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251 Elder Mu Awakens

Twenty minutes later, the poison in Elder Mus body was completely removed.

The vibrating silver needles gradually stopped.

Qin Xi checked his pulse and felt that there was no problem.

She gestured for the dean to take away the charcoal.

The dean nodded and took away the charcoal and the porcelain basin.

This time, everyone saw the situation clearly.

It turned out that all the poison was coming out of the belly button.

When they looked up again, the silver needles on Elder Mu returned to Qin Xis hand in the blink of an eye.

Everyone found it unbelievable.

At this moment, the dean called a nurse in and asked her to help clean the poison off Elder Mus stomach and change the bedsheets.

When everything was done, Elder Mu slowly opened his eyes.

Perhaps because he was not used to the bright light, he immediately closed them.

Seeing this, the four old leaders rushed over and asked softly, “Elder Mu, how do you feel Are you feeling better”

Mu Tianzheng was feeling better.

He was better than ever.

The bone pain in his body completely disappeared, and he felt as if he was relieved of a few hundred kilograms of weight.

Moreover, his vision was not as blurry as before.

Just now, he was dazzled by the light, so he was a little uncomfortable.

“Whats going on Who saved me”

No one knew his body better than Mu Tianzheng himself.

Not only was he poisoned a lot, but the old injuries on his body were also fatal.

“Its a young divine doctor.

Her name is…” Just as Elder Gu was about to say it, he realized that he had yet to ask for the young divine doctors name.

He turned to look at Qin Xi inquiringly.

Qin Xi replied with a smile, “My name is Qin Xi.

You can call me Xi or Qin Xi.”

Mu Tianzheng slowly got up.

The four old leaders wanted to help him up, but he refused.

Although his body was not in good condition, he was not that weak as to need someone to help him up.

He leaned against the bed, his eyes calm but filled with dignity.

When his gaze landed on Qin Xi, he was a little surprised.

Then, he smiled faintly and praised, “Little girl, youre quite good.

You have such high medical skills at such a young age.

May I know who your shifu is”

Qin Xi shook her head and said, “Im sorry, sir.

Before my shifu left, he warned me not to mention his name.

I have no choice but to comply!”

“Hahaha, its fine.”

Mu Tianzheng smiled brightly.

He suddenly stopped smiling and said to the people in the ward, “All of you, leave.

I have something to ask Miss Qin.”

Everyone looked at each other and did not think too much about it.

They thought that Elder Mu wanted to ask Qin Xi about his illness in private.

Hence, they all went out, leaving Qin Xi alone.

Mu Tianzheng pointed at the chair beside him.


Qin Xi did not stand on ceremony and sat down.

Before he could speak, Qin Xi asked, “Sir, what do you have to say I can tell that you were slightly shocked when you saw me.

Do you know me… or do you know my mother or father”

Qin Xi was actually very nervous as she threw this bunch of questions.

The reason why she said that was firstly because she couldnt read Mu Tianzhengs face, and secondly, she did see a flash of surprise in his eyes.

The former meant that either Mu Tianzhengs fate was strange or he was related to her by blood.

Through the surprise in Mu Tianzhengs eyes, she confirmed her guess.

Mu Tianzheng smiled approvingly.

“Child, youre very smart.

Youre just like Minmin.

As expected of a child of the Mu family.”

What he said made the answer.

Qin Xis heart skipped a beat.

Her calm eyes finally flickered, and her voice trembled slightly.

“Why Why did you abandoned me and threw me to the Qin family”


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