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Han Shi fainted in Qin Xis arms.

Qin Xis heart tightened as she quickly grabbed his philtrum and injected a trace of Mystic True Qi into his body.

Seeing Han Shis eyelids were moving, Qin Xi heaved a sigh of relief and asked worriedly, “How is it Do you feel better”

When one was worried, one would be flustered.

If it were any other time, Qin Xi would have been able to tell at a glance what Han Shi was up to.

However, at this moment, she was genuinely worried.

Han Shi was lying in Qin Xis arms, his handsome face pressed against her fair skin.

Not only did he not get better, but he felt more light-headed.

His heart was about to jump out of his throat.

The evil fire inside him couldnt be quenched no matter what.

He was nervous, excited, and expectant of something.

As for what he was expecting, it was not appropriate to tell.

Han Shi slowly opened his eyes and pretended to be confused.

“Wifey, am I going to die”

Looking at the mans nosebleed and after taking his pulse, Qin Xi finally realized something.

She remembered that she had yet to put on her clothes and subconsciously looked down at her body…

Seeing that the tide was turning against her, Han Shi quickly got up and ran out.

After a while, Qin Xi gritted her teeth and her baby face instantly turned red not from embarrassment but anger.

She shouted loudly, “Stinky Stone, go and sleep on the sofa tonight!”

Han Shi dug his ears and wiped the blood from his nose while recalling the feeling on his face, his expression intoxicated.

As for sleeping on the sofa

It didnt matter.

In any case, he could still sneak back under the blanket in the middle of the night.

What was the big deal


The next morning, Qin Xi woke up in Han Shis arms.

She rubbed her sleepy eyes and felt his firm chest.

She immediately flared up at the thought of what happened last night.

She had clearly warned him last night to sleep on the sofa, but he actually climbed into bed in the middle of the night while she was sound asleep.

How despicable.

However, this was not the worst.

In her previous life, she had been hunted down for a few years and was on tenterhooks every day.

Although she felt much more at ease after being reborn, she was still constantly on guard.

Especially with the ancient martial arts cultivation, she could sense the slightest movement around her.

However, for many times, she had failed to sense Han Shis movement and was not on guard against him at all.

She didnt even know when she was sleeping in his arms.

If this was an enemy, she would already be dead.

Qin Xi was a little annoyed.

Her gaze landed on the mans handsome face.

She gritted her teeth and finally said with a snort, “Ill let you off for the time being.

If theres a next time, Ill teach you a lesson!”

With that, she flipped open the blanket and went into the bathroom to wash up.

Not long after she left, Han Shi casually turned around and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

He felt that after escaping death, his tense body could finally relax.

After breakfast, the two of them got into a taxi.

Qin Xi asked the driver, “Sir, do you know where to hire truck drivers”

The driver was familiar with the city and knew a lot about this.

He nodded repeatedly.

“I know.

Theres a bridge two streets away.

The people under the bridge are all waiting for jobs.

If you want truck drivers, go under the bridge and find them.”

Qin Xi smiled and said, “Sir, lets go to the bridge then.”


Before long, they arrived at their destination.

Standing under the bridge, they saw a row of large trucks, as well as a bunch of people playing cards together, clearly waiting for jobs.

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