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When a person fell, they would subconsciously grab the nearest object to keep balance, and Qin Lan was no exception.

When Qin Lan bumped into the drunk old bachelor, she knocked him over and the two of them fell.

Qin Lan instinctively reached out to grab the old bachelors pants.

There was a tearing sound…


All of a sudden, the old bachelor felt cold in his lower body.

During summer, the clothes people wore were very thin.

The old bachelor was only wearing a pair of flowery pants.

Moreover, in order to feel more comfortable, he was wearing nothing underneath his pants.

With a pull, the pants slipped down to the old bachelors ankle.

However, this was not the most dramatic scene.

What was more dramatic was that Qin Lan fell on the old bachelors body.

Her pink dress was lifted, revealing a large portion of her skin.

Moreover, her bright underwear was exposed to the air.


Qin Lans shrill scream suddenly tore through the sky, instantly causing all the dogs to bark in the village.

Her shout made the drunk old bachelor sober.

He looked up and saw a beautiful girl lying on top of him!

The old bachelor thought that he was dreaming.

He put a hand on the back of her head and pressed it down to kiss her.

At this moment, Qin Lan was shouting with her eyes closed.

As her head was pressed down, she felt something soft entering her mouth and was overwhelmed with a disgusting foul smell.

Qin Xi covered her eyes.

She was still too young to see something so erotic.

She quickly turned around and saw Han Shi staring at the scene curiously.

Qin Xi quickly stood on tiptoe to cover his eyes.

She pulled him home and said in a huff, “You are not allowed to learn that.”

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Han Shi asked in confusion, “Wifey, what are they doing Are they fighting”

Qin Xi nodded and said seriously, “Yes, they are fighting.

Didnt you hear her miserable scream”

Han Shi nodded and muttered, “Then she must be in a lot of pain! Dont worry, I wont fight with you!”

Qin Xi staggered and scolded coldly, “Shut up!”

Han Shi pouted and muttered softly, “Wifey, youre so scary!”

“I can be even scarier.

Do you wanna see” Qin Xi gave him a warning look.

“No…” Han Shi said timidly.


They already left the scene while Qin Lan, on the other hand, was still struggling.

Without thinking, she raised her foot and stepped on the old bachelors lower body twice.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah”

Another heart-wrenching scream echoed through the village, but this time it came from the old bachelor.

The villagers nearby stuck their heads out and gasped when they saw this scene.

They subsciously squeezed their thighs.

As expected, what happened between Qin Lan and the old bachelor spread like wildfire and was made into many versions.

Some people said Qin Lan was too thirsty for a man and had a fling with the old bachelor, but the old bachelor was too quick, so she was pissed off and kicked him in the crucial part.

Some people said Lin Guosheng was useless.

He could not satisfy Qin Lan, who was insatiable, so she had no choice but to be fulfilled elsewhere.

While others said Qin Lan and the old bachelor were actually a true love, but Qin Lan was vain and chose Lin Guoshenn over the old bachelor.

Qin Xi was speechless.

It turned out that in an era where the Internet was non-existent, people were still that gossipy.


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