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Although the auntie was skeptical of Qin Xis words, she had tasted it for herself how delicious the carrots were.

She had been losing her appetite for the past few days and whatever that went into her stomach wouldnt go out.

Her stomach felt like it was about to explode.

However, when she took a bite of the carrot, she did not feel uncomfortable.

The auntie picked up the half carrot and started eating.

The people around her looked at her, drooling.

When the auntie was halfway through eating the carrot, her stomach suddenly reacted.

Her expression changed drastically as she quickly held her stomach and turned to run.

However, after taking two steps, she turned around and shouted at Qin Xi, “Young girl, leave some for me.

I-Ill buy them when I come back…”

With that, she held her stomach and ran home.

Fortunately, her house was nearby and she could reach it in a few steps.

Otherwise, she would have to wash her pants today.


“This is too unbelievable.”

Seeing that they still did not believe her, Qin Xi took out another cucumber.

This cucumber was thick and long.

Qin Xi cut the cucumber and placed it on the plate.

The fragrance of the cucumber spread out, making the onlookers salivate.

“Old Madam, do you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar”

This time, Qin Xi stared at an old lady who was dressed decently and looked elegant.

The old lady did not answer Qin Xi.

Instead, she changed the topic.

“Are you a doctor”

Qin Xi revealed her signature smile, looking especially likable.

“Old Madam, youre really amazing.

You can even tell that.” She flattered the old lady without batting an eyelid.

“Ive been learning from my shifu for a while.”

The old lady smiled lovingly.

“Tell me, how should I treat my illness”

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Qin Xi handed the cucumber to her and said, “Old Madam, you should know the nutritional value of the cucumber, right If you eat my cucumber, I guarantee that in less than three days, all the symptoms will go away.

Do you want to give it a try”

“What if they dont go away in three days”

The old lady seemed a little hostile, but Qin Xi could see that she was tempted.

Qin Xi said without hesitation, “If they dont go away, Ill treat your diabetes.

How about that Of course, I will also pay you back double the money you spent.”

The old lady was calm.

Although she did not believe that Qin Xi could cure her diabetes, she liked Qin Xis straightforwardness.

She instructed a middle-aged woman behind her, “Get two people to buy half of the girls vegetables.”

“Old Madam…” The middle-aged woman frowned and wanted to stop her.

The old lady still looked kind and amiable, but her tone was slightly colder.

“Why Do I need your permission to buy groceries now”

The middle-aged woman was so frightened that her face turned pale and her legs trembled.

“No, Im sorry, Old Madam, I shouldnt have overstepped my boundaries!”

The old lady only glanced at her indifferently before turning to look at Qin Xi.

She said with smiles, “Young lady, I bought half of your vegetables.

Arent you going to give me something as a thank you gift”

Qin Xi said after thinking for a second, “Old Madam, wait a second!”

As she spoke, she returned to the tricycle and opened the cloth bag hanging on it.

She took out three pieces of homemade poultice and handed them to the old lady.

“This is a poultice for treating bone pain and rheumatism, as well as helping with blood circulation.

If Im not wrong, you have back pain, right”

The old ladys smile widened.

She took the three paultices and said meaningfully, “Young girl, to be honest, I dont believe that youve only learned medicine for a while.”

After saying this, the old lady turned around and left without waiting for Qin Xi to reply.


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