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The amusement park in the 80s was even smaller than Qin Xi had imagined.

No pendulum, no jumper, no roller coaster, no spacewalk, no bumper cars…

There was only a carousel, a pirate ship, a hurricane chair, and an exaggeratedly small train!

Moreover, the Ferris wheel here was only eight to nine meters long.

It was so small that it was unbearable to look at.

Even so, the laughter and clamor in the amusement park could still be heard from afar.

Qin Xi was speechless.

Indeed, she shouldnt have any expectations for the 1980s!

Seeing that the small amusement park was filled with people, Qin Xi facepalmed.

She turned her head and wanted to say something to Han Shi, but she saw him looking around with excitement written all across his face.

Only then did Qin Xi remember that just because she had experienced the amusement park in the future didnt mean that Han Shi had.

Moreover, this amusement park that looked like a public fitness square was definitely attractive to people of this era.

Then, she smiled and said to Han Shi, “Do you want to play Which one do you want to try first”

At this moment, Han Shi seemed to have returned to his carefree and innocent five-year-old self.

In fact, in terms of personality and temperament, Han Shi was still the same Han Shi from before.

It was only because he had swallowed the memories of others that he could grow up in a short period of time.

“Yay, I want to try that!” Han Shi pointed at the pirate ship and smiled happily when he heard the screams.

Under the sunlight, his already handsome face looked even more dazzling.

For a moment, Qin Xi blushed.

At the thought that such a handsome man was hers, she felt inexplicably excited.

She took the initiative to hold Han Shis hand and squeezed into the crowd.

She threw ten yuan to the staff and said generously, “Give me two tickets!”

Not long after, Qin Xi and Han Shi got on the ship.

When the pirate ship swayed, Han Shi smiled happily like a child.

On the other hand, Qin Xi didnt look good.

This was because she had forgotten something.

She was carsick.

Although this was a pirate ship, when it swung back and forth, it gave her a similar feeling as carsickness, and she was in extreme discomfort.

Sometimes, she was really puzzled.

She had the mysterious mystic medicine technique and was also an ancient martial artist.

Why couldnt she overcome her car sickness

Just as she was complaining about having transmigrated into a bad body, she suddenly heard screams and cries not far away.

Qin Xi took advantage of the height of the pirate ship and looked over.

She saw a child stuck in the tracks of the train, surrounded by a crowd.

It seemed like the crowd wanted to lift the train up to save the child.

Qin Xis pupils were constricted.

Without thinking, she unbuckled her seatbelt and instructed Han Shi, “Ill go and save that child.

Stay here and wait for me to come back.

Dont leave.”

Then, she took out 50 yuan from her pocket.

“This is the ticket money.

Wait for me to come back.”

As she spoke, Qin Xi jumped down, causing the staff member to almost panic and faint.

Seeing Qin Xi land steadily and quickly run into the crowd, Han Shi immediately lost the mood to continue playing.

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