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Deng Xinhe said with a puzzled look, “Its just a useless box.

Why should I buy it”

Qin Xi smiled mysteriously, revealing two sharp canine teeth.

“Of course its to save money to buy other things.

How about this Ill teach you a way.

You can take this box and buy a fake calligraphy to put inside.

Then… you know!”

Deng Xinhe almost choked on his saliva.

“Miss Qin, if I bring back a fake, my father will definitely skin me alive.”

Qin Xi patted her shoulder and said, “Dont worry, I promise youll be in one piece.”

Deng Xinhes eyes lit up and he asked eagerly, “Do you have a way”

Qin Xi casually said, “Of course I have.

We can just find calligraphy that looks authentic.”

Deng Xinhe was speechless, thinking to himself, Is this the way you came up with

However, Qin Xi was serious and was not joking at all.

She kept looking around the shop.

Deng Xinhe didnt know what to say.

If Qin Xi was not his savior, Deng Xinhe would definitely throw her out.

Song Wei was no longer in a hurry to buy the calligraphy.

He could tell that Deng Xinhe was very careful with this woman, as if he was afraid of offending her.

He wanted to see what this woman was up to.

Originally, Qin Xi just wanted to find random calligraphy as a replacement.

Anyway, her goal was to get the silk.

Unexpectedly, when she saw the old and dirty calligraphy hanging in the corner, her heart palpitated.

She tried her best to suppress her excitement and pointed at it.

She said, pretending to sound calm, “That one.

I think that calligraphy is much better than Wang Xizhis.

you can definitely fool your grandfather with it.”

Deng Xinhe wanted to say no.

Just as he was about to speak, he was stopped by Liu Dequan.

Liu Dequan signaled him to shut up and wait.

Deng Xinhe had no choice but to seal his mouth.

Qin Xi looked at the owner of the antique shop, whose smile froze, and asked, “Boss, how much is that dusty calligraphy”

The antique shop owner was annoyed.

What did she mean by dusty calligraphy Was she reminding him that the painting was a fake

Not only did she ruin his big deal, but she also pointed out to everyone that there was fake artworks in his shop.

The owner of the antique shop said with a forced smile, “Miss, you have good taste.

That calligraphy is the real work of Tang Bohu.

Although it cant compare to Wang Xizhis calligraphy, its still worth collecting.”

“Boss, you have quite a lot of authentic works, dont you” Qin Xi said with a fake smile.

“Tell me, how much is it”

The antique shop owner felt a little guilty from being stared at.

He took a deep breath and said calmly, “800,000 yuan.

I already gave you a discount.”

Qin Xi said, smiling until her eyes narrowed into a line, “8 yuan, not a cent more and not a cent less, If youre not selling it, well leave.

You can keep it there to gather more dust if you want.

Anyway, I want a fake.

I can buy it anywhere.

Why should I buy it from you”

The antique shop owner gritted his teeth.

He wanted to cut her into pieces.


Qin Xi felt bad.

If she had known itd be this easy, she would have said 80 cents!

Seeing Qin Xi cut the price down from 800,000 yuan to 8 yuan, Deng Xinhe was dumbfounded.

Who else could do that

Qin Xi walked to Song Weis side and said with a smile, “Handsome, well buy this box and you can have the calligraphy.

How about that”

Then, she said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “Let me tell you a secret.

That guy is from the capital and is very rich…”

Song Wei said, “Deal!”


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