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264 Smashing the Store

“Yes, these black-hearted sellers must have injected chemicals into the fruits.

Its poisonous.

We cant buy them!”

The ear-piercing voice made Xia Tangxin and the other shop assistants at a loss.

They did not understand what was going on.

Why was someone suddenly poisoned

In a hurry, Su Fang composed herself and asked a shop assistant to call an ambulance and call the police.

She took a deep breath and stood up to calm everyone down.

“Calm down, everyone, listen to me first.”

Su Fang shouted.

Unfortunately, these people were too agitated and did not let her speak at all.

Someone even pushed her hard.

She was wearing high heels, so with this push, she fell.

Her ankle quickly swelled up, causing her to gasp in pain.

“What are you doing If theres a problem, solve it.

Why are you pushing people Security, where are the security guards”

Seeing Su Fang being pushed down, Xia Tangxin was angry and anxious.

She quickly shielded Su Fang behind her and shouted at the crowd.

More than 30 security guards surrounded Xia Tangxin, Su Fang, and the person who was foaming at the mouth.

“Im the boss of the Sweet Dew Fruit Store.

Well investigate this matter and find out if its the fruit that we sold that caused this man to become like this.

Also, those who say that theres something wrong with my fruit, step forward.

If you slander my business without evidence, Ill sue you.

Now, lets wait for the ambulance to arrive and see what the doctor will say.”

“Youre just a bunch of scammers.

How can you still have the cheek to talk back”

“Thats right.

You sold poisonous fruits to us for such a high price.

How outrageous!”

The surrounding people glared at Xia Tangxin and Su Fang and criticized them righteously, as if they were evil people.

Xia Tangxin was dizzy from the argument.

When she heard these people criticizing her, she was angry and anxious.

She shouted, “Everyone, listen to me.

If we are really at fault, we will compensate you according to the law.

If its not our fault, Ill have to ask you all to apologize.”

“Apologize Are you qualified for our apology”

“Pfft, theres something wrong with your fruit.

How can a normal fruit be so big You must have injected steroids into them.”

“I heard that if you take too much of that hormone, youll die.

Dont be fooled by her.”

“Thats right.

Dont be bewitched by her appearance.

She must be a scammer.”

“Yes, shes a scammer! We cant let them continue to run the store.

Everyone, smash it.”

“Smash all these poisonous fruits.”

Some of them picked up the apples on the shelf and threw them to the ground.

The big and round red apples were smashed into pieces.

Seeing this, the others were even more excited.

They raised the fruits and threw them to the ground.

Some of the onlookers were shocked by this scene.

They did not believe that the Sweet Dew Fruit was poisonous.

After all, they had all eaten it.

Moreover, they had also experienced the benefits.

“Stop, all of you, stop.” Xia Tangxins heart ached when she saw these people throwing her fruits like crazy.

“Yo, its so lively here!”

Suddenly, a soft and gentle voice was heard, but for some reason, it sounded terrifying.

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