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In the morning, Luo Xiujuan cooked as usual.

Qin Xi and Han Dazhu were in charge of picking vegetables.

As for Han Shi, he needed to recover from the first acupuncture session last night.

It would take time for the swelling and bruises to wear off.

Moreover, Qin Xi had also opened up his nerves and vessels.

His bodily functions were gradually strengthened.

He probably wouldnt be able to wake up until noon.

After breakfast, Qin Xi and Han Dazhu rode their tricycle to Qinglin Town.

Although it was not a market today, there was a morning market here every day.

The two of them found a place and set up a stall.

“Yo, why are your vegetables so big”

“Yeah, look at those tomatoes.

Theyre almost as big as small watermelons.”

“Are they even edible”

“These vegetables are obviously freshly picked.

I wonder how they are grown.

Why are they so big”

When passers-by saw the fresh and gigantic vegetables on the baskets, they exclaimed in shock and immediately attracted everyones attention.

An auntie picked up a carrot as thick as a childs arm and weighed it in her hand.

It weighed at least a catty.

She asked in shock, “Young lady, this carrot looks quite fresh.

How much is it”

Qin Xi raised five fingers with an innocuous smile.

“50 cents a catty.”

Hearing the price, everyone gasped.

Even Han Dazhu almost choked on his saliva.

“What Young lady, are you crazy What carrot is worth 50 cents Do you think your carrot is inlaid with gold”

“Thats right.

The vegetable stall next to yours is only selling carrots for 3 cents.

How can you ask for 50 cents Even pork isnt as expensive as your carrot!”

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“Young girl, look at how much youre asking for.

Cant you tell the difference between 50 cents and 5 cents”

“I think she has probably never been to school and cant tell the difference between 50 cents and 5 cents.”

Qin Xi was not angry at being ridiculed by the crowd.

Instead, she took out a small knife and quickly peeled the carrot.

Her peeling skill was very good.

With a few strokes, the carrot was peeled off nicely, and thin pieces of carrot were cut and placed on a plate that had been prepared long ago.

There were also small toothpicks stuck on each of them.

She handed the plate to everyone, asking them to give it a try.

With a grin, she said, “Come, uncles and aunties, try my carrot.

If, after tasting it, you still think that my carrot is too expensive, I have nothing to say.”

Everyone looked at each other and put a piece of carrot into their mouths.

The carrot was sweet and juicy.

When they took a bite, they were too shocked to say a word.

Was this really a carrot

Why did it taste better than fruit

Seeing that everyone was stunned, Qin Xi continued with a smile, “As everyone knows, carrots are good for health.

Not only is it good for the spleen, but it is also good for the stomach.

It can help you lose weight and digest better.”

Moreover, carotene was very beneficial to the human body.

It could improve ones immune system and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

To women, it was good for beauty and anti-aging.

It was also good for eyesight.

“Everyone, I believe those who have tasted my carrots know whether they are worth 50 cents or not.”

“This auntie, you dont look good.

Do you always feel tired during the day and have constipation for a long time” Qin Xi asked.

“How do you know” The auntie asked incredulously.

“I can tell from your face.

How about this Eat this carrot.

I guarantee that your constipation will go away.”


Qin Xi handed half of the unpeeled carrot to the auntie and said firmly.


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