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“Little b*tch, why are you here”

Zhang Cuiyun and Lin Keke helped the limping Qin Ling into the courtyard and saw Qin Xi and Han Shi sitting under the shade of a tree, drinking mung bean soup with Liu Dequan.

Qin Xi narrowed her eyes.

“Who called little b*tch”

Zhang Cuiyun and Lin Keke said at the same time, “You.”

Qin Xi nodded with a smile.

“Not bad, not bad.

Its a good thing that you know I called you little b*tch.”


Just as the two of them were about to burst out cursing, Liu Dequan snorted coldly and said with a dark expression, “Are the two of you here to play the boss”

Zhang Cuiyun and Lin Keke quickly smiled apologetically.

“Doctor Liu, Im sorry.

Were here to ask you for help.

Please take a look at my son.

His head is swollen.

Do you think he needs stitches or some poultice Also, his leg is so painful that he cant even walk on his own.

Is it broken”

As she spoke, Zhang Cuiyun glared at Qin Xi.

If not for Qin Xi, her son would not have suffered so much.

Actually, they meant to come straight here to see Doctor Liu when they came out of the Han family.

However, Gao Laosan, the old bachelor Qin Lan had knocked over, brought a large group of people to the Qin family to cause trouble.

Therefore, only after dealing with Gao laosan did they have time to bring Qin Ling over.

“Come here, let me take a look!” Liu Dequan said in a low voice.

Qin Ling limped over with a pale face.

The leg, which had been kicked by Qin Xi, was painful every time it landed on the ground.

He looked extremely miserable.

Liu Dequan brushed away Qin Lings bangs to look at the bump on his forehead carefully.

He then checked his leg and took his pulse.

After checking everything, he pondered for a moment and said, “The bump on the head is very serious.

It has to be treated with acupuncture! As for the leg, its just a slight fracture.

Not serious at all.”

“What No, Doctor Liu, my husbands head is just swollen.

I think his leg is injured the most,” Lin Keke asked with concern.

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“Do I have to lie to you”

Liu Dequan was displeased.

“He looks like hes fine now, but do you know what kind of trauma he will suffer inside his head Besides, this is his head, not anywhere else.

Do I have to joke with you about this”

Lin Keke hurriedly apologized, “I-Im sorry, Doctor Liu.

I said something wrong.

Dont be angry!”

In a village, there were three kinds of people one should avoid offending at all costs.

The first was the village chief, the second was the doctor, and the third was the cripple and the bachelor!

The first two represented authority, while the second two were like plaster.

It was very difficult to shake them off.

Therefore, even though the Qin family was an unreasonable bunch, they did not dare to act rashly in front of Liu Dequan.

Zhang Cuiyun held her palms together and said with an ingratiating smile, “Doctor Liu, how much do you think it will cost”

When she came, her mother-in-law gave her five yuan.

Although she also felt that five yuan was a lot, she couldnt guarantee that it would be enough.

Liu Dequan thought for a moment and said, “This injury… Given how serious it is, it will cost at least 10 yuan.”

Zhang Cuiyun was dumbfounded.

“What 10 yuan That expensive Doctor Liu, I remember that normally you only charge a few cents for treatment in the past.

Why do you ask for so much this time”


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