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252 Her Background Revealed

Mu Tianzheng sighed.

“Child, you misunderstood.

Your mother didnt abandon you.

Someone stole you!”

Actually, he was very excited.

He was so excited that he wanted to jump off the bed and hold the little girls hand tightly.

He did not expect that Minmins child was not dead.

Back then, Minmin went to the remote areas to help the poor kids without letting her family know.

She was well-educated and kind-hearted.

In order not to make things difficult for her family, she left a letter and left home.

Three years had passed.

They had been in contact through letters.

Later on, the Chu familys son, who was engaged to Minmin, also went to the remote area.

Later on, there was good news about the two of them getting married.

However, good times did not last long.

A year later, they received a letter, saying that the child had died prematurely.

At that time, the Mu family and the Chu family were dejected for a long time.

In the end, the two families brought the two of them back.

However, to everyones surprise, before Minmin could walk out of the pain of losing her daughter, Chu Yi, Minmins husband, actually cheated on her and divorced her.

In just five years, the two of them broke up!

Minmins heart was dead.

She hated life and committed suicide a few times.

Later on, they had no choice but to hire a fortune-teller to tell Minmin a white lie.

The fortune-teller said that only by eating vegetarian food and chanting Buddhist scriptures could the child be reincarnated into a good family.

It was this belief that kept Minmin going.

Mu Tianzheng did not hide anything from Qin Xi.

Qin Xis mood became heavy.

For some reason, she felt a piercing pain, hearing the experience of a woman who wasnt actually her mother.

Seeing the change in Qin Xis eyes, Mu Tianzheng couldnt help but say with a trembling voice, “Child, Im your grandfather, your biological grandfather!”

Qin Xi met his gaze.

His eyes, which were filled with oppression previously, were sparkling with love.

Seeing his nervousness and anticipation, Qin Xi opened her mouth and suddenly changed the topic.

“How can you be sure that Im your granddaughter If you get the wrong person, youll be happy for nothing.”

He smiled and took out a photo from his chest pocket.

“This is your mother.

Take a look!”

Qin Xi took the old black and white photo.

At first glance, Qin Xi thought that the person inside was her.

This… this was too similar, especially the baby face.

They were simply twins.

No wonder Elder Mu, who usually kept a straight face, would reveal a look of surprise the moment he saw her.

Mu Tianzheng looked at Qin Xi nostalgically.

“You and your mother look alike from the beginning to the end.

Youre simply carved from the same mold.

When I see you, I think of your mother when she was young.

However, I can tell that your personalities are different.

Your mother is gentle, kind, and dignified, while you are sharp and decisive.

Your personality is more like your fathers.”

“Can you give me this photo” Qin Xi asked tentatively.

“Of course.”

Mu Tianzheng said without hesitation, “I still have a photo of your uncle.

Do you want it”

Without waiting for Qin Xi to answer, he took out a family photo from his pocket and waved at Qin Xi.

“Child, come here.

Grandpa will introduce everyone in the Mu family to you.”

“This is your grandmother.

Your grandmother passed away a few years ago.

Its a pity that she couldnt see you.”

“This is your eldest uncle, this is your eldest aunt, and this is your eldest cousin and second cousin.

These two are both very outstanding.

They both joined the army.”

“And this is your second uncle and aunt.

However, your second aunt died in a car accident, leaving your cousin alone.”

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