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Although the old bachelor was called the old bachelor, he was actually in his forties, much younger than Qin Guobiao.

Therefore, his body was naturally much stronger than Qin Guobiaos.

Moreover, after drinking, he was more fearless.

Qin Guobiao did not expect him to suddenly attack and was slapped hard on the face.

He felt a buzzing in his head and ears, and his face was burning with pain.

He even lost a tooth and blood instantly flowed out of the corner of his mouth.

He was almost 70 years old and had never encountered such a thing.

Qin Guobiao immediately felt angry and humiliated.

Seeing that the old bachelor was about to slap him again, Qin Guobiao was so angry that he trembled.

Then, he used his body to slam into the old bachelor.

The old bachelor did not expect him to fight back and was immediately knocked back.

Qin Guobiao took the opportunity to slap him back.

After slapping him, he still felt angry.

He raised his hand and slapped Feng Laosans face one after another.

He scolded as he slapped him, “You little bastard, how dare you hit me If I dont beat you to death today, Ill take your surname!”

The old bachelor was stunned from the slapping and could not find his bearings.

He felt dizzy and his face hurt.

However, after being beaten up, he was completely sober.

Seeing that Qin Guobiao had no intention of stopping, he roared angrily and instantly stood up to kick the old man to the ground.

This kick was not light.

The old man did not get up for a long time.

Seeing that the old bachelor was about to reach out his hand again, Qin Guobiao panicked and quickly shouted at Qin Hongtao in the corner, “Hongtao, you good-for-nothing, come and help me.

Cant you see that this beast is hitting your father”

Qin Hongtao acted as if he did not hear him and had no intention of moving.

He even thought to himself, “Ill just watch you fight.

Its best if you get beaten to death.

This way, all the money will fall into my hands.

At that time, Ill take the money and run away.”

Seeing that his son was not gonna do anything, Qin Guobiao was furious.

“Qin Hongtao, you bastard.

Why did I give birth to a good-for-nothing like you”

Qin Hongtao pursed his lips and did not care.

His eyes were fixed on the passbook in Qin Guobiaos arms, thinking that when the time was right, he would snatch it away.

However, no one noticed that Qin Xi had already left silently while the Qin family, who was lying on the ground, slowly woke up.

Hearing Qin Guobiaos scream, the few of them subconsciously curled up and trembled slightly.

At this moment, their eyes were filled with fear, as if they had experienced a terrifying nightmare.

They were timid and no longer as arrogant as before.

Even when they saw Qin Guobiao being beaten up by the old bachelor, their eyes were still darting around, afraid that they would be implicated.

Hence, Qin Guobiaos scream came from the Qin familys courtyard.

It was precisely because his scream was so miserable that it attracted many villagers.

Just like that, when Qin Guobiao was saved by the villagers, his face was swollen like a pigs head and all his teeth had fallen out.

His miserable appearance was unbearable to look at.

As for Li Guihua and the others, after Qin Xi cast the Nightmare Talisman on them, they were almost tortured to the point of mental collapse.

Actually, Qin Xi did not do anything.

She just magnified the fear they already had in mind.

Everyone had fears, and the Qin familys fear was none other than Tao Po who was still haunting the house.

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