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After the old lady and the middle-aged woman left, two burly bodyguards in black appeared in front of Qin Xi.

Qin Xi immediately took out a sack and Han Dazhu helped her fill it with vegetables.

One of the bodyguards took out a hundred Yuan bill and handed it to her.

Qin Xi took it with a smile.

The bodyguards carried the sack of vegetables and left.

Everyone was stunned.

They had never seen anyone buy vegetables in such bulk.

This time, they didnt hesitate anymore.

Especially those who had tasted the carrots and cucumbers, they immediately started fighting over them.

“I want carrots.

Give me three catties!”

“I want potatoes, I want two potatoes! And cucumbers, give me two cucumbers!”

“I want tomatoes… and broccoli.”

“I want cabbage.”

“Line up, please.

Dont rush, dont push each other, and be careful not to fall…” Seeing that people were crazy over her vegetables, Qin Xi reminded with concern.

She weighed the vegetables and counted the money while Han Dazhu was busy packing the vegetables.

The two of them cooperated seamlessly.

The fact that Qin Xi managed to sell pretty much all her vegetables not long after she arrived made the nearby vegetable sellers green with jealousy.

When the auntie who ran back to defecate returned in a happy mood, she was stunned to see the empty stall.

She asked with concern, “Whats wrong, young lady Did someone rob your stall”

Qin Xi chuckled and took out three rabbits from the tricycle.

She said jokingly, “It was indeed robbed.

Here, this is for you.

Its 4.7 yuan in total.

Just give me 4.5 yuan.”

“Thank you, thank you.

By the way, are you coming tomorrow” The auntie took out five yuan and asked.

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Qin Xi found 50 cents and handed it to the auntie.

She smiled and said firmly, “Of course Im coming.

I believe that those who have eaten my vegetables today will come again!”

“Thats good.

Ill come early tomorrow to take up space.” The auntie left with a smile.

Qin Xi and Han Dazhu tidied up the stall and left on their tricycle.

After they left, the vegetable sellers nearby looked at each other with scheming eyes.


As soon as they arrived at the entrance of Shangwan Village, they saw Wang Qiang, the seven-year-old son of Uncle Wang next door, running over while panting.

He shouted anxiously, “Grandpa Han, Sister Xi, something happened.

Hurry back and take a look!”

Qin Xi and Han Dazhus expressions changed drastically.

“Qiang, what happened”

“Xi, Sister Xis mother and her family are here to cause trouble.

They, they are unreasonable and hit Brother Stone.

Go back and take a look! Brother Stones head is bleeding!” Wang Qiang held his knees with both hands and panted heavily.

“What How dare they hit my grandson Ill kill them.” Han Dazhu was furious and sped up pedaling the tricycle.

Qin Xis face darkened and her heart tightened.

Last night, she had just given Han Shi acupuncture and was sure that he would be able to become normal within a month.

She did not expect him to be hit in the head again today.

If the situation worsened, Qin Xi swore that she would make these people suffer.

Feeling that the tricycle was too slow, Qin Xi jumped off and shouted to Han Dazhu, “Grandpa, Ill go back first.

Be careful.

Dont hurry.”

With that, she was already more than ten meters away.

At the Han family.

“Li Guihua, dont go too far.

Back then, you were the one who wanted to cut ties with Xi.

Today, you want to go back on your words.

Do you have any respect for the village chief” Luo Xiujuan was so angry that her face was livid and her body trembled excitedly.

Zhang Cuiyun said with a smile, “Luo Xiujuan, how can you say that Xi is part of my family.

How can the ties be cut so easily”


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