were filled with fear.

He hugged Qin Xis thigh and refused to let go.

Logically speaking, Han Shi should not be able to see the soul just like Han Dazhu and Luo Xiujuan who did not know who Qin Xi was talking to.

However, Han Shi was different.

For some reason, he could see the soul.

Seeing that the soul was hugging his wifes thigh, he pulled it away and threw it out.

With a vigilant and warning gaze, he said, “Dont touch my wife.

If you dare to touch her again, Ill get my wife to seal you in and never let you out.”


The soul was about to resist, but when it heard this, it immediately cowered and did not even dare to breathe.

Qin Xi looked at Han Shi in surprise.

“You can see it”

Han Shi said with a puzzled look, “It keeps flickering.

How can I not see it”

The corners of Qin Xis mouth twitched.

“Thats true…”

A few days ago, when Han Shi said that he wanted to become stronger and protect her, she thought of asking the soul out to help Han Shi.

However, she was worried that the soul would covet Han Shis body again, so she did not let it out.

Now, the soul offered itself to be her servant.

It would be a waste to say no to that.

At the thought of this, she asked with a strange look in her eyes, “Whats your name”

“Im Jiu Yuan, King of Jun dynasty” Jiu Yuan answered honestly.

Qin Xi frowned.

“Why didnt I know about this dynasty”

“Uh… many dynasties arent recorded in the history books.

Besides, some of these histories distort the truth, so it cant be trusted at all!”

Qin Xi nodded in agreement and pointed at Han Shi.

“In the future, youll follow him and teach him everything you know.

Do you have a problem with that

“Im talking about everything you know.

Youre not allowed to hide anything from me or have any ill intentions.

If I find out, Ill seal you inside the bracelet and youll never come out.”

“I understand, I understand…” Jiu Yuan nodded.

As long as he wasnt thrown into that damn place, he was fine with being a servant.

Han Shi said with displeasure, “Wifey, I dont want him to teach me.”

Qin Xi raised her eyebrows.


Han Shi said, “Hes too bright.

My eyes hurt!”

The corners of Qin Xis mouth twitched.

“Dont you want to become stronger Dont you want to protect me and your family Or do you want to be like this for the rest of your life”

Han Shi pouted and agreed reluctantly.

“Alright, I agree.”

Jiu Yuan was speechless.

If not for the fact that he was threatened, he really wanted to bite him to death.

“Thats right.

Hes a king and has been wandering the human world for so long.

He must know a lot of things.

When you learn all of them, youll be able to protect me and your parents.”


Listening to their conversation, Han Dazhu and Luo Xiujuan were dumbfounded.

Luo Xiujuan mustered her courage and asked while trembling, “Xi, who are you talking to Why cant I… see anything”

Qin Xi thought for a moment and pointed at Jiu Yuan.

She introduced him simply, “Grandpa, Mom, this is the free teacher I found for Stone.

Although hes a ghost, he was a king when he was alive.

I believe Stone will learn a lot from him.”

Han Dazhu and Luo Xiujuan were speechless.

Wasnt finding a ghost to be a teacher ridiculous


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