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280 Its Dirty!

“Whats going on Didnt I tell you not to remove the needle Who did it”

Qin Xi was really annoyed by the doctors who couldnt treat the patients and even caused a mess.

Therefore, when she saw a group of doctors in white coats surrounding the patient and shaking their heads in pity, she reprimanded them mercilessly.

“Who are you Which hospital are you from Also, is this how you save people Not only are you not with the patient, but you also left so many needles on him.

Are you trying to kill him”

A doctor in a white coat jumped out and started to accuse Qin Xi.

He shamelessly pushed all the blame to Qin Xi.

“Heh, Ive never seen such a shameless doctor.”

Qin Xi exuded a terrifying aura.

She said sharply, “You didnt listen to me and pulled out the needles without permission.

Have you thought about the consequences The patients blood pressure has already stabilized, but now, his blood pressure is soaring, his heart is beating faster, his breathing is obviously blocked, and blood is coming out of his mouth.

Cant you see this with your own eyes Who is actually killing him”

“The silver needles I inserted were meant to keep him alive, but when you saw that the patient was already on the verge of death.

Instead of trying to save him, you push the blame to me.”

“What a disgrace to your white coat.”

The doctors faces turned red from the reprimand, but they couldnt say anything.

Everyone around them had already seen the truth.

They were indeed the ones who insisted on removing the needles.

Now that things had become like this, they were helpless.

They only wanted to push the blame away first.

They didnt expect Qin Xi to be so eloquent.

Although Qin Xi was angry, she still had to save the patient.

Just now, she had already checked the patient.

His legs were broken, his internal organs were dislocated, and two of his ribs were shattered.

She only needed to use the Five Elements Acupuncture Technique and apply the Mystic True Qi to close the wounds.

This was also the reason why she did not remove the needles.

boxn ovel.


She took a deep breath and injected the Mystic True Qi into the silver needles.

Her hands danced like playing the piano.

In the blink of an eye, 28 silver needles were inserted into the acupoints on the patients chest.

As the silver needles pierced into the patient, the bleeding slowly stopped.

The patients breathing gradually calmed down and his blood pressure decreased.

This miraculous scene stunned everyone.

Seeing that Qin Xi finally stopped, the people around her began to applaud.

For the entire afternoon, Qin Xis success rate reached a terrifying 100%.

It was simply a miracle.

As for Gu Qing, he had unknowingly become Qin Xis assistant.

He probably knew some Chinese medicine.

When Qin Xi was busy, Gu Qing would help her with inserting the silver needles.

This made Qin Xi look at him in a different light.

Although the two of them were only strangers, during the treatment process, the two of them had a tacit understanding, as if they had been partners for many years.

In this car accident, other than the people who died on the spot, everyone was saved.

Most of the credit obviously went to Qin Xi.

When everything was over, Gu Qing took out a clean white handkerchief and handed it to Qin Xi.

With a faint smile, he asked, “I havent asked your name yet.”

“Qin Xi.” Qin Xi took the handkerchief and wiped her face.

Looking at the blood and sweat on the clean handkerchief, Qin Xi smiled awkwardly.

“Its dirty!”

A faint smile flashed across Gu Qings eyes.

“Since its dirty, keep it.”

Qin Xi thought about it and agreed.

She would throw it away later.

Anyway, she didnt need it.

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