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262 Taken Away

“He treats me very well.

Were husband and wife.” She made her attitude very clear with just one sentence.

Seeing how serious she was, Mu Tianzheng did not insist.

It was not easy for him to find his granddaughter.

He did not want to worsen their relationship because of a guy he had never met.

Moreover, the people he sent were probably already there.

At the same time, in Qinglin Town.

A small truck stopped in front of a hardware shop.

Two tall and muscular men got out of the truck.

Seeing that there were customers, the Qin family immediately perked up and welcomed them warmly.

The Qin family had no choice but to go and seek refuge with Qin Hongshan, who opened a shop in town.

Although Qin Hongshan took them in, he had conditions.

As long as they could sell an amount of goods worth 20 yuan a day, he could allow them to sleep in the shop.

Of course, his real goal was actually the few thousand yuan in Qin Guobiaos pocket.

When he got the money, he would naturally chase these freeloaders out.

“Misters, what do you need We have all the goods you want, and the quality is top-notch.”

“Cut the crap.

Are you Qin Guobiaos family”

Before Qin Ling could finish, he was interrupted by a burly man who swept his gaze across everyone in the room.

Sensing that the situation was not right, Qin Lings heart skipped a beat.

He asked cautiously, “Uh… whats the matter”

The burly mans eyes narrowed as he raised his hand and slapped Qin Ling.

Before Qin Ling could react, he was sent flying.

Two teeth flew out in midair, and he fell to the ground like a sack.

It was so painful that his bones seemed to have broken.

His rapidly swelling face was filled with shock and fear.

“Why are you hitting me Help, someone is killing me.

Someone, come and help me!”

Zhang Cuiyun, who had just let out two cries, felt a pain in her stomach.

A strong leg kicked her to the corner of the wall.

It was so painful that her face turned pale and she instantly broke out in cold sweat.

She curled up like a cooked prawn.

The others did not dare to make a sound or help her up.

They could only stand rooted to the ground in fear with cold sweat breaking out all over their face.

Seeing that they had quieted down, the two burly men nodded in satisfaction and asked fiercely, “Let me ask you again.

Are you Qin Guobiaos family”

Lin Keke was so frightened that her legs trembled.

She stammered, “Yes, yes…”

“Very good.

Then come with us!”

The burly man took a step forward and said domineeringly.

When he said this, it was intended as an order.

He didnt plan to give them a chance to refuse.

It was as if if they refused, they would end up like Qin Ling and Zhang Cuiyun.

Qin Feng mustered his courage and asked, “Who are you Why should we go with you”

The burly man looked at them coldly.

“Do you want to get into the truck yourself, or do you want me to beat you up before throwing you into the truck”

Perhaps because their voices were a little loud, Qin Hongshan walked in from the back of the shop with his hands behind his back.

“Whats going on Who are you”

“It seems like your entire family doesnt understand human language.

Then dont blame us for being rude.”

As they spoke, one of them closed the door of the shop and the other quickly rushed up.

They punched them one by one and knocked out a few of them.

They did not care if they were male or female and smashed everyone they saw.

In an instant, the shop was filled with banging and wailing.

In the end, the entire family was tied up and thrown into the truck.

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