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Chapter 246: Never Be Able to Wake Up

A grand stage had been set up in the upper houses central square.

The stage was huge, and the audience seats alone could accommodate thousands of people.

There werent many people in the upper house, but each was a powerhouse, and they were all big shots in society.

The upper houses management leaders had arrived at the tournaments venue early in the morning.

The various university department staff also gathered here, waiting for the tournament to begin.

In the center of the stage, four array mages began setting up an array, preparing for the tournament.

Around nine oclock in the morning, the new students began to arrive at the center of the square.

The audience stands were divided into sections for the participating new students to sit down.

Lu Yu followed the group and arrived at the audience, noticing everyone was waiting for the competition to start.

Everyone was nervous and tried their best to hype themselves up, as the martial arts tournament was essential to their future.

If they could get an outstanding ranking in this tournament, it would greatly help them in their future in the upper house.

The martial arts tournament was considered a performance by the new students.

In essence, it was to display their strength to everyone else.

The most important thing was that the university wanted to see the students growth rate.

They wanted to know how much each students strength could improve in the month, from admission to the upper house to this tournament.

Based on the rate of improvement, they would judge whether a student was outstanding and worthy of being nurtured.

Very quickly, the stage was set.

In the audience stands, Lu Yu and Wang Meng sat together as they looked at the center of the stage with concentration.

“Brother, Im afraid that this time wont be as simple as our last.

The competition in this tournament will be fierce.”

“Of course, the trial wasnt really representative of the upper limit of ones strength after all.

It was just to see if you were qualified to enter the place.”

“This time they would be concentrating on testing the upper limit of our strength.”

Wang Meng nodded in agreement.

“Thats right.

The test robot was quite limited and didnt even force you to show off much of your skills.

Even the other three geniuses didnt do much, yet they all destroyed the robot.”

“It seems that this time, each persons strength will be on full display to the world.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Thats why you have to perform well, Wang Meng.”

“Dont worry, brother.

I wont embarrass the club.

Besides, youre the protagonist of this event.”

“Lets observe the other three geniuses first.

I dont think theyll be weak.”

Wang Meng glanced at the three and noticed they were assigned to the front row, where they could observe every students performance.

This preferential treatment made Wang Meng a little uncomfortable.

At that moment, a female instructor wearing a tight skirt and a white top walked onto the stage.

She was the host of this tournament.

“Hello, everyone and new students.”

“The annual newcomers martial arts tournament of Clanorth Universitys upper house is about to begin.”

“In this competition, everyone will be able to enjoy the valiance of this new batch of students.

They will display their strength to their hearts content on this stage!”


After a simple opening speech, the host began to introduce the rules.

“The tournament rules are that once the participants step onto the stage, a ferocious beast will be summoned, starting from the lowest level and slowly going up.

The more ferocious beasts you kill, the higher the rank of the new beast that appears.”

“The student with the highest kill level will be in first place!”

“Alright, the tournament begins now!”

The host announced that the tournament had officially begun.

She took out a name list and called for the first student to come on stage.

“Lets welcome our student, Chang Lin, to start the tournament!”

A young man with a young face walked onto the stage.

He was nervous but took a deep breath to calm himself down.

At the same time, he clenched his fists and was ready for battle.

“The first round of the tournament begins!”

With the hosts announcement, the array in the center of the stage glowed, and a ferocious beast appeared.

It was a gray-furred wolf.

“The first beasts to appear are Shadow Blade Grey Wolves.

They have sharp blade-like claws and teeth, an innately high attack and defense, but are just a little slow.”

The host explained.

Chang Lin looked at the beast before him and was ready to fight.

He had reached his current strength after going through countless battles.

So, when he faced the gray wolf, his expression didnt change as if he were fighting a normal battle.

The strength of a first-level beast was more or less at the level of a silver-ranked cultivator.

This rank was at the peak of the lower house.

However, in the upper house, this was only the beginning.

Immediately after, the two sides clashed in a highly intense battle.

In order to prevent himself from getting injured too early, Chang Lin fought cautiously, so it was a difficult fight.

He was stronger than the gray wolf in front of him and would definitely be able to kill it.

However, he wouldnt only fight for one round and couldnt kill the gray wolf in a crushing manner when their difference in strength wasnt huge.

This was making him anxious.

If he uses his skills early, he wont be able to deal with the ferocious beasts after this; but he would be stuck in a dragged-out battle if he fought without his skills.

This was a great test of the contestants combat capabilities.

If their overall control in these battles didnt go well, it would be easy to have a situation where the first two battles go smoothly but crash after that.

Lu Yu carefully analyzed the battle on the field and began to prepare himself.

The three geniuses in the front row were also silent as they looked at the center of the stage.

They didnt expect the enemies in the first round to be this strong and started to estimate the highest level they could reach.

The first person to enter the arena fought for two rounds before being defeated.

The first round was a silver rank 8 ferocious beast.

He had a hard time and used up much of his energy.

In the second round, a silver rank 9 beast took the stage.

He had the strength of a gold rank fighter and could fight well.

However, he made a mistake and lost.

Lu Yu quickly analyzed the match.

Chang Lin focused too much on future battles and preserved his skills but neglected the enemy in front of him.

This ended up consuming a lot of his energy for no reason.

Lu Yu knew that he would instead think about eliminating the enemy before him, not the battle that would follow.

In a competition like this, the later one enters the stage, the greater the benefits.

Lu Yu looked at his number, which seemed to be after the three geniuses.

This was good for Lu Yu, as it gave him enough time to observe and think.

The host began announcing a few more contestants to take the stage.

“Everyone, the next person to come on stage is our student, Cai Hao.

Please give him a round of applause!”

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