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“You must be tired.

Lets wash up and sleep!”

Qin Xi said this very naturally.

When she finished speaking, she realized what she had just said and her face immediately turned red.

She subconsciously looked at Han Shi and saw him looking at her with a deep and burning gaze.

At this moment, Han Shi was like a domineering CEO.

His overpowering aura assaulted Qin Xi, causing her to be flustered.

With her eyes darting around, Qin Xi said incoherently, “Um, I mean, it must be very uncomfortable to sit on the train for so long.

Itll feel better after taking a shower.”

Seeing that Han Shi was still looking at her passionately, Qin Xis heart skipped a beat.

She couldnt stand this oppressive and inexplicably ambiguous vibe.

She coughed awkwardly and turned around to walk towards the bathroom in a hurry.

She said, “Im going in to take a shower.

You can shower later.”

Unexpectedly, Han Shi suddenly said, “Wifey, I want to shower with you!”

He was answered by the sound of a door slamming.

Han Shi touched his nose and muttered in disappointment, “Were already an old couple.

Why are you still shy”

He sighed in his heart, not knowing when their relationship would take another step forward.

Just as Jiu Yuan had said, “If she doesnt give you meat, at least she has to give you something to drink.

If she doesnt give you anything, then you are nothing short of a monk.”

He didnt want this to go on forever.

Just as Han Shi was thinking of a solution, the sound of water coming from the bathroom quickly made him unable to remain calm.

His chest felt like burning.

Scenes that were inappropriate for children instantly appeared in his mind.

Immediately, he felt an itch under his nose and a warm liquid flowing down.

Han Shi subconsciously raised his hand to wipe it, only to find that there was scarlet blood on his hand.

With his eyes and mouth wide open in shock, he strode towards the bathroom and slammed the door with all his might.

He shouted in panic, “Wifey, blood, Im bleeding a lot.

Im dying.

Wifey, save me…”

In the bathroom, when Qin Xi, who was taking a shower, heard the cry for help outside the door, her face instantly turned pale.

She opened the bathroom door in a flash, her voice filled with worry and panic.

“Whats wrong Why are you…”

Before she could finish, Han Shi pounced on her and hugged her tightly.

Qin Xi staggered from the impact, but fortunately, Han Shi stabilized himself.

“Wifey, am I going to die Im bleeding.

Im bleeding a lot…”

Qin Xi was a little anxious.

“Let me see where its bleeding.”

It wasnt easy for him to trick his wife out, so how could Han Shi let go of her so easily, especially when she just came out of the shower

When he touched her soft and smooth body and smelt the alluring fragrance on her body, he wished time could stop.

Unfortunately, he had to go on pretending to be a fool.

If he gave himself away, not only would the relationship they were maintaining now be ruined, but he would also have to sleep on the floor tonight.

In fact, he could forget about going on a business trip with his wife in the future.

He quickly weighed the pros and cons in his mind.

In the end, he could only let go of Qin Xi reluctantly.

However, the scene of a snowy white naked body in front of him almost dazzled him.

The nosebleed that had just stopped gushed out like a fountain.

Qin Xi shouted in shock, “Hey, Stone, youre bleeding a lot!”

Han Shi stared at the womans fair skin in a daze.

His head went blank like it was running out of oxygen as he fell into Qin Xis arms.

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