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253 Traitor

Mu Tianzheng couldnt remember how long it had been since he last smiled or how long it had been since he was so relaxed.

For some reason, he felt much more relaxed when he interacted with Qin Xi.

Although Qin Xi had yet to call himGrandpa, it didnt stop him from calling hergranddaughter repeatedly.

How could Qin Xi not know the excitement and nervousness of the old man However, this family did not belong to her to begin with.

She could not bring herself to accept it.

Moreover, the Host had lived that kind of miserable life for 19 years.

She had never enjoyed the warmth that belonged to her, which made Qin Xi feel even worse.

Seeing the complicated look in her eyes, Mu Tianzheng gradually changed the topic.

“Child, how have you been all these years Do they… treat you well”

Qin Xi smiled faintly and said, “Theyre all good people.”

She then asked, “What about you Why did you become like this According to my understanding, although you have many old injuries, your bodily functions are much better than that of a normal person.

How did you fall sick”

Of course, after absorbing the black fog from Mu Tianzheng, Qin Xi already knew the real reason why the poison in his body erupted.

The reason why she asked was to see if he knew.

When Mu Tianzheng heard this question, he fell silent for a moment.

After a moment, he looked at her deeply.

“Xi, do you know something”

If she wasnt suspicious of something, she wouldnt have asked about it.

Qin Xi did not hide anything.

She nodded and said seriously, “Perhaps I didnt introduce myself clearly before.

Im a mystic doctor.

Not only do I know medicine, but I also know a little about physiognomy.

Previously, your physiognomy was balanced.

What it means is that there are two Qi condensed between your eyebrows.

One is Yin, and the other is Yang.

However, because of the harm done by the bad people, Yin and Yang are out of sync, causing one side to be damaged.”

Mu Tianzheng did not expect his granddaughter to be so capable.

He thought that she was just an amazing Chinese doctor.

Who would have thought that there would be so many surprises

However, when he understood what Qin Xi meant, his expression immediately became solemn.

“Are you saying that theres a ghost by my side”

Ghosts meant spies, traitors, and betrayers.

Just as Qin Xi had said, the eruption of his poison was too strange.

He pondered for a moment, thinking about the people around him.

These people were all old teammates who had gone through thick and thin with him.

It was difficult to find a traitor.

Seeing that he was silent, Qin Xi smiled and said, “Actually, its very simple to find out who betrayed you.”

Mu Tianzheng raised his eyebrows and asked with interest, “Oh How”

Qin Xi said seriously, “I have a kind of spice.

As long as this spice is ignited, the smell it emits will react to the poison you were poisoned with previously.

As long as someone shows this symptom, it means that it has something to do with them.

Do you want to give it a try”

The reason why she did not directly say the name of the traitor was that she was worried that Mu Tianzheng would suspect her.

Only by letting him catch the ghost himself would he be convinced.

Just as Qin Xi thought, Mu Tianzheng was indeed a little suspicious of Qin Xis identity.

Even someone who had been through thick and thin with him for decades would betray him, let alone a granddaughter he had never met.

What if Qin Xi was the second spy sent by the enemy to destroy their headquarters However, he still wanted to take a gamble!

At the thought of this, he nodded and said solemnly, “Alright!”

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