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“Hahahaha, young girl, now you are caught lying.

You should ask around for more before trying to swindle us.

He doesnt have any siblings, hahahaha.”

“Thats right.

Old Dan, take the iron ball and sell it.”

“Young girl, quickly pack your things and go back.

You are just embarrassing yourself.”

The old friends of the old man were talking non-stop, but they did not see the shocked look on the old mans face.

Qin Xi looked at the old man with a smile.

“Not long after you were born, your brother unfortunately died.

Grandpa, am I right”

The old man opened his mouth, his lips trembling as if he wanted to say something but couldnt.

At this moment, his friends finally realized that something was wrong and looked at each other in puzzlement.

“Old Dan, dont tell me you really have a dead brother”

“Yes, could it be that this little girl really had it right”

“No way, Im from the same hometown as Old Dan.

Ive never heard about him having a brother!”

When Qin Xi saw this, she brought up another piece of shocking news.

“Grandpa, you have a grandson.”


My son isnt even married yet! How can I have a grandson”

The old man stood up excitedly and interrupted Qin Xi.

“Young girl, I admit that you were right about my brother, but youre dead wrong to say that I have a grandson!”

Another man nodded.

“Yes, Old Dans son is not married yet.

How can he have a grandson Young girl, youre really wrong this time!”


Qin Xi shook her head and her expression suddenly became serious.

“Grandpa, you do have a grandson.

However, that grandson is living on the street, begging for food.

If you dont believe me, you can go back and ask your son if he has ever made a girl pregnant.”

The old mans hand jerked uncontrollably, and he felt so tight on his chest that he grabbed it and revealed a painful expression.

“Ah, Old Dan, whats wrong with you”

“Quick, send him to the nearby clinic…”

The old mans facial muscles twitched, and cold sweat dripped down his face.

However, he said through gritted teeth, “No… need.”

Qin Xi sighed and stood up.

She said to the old mans friends who were panicking, “Everyone, please move aside.

Let me take a look!”

“You are a doctor too” a man asked suspiciously.

Qin Xi said humbly, “Kind of!”

They made way for Qin Xi who squatted down and grabbed the old mans wrist to inject her True Qi into him.

The old man was fine.

He was just a little too excited.

After receiving the True Qi, he recovered.

Seeing that color was gradually returning to the old mans face, his old friends clicked their tongues in surprise.

“Not bad.

This girl is actually quite capable!”

The old mans eyes were filled with anxiety as he asked impatiently, “Is what you said… true I really have a grandson wandering on the street Youre not lying to me, are you”

Qin Xi shook her head and said firmly, “Ive said it before.

If you dont believe me, you can ask your son.

If he says no, then you win the bet.

How about that”

Actually, when she saw from the files that the director of the Land Bureau, who was already in his forties, was still single, she found it a little unbelievable.

Under normal circumstances, he shouldve been married and established a family at such an age as was the tradition.

Therefore, she wanted to test the father of the director of the Land Bureau first.

However, she really found something unusual.


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