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277 Tragic Car Accident

“You really handed all of this to him Dont you know that once a man has money, he will turn bad Even if he is honest now, can you guarantee that he wont run away with the money”

From Qin Xis attitude, it seemed that she really did not care about the business she started anymore.

However, Xia Tangxin was born into a rich family and knew very well what men were like.

That was why she said that.

She did not mean anything else and just said what she was thinking.

Qin Xi smiled and stirred the milk tea in her cup.

“I believe him.

He wont.”

Since Qin Xi had already said so, Xia Tangxin didnt intend to continue asking.

The two of them avoided the topic and started to talk about other things.

“By the way, November 15th is my grandmothers 60th birthday.

She has invited many guests.

You have to come.

Shes been thinking about you!”

“Of course.

Tell me what kind of gifts she likes.

I have to be well-prepared.”

“Hehe, my grandmother specially instructed me to say that as long as you come, shell already be happy.”

“Forget it, I wont ask you anymore.

Ill think of a way myself!”

Just as the two of them were chatting, there was suddenly an ear-piercing screech of tires outside the door, followed by a loud bang.

Looking in the direction of the sound, they saw a big car colliding with a bus, followed by two small cars.

There were already people standing around.

Some were helping, some were crying, and some were just watching coldly.

boxn ovel.


Xia Tangxin was facing the street, so she saw this scene clearly.

She was so frightened that her face turned pale, especially when she saw the passerby who was sent flying and covered in blood after falling heavily.

Her mind went blank.

Qin Xi was different.

Be it as a doctor or from the experience of her previous life, she was not frightened by this situation.

She quickly stood up and said to Xia Tangxin with a solemn expression, “Stay here and dont move.

Ill go and help them.”

As she spoke, she quickly ran out.

This street was not considered a bustling street.

It was precisely because of this that big trucks loaded with sand were allowed to be on this street.

The primary reason for the car accident was fatigue driving.

After the accident, the traffic police arrived shortly.

They quickly set up a cordon around the scene.

Looking at the chaotic scene, the traffic police began to rescue the injured from the cars.

Some of the cars were almost covered in sand, some were beyond saving, and some people were still crying for help.

The people on the buses were the most injured.

The buses were overloaded to begin with.

Some were trapped and could not come out, while some were sent flying out of the window by the huge impact and smashed into the wall.

In short, the scene was extremely chaotic and tragic.

Qin Xi ran over to save them, but she was stopped by the police officer.

He scolded angrily, “Hey, back away.

Its not a place to mess around.”

Qin Xi took out her doctors license and said very seriously, “Sir, this is my doctors license.

Im not here to mess around.

Im here to save people.

Lives are at stake.

Let me in.”

Seeing that she was really a doctor, the police officer did not hesitate and quickly let her in.

In this situation, having another doctor meant more lives could be saved.


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