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The bald was so agitated that he could not help but let out a long fart.

This time, the sound was even louder and longer than before.

Moreover, it was smelly, forcing the crowd to retreat further back.

The bald man blushed and covered his butt, wishing he could find a hole to hide in.

He pointed at Qin Xi and cursed fiercely, “You little bit*h, how dare you fool me Ill skin you alive!”

Before he could finish, another fart exploded.

Do you remember the firecrackers that were set off during the Spring Festival The farts were about the same as those firecrackers in terms of volume and intensity.


Even Han Shi couldnt help but mutter, “Its so loud!”

At this moment, someone shouted, “Look, on his pants… Huh, its too disgusting!”

Everyone looked at the bald mans pants and saw that his underwear was soaked in a large pool of brown liquid.

Moreover, the liquid flowed down his thigh to his heel.

In this hot summer, the stench instantly permeated the surrounding area.

The bald mans face turned completely red.

He couldnt stand the mocking gazes anymore.

He glared at Qin Xi and the other two before running back to the shop, closing the door and locking it.


Seeing that there was nothing to see, everyone dispersed.

Although Han Dazhu was delighted, he was still worried.

“Xi, do you think he will take revenge on us”

Just now, the bald man had also said that he had an acquaintance at the police station.

How could they, country bumpkins, deal with the police

“Grandpa, dont worry.

He wont be cocky for long.”

Qin Xi was not afraid, but she made up her mind to build her own force.

Otherwise, if a small police station in the countryside could make them on tenterhooks, what was the use of inheriting this powerful ability

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Besides, she didnt want to live in fear anymore like in her previous life.

“What do you mean” Han Dazhu asked in confusion.

“I just read his face.

Hes going to jail and wont be able to get out for at least three to five years.

Besides, after looking at these bicycles carefully, I dont think they are brand new.

They look more like second-hand goods, so I guess those bicycles must be stolen.”

Qin Xi told him what she had observed.

Then, she smiled and said, “Grandpa, actually, theres no need for us to buy a new one.

Lets go to the market to see if there are any second-hand ones.

Tricycles are not like cars.

Besides, if we really buy a new one, the villagers will definitely gossip.”

Han Dazhu nodded and felt that what Qin Xi said made sense.

“Alright, Ill listen to you.”

The three of them pushed the bicycle back to the market.

It was past nine in the morning, the time when it was most crowded.

Qin Xi and Han Shi were holding hands tightly, and Han Dazhu was pushing the bicycle behind them.

Just as Qin Xi was standing on the cloth stall and looking through the fabric, she suddenly heard a woman scream from behind.

“Catch the thief!”

Han Shi, who was grabbing the corner of Qin Xis clothes, suddenly ran off.

Qin Xi was stunned for a moment before turning pale with fright.

She explained to Han Dazhu before turning around to run after Han Shi.

There were so many people in the market that it was almost packed.

The thief used this to cause trouble for Han Shi.

As he ran, he pushed people, causing the crowd to complain.

Han Shi dodged nimbly and chased after him.

Seeing that he was unwilling to give up, the thief turned right and hid in the corner.

He panted heavily and took out a dagger from his pocket.


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