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Xie Min was speechless for a moment.

She knew that she had fallen into Qin Xis trap, but she couldnt refute it because what Qin Xi said was the truth.

When everyone saw this, they stopped criticizing Qin Xi, especially when Xie Min spoke up for a human trafficker.

Everyones impression of Xie Min immediately plummeted.

Xie Min also felt the change in the gazes of the people around her.

She bit her lip and retorted, “I wasnt pitying the human traffickers.

I just felt that what you did was an insult to the medical profession.

Everyone, no matter what they do, deserves to have human rights.

What you did was selfish.”

Qin Xi sneered.

“Humans indeed have human rights, but shes a beast.

Do you think Ill give human rights to a beast Youve never lost a child before, so you naturally dont know the pain, so dont stand there and talk about it.

Also, a life is at stake now.

I dont want to talk nonsense with you.

Im going to wake the little boy up and let him tell you personally where he hurts.

Do you have any objections”

Xie Min blushed and said, “No!”

Actually, she knew very well that if what Qin Xi said was true and the childs spine was injured, she would not be of any use.

After all, Western medicine required the help of complicated instruments.

If she treated the child rashly, she might very likely do a disservice.

In particular, the beautiful womans identity was obviously not simple.

It would be fine if the child was saved, but if he was not saved, wouldnt she be in trouble

Xie Min thought she might as well throw Why not throw this hot potato to Qin Xi.

At the thought of this, she didnt stop Qin Xi anymore.

Instead, she stood at the side and looked at Qin Xi quietly to see how she was going to wake the child up.

Qin Xi squatted down and took out the acupuncture bag.

When she opened it, batches of silver needles appeared.

“Looking at the acupuncture bag she carries with her, she must be a Chinese doctor.”

“Thats right, thats right.

Although Chinese medicine has declined these days, what our ancestors left behind is still better than Western medicine.”

“Indeed, Western medicine still needs instruments.

Without the instruments, they cant do anything.


Listening to these discussions, Xie Mins cheeks burned.

Just as the onlookers said, without instruments, good devices, and a clean place, Western medicine was hardly useful.

On the other hand, Chinese medicine could be done under both difficult and simple conditions.

There was no need for instruments at all.

However, most of the Chinese doctors were old and experienced.

It was not something a young girl like Qin Xi could be.

However, the truth brutally smacked Xie Min in the face, making her face burn.

After Qin Xi inserted a few needles, the child slowly woke up.

As soon as he opened his mouth, he cried out loud.

“Waa… Mom, it hurts.

My back hurts.


“Heh, his back really hurts…”

“This girl is really amazing.

She doesnt even need to take his pulse to know his condition.

It seems like she really is a Chinese doctor.”

When the beautiful woman heard her sons miserable cries, her tears fell like pearls.

She wanted to hug her son tightly, but she was afraid of injuring him again.

She was so anxious that she did not know what to do.

“What should I do”

Seeing that the child was crying miserably, Qin Xis heart softened.

She reached out and touched the pulse on the boys neck.

The little boy stopped crying and his head drooped down.

When the beautiful woman saw this, her eyelids twitched and her face instantly turned pale.

She thought that the child was dead.

Just as she was about to reach out her hand, she heard Qin Xi say, “Dont worry, Im just letting him fall asleep temporarily to prevent him from going into shock from pain.”

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